Erotic Story: A Hard Days Night!

Masturbation StoryWritten by: Anonymous

When I’ve had a hard day and I’ve been thinking thoughts about a certain someone, by the time I get home, I’m ready for some self love. Even when I haven’t had a hard day, I’m usually ready for some self love.

My favorite thing to do, is come on here and read these…erotic tales. Or when I’m in a truly dirty mood, I’ll go for something a little more…erotic.

Once I’m nice and wet, and really wanting it, not just me but my body as well. I go down stairs into my bedroom and lock the door. (Not wanting anyone to intrude into my self loving) strip off all my clothes, (I’m not into stripteases) and climb into my bed.

Since I first began all this I’ve changed my methods, as I’ve grown I’ve realized how nice it feels to make it last as long as possible. So I stroke my breasts and pinch my nipples very hard. ( it really turns me on) Once my nipples are erect I let my hand slide down my chest towards my thighs stroking them lightly and using my nails. I take my other hand and brush it through my hair, getting close to my lips but not to close. I notice my nipples going down and pinch them again. I think I’m ready. I slide my middle finger in between my lips really feeling my wetness. It feels sooo good.

As I draw my personal lube to my clit my other hand pinches viciously at my breasts and nipples. I love to think about getting fucked hard being pounded…almost. I love the primalness of the doggy style. I like to think back to some of my favorite stories here. Sometimes I think of a story some guy sent me, when I said I was feeling dirty.

The entire time my middle fingers going away at my clit, rubbing in circles, sometimes I put my middle finger into my cunt. I’m still a virgin so its pretty tight and I’m not ready for a second finger to go in. My pinky gets dangerously close to my anus, sometimes I enjoy it sometimes not so much.

I make little noises to turn my on even more, “Ohh, yes fuck me, you dirty bastard,” you know that type of thing. And I’m still pinching my nipples. I bring myself to the bring several times, so close I can feel the orgasm start, then I stop, slow down, and begin again.

I continue this until I can’t hold back any longer, or I climax with out even trying. I arch my back, and make fast, hard circles on my clit the entire time, until it ends. My body falls back, feeling spent. My hands still in between my lips, not ready to cum out yet…maybe they won’t have to ^_^

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