Erotic Story: Beyond The Pool Party

Group Erotic StoryWritten by: Roger

It was the end of August, just before the graduating class would leave their homes for their journeys to the various colleges, trade schools, and jobs around the country, so Janet decided to have a final pool party at her house to see the gang together one last time.

All the guys hung around the pool in their own little cliques, just like they did in high school: Naturally, there was the cheerleader clique, the jock clique, the brainy clique, and the nerd clique. But there was also the love clique, which is what Janet, Pamela, and Paul called themselves, not because they were great lovers (they were still virgins), but because they had such great love and affection for each other since middle school. Their other school mates referred to them as The Three Musketeers. They were always together. Paul even took them both to the Senior Prom, and bought them both identical corsages.

Poolside there were all types of swim outfits present from bikinis and Speedos to two-piece and one-piece swimsuits, and hodad trunks as well. Pamela had on a tiny bikini because she had the figure for it. Janet had on a tankini because she was sensitive about the couple of extra pounds around her waist, and Paul had on a pair of designer trunks.

They all three shared the same blanket, when Janet’s mom called her back to the house to help with the refreshments. Pamela said to Paul, “Janet won’t be back for a bit, and she showed me a great place the other day, down the hill about a hundred yards, where she makes out sometimes. Do you want to see it?”

Paul said, “Sure.” They picked up the cooler with their own sandwiches and sodas in it, and the blanket and walked off down the hill. They got to a stile over a wire fence, crossed it and went into a tiny grove of trees until they came to a clearing. Pamela sat down the cooler and Paul spread out the blanket. They flopped down and began doing something that can only be described as smooching.

Pam took the opportunity to feel the pouch in the front of his trunks, and said, “It feels like it’s getting a little crowded down there.”

“You are a good kisser.”

She traced a heart of the back of his hand. “Paul, you can masturbate if you want to.”


“I know all boys do it. My little brother and I were watching the cheerleader competition on the sports channel the other night and he suddenly got up from the floor, and his pants were sticking way out, and he went to the bathroom for a while, and when he came back it was normal again, and he had a sheepish look on his face. Besides, I’d like to watch you do it; I’ll bet you’re cute when you spank your monkey.”

“Oh great! That’s all I need! The next time I’m sitting on the pot, whacking my wiener and fantasizing about being ball-deep inside a supermodel, I’ll hear your voice inside my head saying, ’You’re cute when you spank your monkey.’”

“Why don’t you show me? Listen, we’re both adults here . . . barely. And there’s no one else around. Just show me how you do it.”

Paul looked around, undid the string in his trunks and pulled them off, kicking them to the side of the blanket. He got down on his knees and she got on her knees in front of him. He said, “Let me show you the best way.”

Pam said, “It looks pretty big.”

“That’s ’cause you don’t have one. It’s really pretty average.” He put his hand just under the head, and said, “You see when I rub it, the top finger bumps under the ridge, where all the nerve endings are. That feels so good that it makes me want to keep doing it.” He stroked it slowly, and a drop of clear fluid appeared at the tip.

He seemed to be going off into a dream world, and he closed his eyes, and began moving his hand faster. He said, “Pam, it’s getting closer.”

Pam said, “Paul, let me finish it for you.” He moved his hand away and she wrapped her fingers around him. She began stroking him like she saw him do it, rubbing her thumb under the head, and he said, “That’s it Pam, keep doing that, just like that.” He kept his eyes closed and he began moaning things like, “Aaah, aaah . . . Oooh, oooh, oh Pam, it’s coming out.”

He pushed forward, and the first blobs of his hot ejaculate burst out to land on her neck, onto her breasts to run down her cleavage, while the rest sprayed on her stomach and ran down her hand. She instinctively squeezed him to milk the last drops out onto her hand.

Paul asked, “Pam, do you have any wet naps in the cooler?”

“Yeah, I’ve got all kinds of stuff in here, mustard and ketchup, everything.” She found a wet nap and took it out of the package, wiping off her breasts and stomach, and then wiping off his dick, and she said, “Hey, I swear it’s getting hard again. What gives?”

