6 Powerful Wand Vibrators To Buy

Traditionally, wand vibrators have been the more common and powerful option for clitoral stimulation. They’re large, powerful, and still can manage to deliver pin-point stimulation. Many of them (if not all) are excellent massagers too – which is one reason that many of them are sold as body massagers.

As a popular niche for sex toys, wand vibrators receive a fair bit of attention. You’d find countless options available for sale. Here, we’ll look at the top 6 powerful wand vibrators to buy and a few tips that can help you buy the right vibrator.

How To Choose The Best Wand Vibrator?

Start with choosing a wand that fits your requirements. Rather than simply buying a wand vibrator, buy the vibrator that works best for you. These simple considerations should go a long way in helping you to decide:

  • Noise: Vibrators can be noisy, and even more so. If you don’t want the noise to leave your room, you’ll have to be more careful with your pick. Remember that even vibrators that claim to be silent make some noise.
  • Power: Generally speaking, vibrators that connect directly to power are more powerful than those that run on a battery. If you’re looking for power, this is the way to go. On the other hand, connecting to an electrical outlet means having to deal with wires. If you go down this route, don’t forget to check the wire length!
  • Add-ons And Accessories: The wand vibrator has been around for enough time to have created an ecosystem of accessories and add-ons. The Vibratex Magic Wand is the leader in this category, though many others also have accessories available or are compatible with magic wand accessories.
  • Ease Of Cleaning: Cleaning your sex toys is essential. You’d want one that is easy to clean and is at least somewhat water-resistant (if not waterproof).
  • Construction: As with most sex toys, the want vibrator too should be made from quality materials. Ideally, something like a silicone coat that is non-porous and body-safe is a good choice. Many wands use TPE, which while acceptable, isn’t ideal because it’s porous. Any wand that has phthalates is a big no.

The Top 6 Powerful Wand Vibrators To Buy

1. Magic Wand Vibrator

Vibratex Magic Wand vibrator or the Original Magic Wand is perhaps one of the best-known vibrators. It started off as the Hitachi Magic Wand massager and gained immense heights of popularity. However, Hitachi didn’t want to be associated with the sex toy niche and decided to sell off the magic wand to Vibratex.

This is generally hailed as one of the most powerful wand vibrators available. Its design and construction have pretty much stood the test of time and it has been around forever.

There are only two-speed modes available on the classic magic wand. Both of them are immensely powerful and capable of delivering deep, rumbly vibrations. This wand requires an electric connection and is quite noisy, but that’s a small price to pay if you want power.

Thanks to this wand vibrator’s popularity, it has a very wide range of add-ons and accessories to customize your experience. And yes, it’s still a kick-ass massager.

The only downside I see is that the contact area is made from TPE, which is porous. But some precautions like using a condom or silicone accessories could help manage that problem.

2. Doxy Extra Powerful Massager

The Doxy came into being as a challenger to the power of the magic wand vibrator. It fulfills that role quite impressively and lives up to its name. The Doxy Extra Powerful Massager is perhaps the most powerful wand vibrator available. This one too needs to be connected to electrical power.

Speaking in terms of raw power, the Doxy goes as high as 9000 RPM, which is quite impressive. But it’s not just power that’s the key here. Its vibrations are deep, rumbly, and immensely satisfying. After all, we’re looking for machines that pleasure us, not just those that spew meaningless power!

3. Lovense Domi 2

Wand massagers tend to be fairly large in length. It might not always be desirable to have a vibrator that huge. Mini wand vibrators like the Lovense Domi 2 take care of that problem. That’s not to say that the Domi 2 is small. At 9.2-inches in length, it’s still big, but it’s substantially small compared to usual wand massagers.

The small size doesn’t take the power off the Domi 2. This is a fairly powerful vibrator with excellent rumbly vibrations. It’s covered in silicone, so the wand is non-porous, body-safe, and feels great to the touch!

Like other Lovense vibrators, the Domi 2 too is a Bluetooth vibrator. You can connect to it via your smartphone and use the Lovense app to control the vibration speed, intensity, and patterns. It’s also possible to share the controls of the vibrator with your partner over the internet, thus allowing long-distance vibrator controls.

4. Lelo Smart Wand 2

Lelo Smart Wand 2 brings luxury, power, and pleasure all in one wonderful package. The well-thought design sees most of the wand covered in body-safe, non-porous silicone. As with most Lelo products, this silicone is a pleasure to touch and feel.

The Smart Wand 2 is a powerful toy working off an excellent battery. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and designed for maximum pleasure.

5. Shibari Mini Halo

The compact size of the Shibari Mini Halo holds a surprisingly powerful motor. The power in this wand vibrator is impressive and managed well enough to deliver strong, rumbly vibrations. A coating of silicone keeps the vibrator non-porous and body-safe.

Controls are managed by three easy-to-access buttons on the vibrator body. The vibrator boasts 20 pulsation patterns and eight speeds. That’s good enough to find one that’s just the right fit for a toe-curling orgasm!

6. We-Vibe Wand Vibrator

Compared to the others on the list, We-Vibe Wand Vibrator is the new kid on the block. But it has the benefit of We-Vibes experience and skill with vibrators. And this is what makes the We-Vibe Wand one of the most remarkable vibrators around.

It’s coated all in silicone to keep it non-porous and body-safe. Yet, its head is delightfully squishy and something of a treat to play with! The vibrator’s head is of a standard size, it is possible to use it with classic magic wand accessories.

Although, the squishiness of the vibrator head may pose a challenge with some accessories. On a positive note, no such troubles are visible on the accessories included in the box by We-Vibe.

Though powerful with deep, rumbly vibrations, this vibrator is also delightfully discreet. It isn’t noisy in classic use, but its SmartSilence mode takes the cake.

In SmartSilence mode, the vibrator knows when it’s touching your body. At this point, it will merrily chug away with its vibrations. Should you move the vibrator away from the body, it will shut down and be noiseless. Smart!

We-Vibe’s wand is rechargeable, waterproof, and has several speed modes and patterns available for use.


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