One On One Stories

Here you will discover our current erotic stories that are devoted to one on one sex.  They are also designed to titillate but also educate and this is why we call them cliterature!

  • Erotic Story: Have Your Cake and Eat it! Written By: Jenne Dave found himself licking his lips as his eyes savored the delights that were laid out before him. This was a treat that she allowed him but once a year and he intended to enjoy every tasty moment. For over an hour she had made him wait, but he knew it would be ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • Erotic Story: No Time Like the Present Written by A.M. Hartnett Tonight had been on the calendar all week. Drinks with Perry”s buddies from back home. He hadn’t seen them in about three years and I suppose it was a little selfish to choose the night of their reunion to put my plan into action, but as soon as we all took our ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • Erotic Story: Unlocking Her Pleasure Written By: Jenne Alice tried to remember who had given her the key, and more importantly why? Why her, why now, and what room did it open? She glanced around, her surrounding not as familiar to her as she would have liked. Dark and foreboding was how her Father would have described it had he been ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • Erotic Story: The Twinkle in Santa’s Eye Written By: Benjamin Sky Tonight, I have delivered millions of presents to millions of children all over the world. I have gone down and then back up millions of chimneys. Even with my magical abilities, it has still been a very long night. Now, as my reindeer convey me the last mile back to our sanctuary ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • Erotic Story: The Moonlight Walk An erotic short written for a very special person Author: Benjamin Sky You and I walk hand and hand along the moonlit beach. Water laps over our feet with each wave that rolls in. The moonlight is dancing off your silky hair. A gentle cool breeze is flowing in with the wave Chill bumps pop up on ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • Erotic Story: Good Morning My Love Written By: Benjamin Sky An erotic short, written with love. As I lay in bed, in the world halfway between dreamland and reality, there you are lying beside me. When I open my eyes, I see your face. Your eyes looking directly into mine, and your face transformed into the beautiful smile. We do not speak, for ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • Erotic Story: Whose Idea Was This? This piece was written and was supposed to follow the guidelines below. Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case maybe, sometimes stories take on a life of their own, and the characters do what they want and this is what happened here. I’m happy with the results though and hope you will be too! Key Phrase:  Bad Idea Word ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • The Breaking Of Estelle Part 2 Read Chapter 1 The following morning, Estelle awoke early to the unfamiliar quiet of the house. As she opened her eyes slowly and adjusted to the sights that surrounded her, she also began to recall the events of the night before. She shuddered at the thought. Her sleep had been less than restful, her dreams full ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • Erotic Story: The Breaking Of Estelle Written By: Jenne She stared at the large house that now towered above her tiny form. She became more afraid as she approached the large driveway. This was one of those grand old houses, Gothic in style, gargoyles on every parapet, and not a place that afforded any welcome from its outside specter. She’d heard tales of ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here
  • Erotic Story: A Glass Act Each week I take part in a meme called Wicked Wednesdays. I do this for two reasons, it’s great writing practice and it’s fun…  This meme is not restricted to writing but writing is what I love to do so… There was a definite chill in the air that night. You know, the night that you ... Read the rest of this erotic story Here

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