Devirginizing help? 4

I want to pop my cherry without using a dildo or a boyfriend (I don””t have either.) Ladies, please help? Suggestions or advice would be appreciated!

Fun at 40 000 feet ;) 3

A few weeks ago, I was travelling by plane on business. It was a long flight and I was exhausted, so I put on some music and began dozing off and dreaming… and I suddenly started to feel my pussy warming up and my breasts tingling. I started to imagine so many dirty thoughts… my ...

Slave 3

I””m currently looking for a sexy master to put a leash on my collar and own me. I have long blonde hair that covers my perky DD””s when its let out, and big blue eyes. I””m currently wearing a black lacy lingerie set –  a black lacy bra that has a bow in the centre ...

advice? 7

I masturbate (is it obvi?) and I just stick my finger in and flick it around while I dream of my crush. But I”ve tried clit rubbing, normal fingering you know “the good stuff”, but it never gets me off. Can anyone help me?

Desperate To Trib 285

Ladies, I”ve been with men for most of my life, and am currently in a committed relationship with a man. I however, like most of you, are so turned on at the thought of being with another woman, tribbing with her specifically. It makes me so wet just thinking about it. I would love to ...

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