“I was just thinking about a porn movie I saw last week, and it was about a rich woman who was lounging around a pool – kind of like Jan’s – with three of her girlfriends and she was telling them how her servants would do anything she asked them to do. She summoned the handsome pool boy and when he showed up, she said, ’Okay, Dmitri, you know the routine.’ He put a leg on either side of her chaise and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his hard pecker and she just leaned forward and sucked him into her mouth, like she was trying to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. The girls got up and gathered around for a closer look. He was making all kinds of noises, and you could see her cheeks hollowed, and you could tell he was coming, because you could see it running out of her mouth and down her chin, and you could see her adam’s apple moving and you knew she was swallowing it. When he left she opened her mouth to show her girlfriends that it was all gone.”


“And I was thinking since we’re here and we’ve never done that before, that you could do the same thing to me, so I would know what it feels like.” He could tell from the look on her face that he would have to do a hard sell. “Pammy, I don’t want you to swallow it or anything, you can spit it out, I just want to know what it feels like when you’re sucking it out while it’s coming.” He always called her Pammy when he wanted something special.

“That’s it? Nothing else?”

“Nothing else. And I’ll warn you before it happens.”

“Okay, let’s do this.”

He sat on the blanket, cross-legged, and she got on her belly, with her head in his crotch. She took him into her mouth, and her cheeks were hollow, and her hair was tickling the inside of his thighs. She lifted up her feet and crossed them at the ankles, and while she was working on him he could see the soles of her feet; whenever she bore down and sucked him hard, her toes would flex downward and the soles of her feet would wrinkle.

Suck, flex, suck, flex, suck, flex . . .

He became mesmerized by the action of her feet and toes. He could feel himself preparing to come. He said, “Pammy, it’s getting closer.” She picked up the pace.

Suckflexsuckflexsuckflex . . .

He was closing his eyes, preparing himself to explode in her mouth, when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to see Jan coming out from behind a tree, giggling and with her hand in her bikini, playing with her pussy. He said, “Janet Lynn! How long have you been standing there?”

Jan said, “Well, let’s see: You were necking and got a big hard-on. Pam said she bet you were cute when you spanked your monkey, so you showed her. She finished you and you came all over her tits. Then you wanted her to suck you, so she did, and just before you were in the throes of passion I popped out from behind the tree.”

Pamela put her hands on her hips and said, “So you’ve been watching us the whole time, you pervert!”

“Me a pervert! I wasn’t the one with my head in Paul’s lap, bobbing up and down on his dick, looking like a caramel apple on a stick.” She bent down to Pamela and whispered, “Just between us, you didn’t by any chance get a mouthful of caramel, did ya?”

“How could I? You interrupted us!”

Jan said, “So now we’ve got to get Paul’s rocks off before he gets blue balls.”

Pam looked at her quizzically, and asked, “What’s blue balls?”

“That’s when a guy gets really hard but he doesn’t get a release, so his balls end up feeling congested and bruised. Ralph told me about blue balls when we were necking by Old Man Kelso’s lane the other night, and we were really getting hot and heavy, and I had his pants open, with my hand in his underwear, rolling his balls around in his tight sac, when he opened the car door, and in the overhead light I could see a look of desperation on his face. He said, ’Janet, I’ve got to take care of this, or else I’m gonna get blue balls.’ He got out of the car with the door still open and in the dim light I saw him turn his back to me, and he took down his pants and his boxers with some funny designs on them, and I saw his butt muscles tighten. Then I felt sorry for him because he looked so pathetic with his back to me, having sex with his own hand, so I got out of the car and walked up behind him, without saying a word, and began jerking him off. He was moaning !
and cursing and he squirt his load on the ground and on my hand. While he pulled up his pants, I bent down and wiped my hand on the grass, and all the way home he kept thanking me because I ’helped him’, and he told me all about blue balls. That night when I was in bed masturbating, I thought about all the misery and pain in the world, and about what a simple thing it is to make somebody feel so good.” To Paul she said, “Okay Paul, lay down on your back.”

