Erotic Story: Oral Delights

Written by: Mistress Me

I was very surprised when Jason told me he didn’t like oral sex. Plenty of guys don’t like providing oral sex, but few would pass up being on the receiving end. Not to mention that giving head has always been my specialty. Still I figured preference is preference, I mean hell I like chicks, it’s whatever you like. We dated a couple months, filled with plenty of wild sexual encounters before he broached the subject again.

We were over at his buddy’s house drinking, when we decided to go back to the bedroom which had been specially prepared, as usual with candles and a warm bath. I skipped the alcohol that night, I don’t drink beer, but Jason was quite drunk, not slurring words or anything, just uninhibited. After we settled into the tub he began to kiss on my shoulders, dribbling water over me and whispering in my ear “I’m pretty drunk, I might consider breaking a rule tonight”.

Now Jason only has a few rules, no oral for him, no anal, and no whips because I hurt him enough as it is between biting and scratching.

“You want me to give you head?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Well I’d be willing to try it.” I made no reply, getting up and out of the tub, and sprinting to get under the warm covers.

I rolled over as if I were going to sleep, peering from under the covers to watch Jason dry himself off, his dick already hard from holding my naked form in the steamy bathtub. To my surprise he put on his boxers, pants and belt.

“You wanna join me for a smoke?” he asked.

“We aren’t done yet” I smiled.

He sat next to me on the bed, causing me to breathe more heavily. Pulling the covers away he began to kiss me, making his way down to my neck because he knows how much I love being bitten. Next he went to my stomach kissing and biting it, teasing me until I was breathless. Finally he kissed all the way to my pussy, licking my clit vigorously. My hips began to thrust upward as I spiraled into orgasm.

He began to finger me while teasing my clit with his tongue. Right during my peak he went back to biting my stomach, sending me into overload, orgasms so good it’s painful. I’m usually very quiet, but I couldn’t stifle several small moans.

“I’m not hurting you am I babe?” he asked, thrusting his fingers deep into my cunt.

“Mmm no its so good” I moaned, making him grin. As my breaths shortend and my body relaxed, Jason knew his job was done, so he sat up and got the covers for me. It was all I could do to keep from writhing under the covers as the waves of excitement slowly left me.

Finally I looked to Jason and said “You wanted me to do you didn’t you?” he looked unsure.

“Only if you want to” I let him squirm awhile before kissing him softly and working my way to his neck, trying to be more gentle than the last time. I moved to his stomach, biting him the way he does me, and noticing it has the same effect as his cock grows even harder beneath his jeans. I let my hand explore his body, gently brushing below his belt from time to time. Next I began to undo his belt, leaving the pants buttoned and trying to get him as aroused as possible before giving his dick the attention it deserved. Slowly I unbuttoned his pants, continuing to only brush against the head of his penis gently.

After pulling his pants all the way off I began to kiss along his thigh, gently massaging closer and closer as shivers of excitement went through him. I resumed the licking and biting of his stomach, allowing my double D cups to brush along his thighs and cock. Small amounts of cum had begun to drip from his dick, and when Jason reached for it I pushed his hand away, kissing him once more while taking his shaft into my hand. I reached over to find a scarf and bound his hands to the headboard.

Slowly I allowed me tongue to touch the head. Massaging the shaft firmly with one hand I deep throated his large dick, sucking, licking and pulling until I knew he was about to go, before resuming the biting of his abs, still massaging the head with my hands. His head was thrown back and he was beginning to drip again when he suddenly ripped off his restraints.

“Get a condom honey I can’t wait anymore.” He said eagerly. I ripped the package open with my teeth and slowly slid it over his already quivering dick.

I mounted him slowly and began to ride, supporting my hands on his legs behind me, giving him an excellent view of my tits. He began to suck them, causing my muscles to tighten. Jason grabbed me and twisted around forcing me into the missionary position, obviously eager to go. After only a few good hard thrusts he went, unable to hold out any longer.

“I’m sorry I let that one go early baby, we’ll go again in a little while.” He assured me, pulling his clothes back on.

“Where are you going?” I asked hurt that he was jumping up so quickly.

“I’m gonna go have that smoke now, wanna come?” he asked passing me my pants.

“You know how much I enjoy a smoke after sex.” I replied with a devilish grin, leaving both my lace panties and bra lying on the floor.

Luckily Ryan had already gone to bed, so when me and Jason curled up on the porch, Jason could tell me in my ear just how good the head was.

“Wow babe, I mean I’ve had oral sex before, but it was never pleasurable for me.”

“So you did enjoy yourself?” I asked coyly.

“Oh baby it was great, I mean I don’t think I could finish that way, but it was amazing.”

“You wanna find out?” I asked, pulling him back towards the house.

“Now?” he asked in amazement. When I gave that devilish grin again he shook his head smiling. ” I think I need a minute.”
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