Erotic Story: Happy Birthday

Sex StoryWritten by: Jess

I had been with my boyfriend, Martin for just over two weeks, we’d been mates for ages but I finally decided to take the plunge and ask him out. He said yes and I was ecstatic. It happened to be his birthday and it happened to be a Friday night. I had already slept with him before we got together we had decided to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ so to speak as we were both horny and both single.

We decided not to go to the club we usually go to but go for a few drinks with our mates and then get the last bus home to his house instead. I had bought Martin a joint Christmas and birthday present so decided to wear something special for his birthday. I bought some white fishnet suspenders and wore them with a black miniskirt and a fishnet black and white top. I didn’t let him know that I was wearing the suspenders as I got changed in the bathroom. We got on the bus to go to town and I crossed my legs and let the top of my suspenders show. He looked down at my legs and lifted my skirt a little to see. He turned away and bit his finger which is usually the sign of him being turned on.

I continued looking straight on and I smiled to myself at what I had in store for the evening.

We reached the pub and martin got the drinks, we sat there with a few of our mates drinking and having a laugh. The alcohol started to affect me and I began to feel a lot more horny and kinky, I had an idea. I excused myself and went to the loo. When I returned I whispered in to Martin’s Ear that his birthday present had just got better as I wasn’t wearing any underwear. He once again turned away and bit his finger, this reaction made me feel even more turned on seeing what I was doing to him… he looked at me in disbelief so I asked him if he wanted proof, lost for words he nodded at me so I reached down to my shoe where I stashed the removed underwear and pulled out a tiny piece of it. He turned away again closed his eyes and bit in to his finger. His index finger was looking a little red now and he keep looking at me with eyes that told me how turned on he was. He had even crossed his legs.

I started to tease him again when we were sat slightly away from everyone else, I began telling him how horny and wet I was and how I couldn’t wait to get him home and he looked like he was about to cry and he kept looking at me with this sad look on his face like he couldn’t quite believe I could be so cruel as to do this to him. No-one was paying us any attention so I whispered to Martin that I was going to flash my other mate Simon, I then uncrossed my legs and crossed them again. Martin’s breathing was deep and erratic. We bought one more drink and waited for the time to leave.

It was finally time to leave and we walked through town I had purposefully let my suspenders slip down so the tops were now visible under my skirt, I was enjoying the attention from passersby and so was Martin as he knew that these men wanted me but he was taking me home. We arrived at the bus station and Martin and his mate Mike who was staying at his house went across the road to take a piss. Martin turned around and as he did I flashed him. He turned back to face the wall and hung his head.

We got on the bus and I sat opposite him with Mike next to me who was oblivious to the missing underwear. I kept biting my bottom lip and uncrossing my legs so my wet pussy was in full few of Martin’s bulging eyes. His eyes were not the only thing that was bulging either.

We got off the bus and it was my turn to need the loo… Martins house was only a two minute walk away so Martin gave Mike the key and took me down a small hill to relieve myself. At the bottom of the hill was Martin’s old primary school. After I was done I stood up and took Martins hand, I led him around the back of the school to a secluded area of his old school playground. He asked what I was doing and I replied ‘giving you your birthday present!’ It had been a fantasy for the both of us to have sex outside and now I was making it come true. I slowly undid his trousers and let them fall around his ankles. His hard cock was already out of his boxers as in this state nothing could contain it. I slipped my hand in to my bra and pulled out a condom and seductively ripped it open with my teeth and slipped it on. I lent on a window sill and lifted my legs around his waist, I position his cock underneath my aching pussy and slowly lowered myself on to it. Martin let out a loud groan as his entire cock filled me. With my arse half sat on the window sill Martin started pumping in and out on me, I threw my head back and moaned trying to keep quiet. I could feel my orgasm building up and as Martin breather quicker and quicker I could feel him tensing.

I leaned down and bit in to Martin’s collar bone as I tensed up and came I moaned through my clenched teeth, Martin moved faster and faster, fucking me harder and harder, until he threw his head back and groaned so loudly the whole village must have heard. I let my head rest against his shoulder and he leaned against me and we just stood there for a few minutes catching our breath.

We arrived back at his house and mike let us in, he said ‘You two took your time’ and we both just smiled and simultaneously said ‘Night Mike’ and climbed the stairs to a whole night filled with steamy hot sex but that’s another story.

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