Paul did as he was told. She said to Pamela, “Pam, have you lost your cherry yet?”

“Well, yes and no.”

“What does that mean?”

“Yes, I’m still a virgin. And no, I don’t have my cherry any more. I lost it months ago in a romantic interlude with a kielbasa. By the way, it was the most delicious dildo I ever ate.”

Jan laughed and said, “Get in that cooler and get me a sandwich.”

Pam held one out and said, “How about a ham and cheese?”

“No, I just want the plastic wrap. Since you don’t have your cherry, I want you guys to have sex, and I want you to tell me what it feels like.” She took the plastic wrap and molded it around his penis. “Have you got a packet of mayonnaise in there?” She tore the packet open and smeared it all over his erection. “Pam, straddle him and put it inside.”

Pam took off the bottom of her bikini and lowered herself onto Paul’s shaft. He moaned and said, “Oh girls, it’s like putting my penis between two soft, warm pillows. I’ve never felt anything so beautiful; it’s a thousand times better than my hand.” Jan held him at the base of his cock so the plastic wrap wouldn’t work loose. He said, “Now it feels like her vagina is giving me a hot, firm hug and it’s swallowing me up!”

Pam said, “It feels like I’m being completely filled up, but I still want more.”

Paul said, “It feels so wonderful that I can’t hold back. Oh girls, I’m going to lose it now! It feels like I want to give her everything I’ve got.”

Pam said, “I feel the same way, but with the feminine point of view. I feel like I want to take everything he’s got to give me!” She began moving up and down on his shaft even faster.

Paul said, “Oh girls! It’s coming, it’s coming! Aaaahhh, aaaahhh!” He arched his back, and Jan could swear she felt his load moving up past her hands to gush into the plastic wrap as he throbbed.

Pam separated herself from him and Jan could see the plastic wrap was bulged out with his sperm. Jan kept a tight grip on the plastic wrap so she wouldn’t lose any of his come. When she tried to pull it off of the head of his penis, he said, “Ow, Jan! The head’s still tender.” Jan said, “Sorry” and spread the plastic wrap out on her hand. She pushed around on the viscous fluid, and scooped some up with two of her fingers, like she was sampling poi at a luau, and stuck the fingers in her mouth.

Pam asked, “So, how does it taste?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to put in on corn flakes in the morning, if that’s what you’re driving at, but for just coming out of a guy’s body, it’s really not so bad.” She held it out to her. “You try it.” Pam licked the plastic wrap and shrugged her shoulders noncommittally.

Paul got up and said, “Okay, it’s payback time! Pam, down on your back. And Jan, take off your bikini and scrunch up your tank top around your waist, and get down next to Pam. Now both of you raise your knees up to your chests, like you’re doing girlie exercises.”

Both girls raised their knees up to their chests, until both sets of pussy lips pouted, and they exposed their perky little assholes. Paul got down on his hands and knees and went to work.

He began by burying his face deep into each girl’s labia, squirming his face all over the swollen lips, moving from one girl to the other, and each time he moved they could see their juices all over his face, and it even dripped off of his nose. His tongue searched each girl’s vagina and licked around each girl’s clitoris until they whimpered and groaned. Then he finished by French kissing both girls’ assholes, trying to work his hot tongue into each tight pucker.

When he stood up, he saw the blissful look on each of their faces. He got a wet nap and wiped each of their sweet pussies in an upward motion, like they had just taken a pee. He used the same wet nap to wipe their juices from his face. Paul said, “I hate to break up this love fest, but we better get back to the pool before they send out a search party.”

They all arranged their swim suits for the journey back over the fence. Pam picked up the stray items to return them to her cooler, and as Paul was picking up the blanket from the ground, he turned to Jan and said, “Well Jan, was I cute?”

Jan grinned like the Cheshire Cat and said, “Baby, you were adorable!”

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