Erotic Story: The Bet

Group sex storiesWritten by: Anonymous

Tina walked passed the burly doorman/guard in his to black tuxedo that was at least one size to small for him. As she passed the threshold, the guard giggled, then closed the door behind her, locking it as well.

The room she entered was almost pitch dark. There was a single bright light, hanging low over a card table, in the center of the room. Cigarette and cigar smoke slowly swirled around the light. Voices could be softly heard but Tina couldn’t make out the words. It was a large room, she could tell, but from where she stood she could not even see the wall directly behind her.

Shrugging her shoulders slightly, Tina walked towards the light over the card table. As she got closer, she began to hear, and understand, the words. There appeared to be at least five other people around the table, though she couldn’t make out faces. It was to dark, the chandelier only cast it’s light as far as the edge of the table.

All of the players were in shadow. Except her husband. She saw him clearly as he leaned across a portion of the green felt covered poker table. He had just finished throwing his cards into the center of the table, and he watched dejectedly as another man raked in the pile of chips from the center.

The winner was a jowly older guy with a graying mustache. He grinned as he pulled the money in. Tina was seething. Jim had promised to stop gambling and here he was, just as her brother had said, in the middle of an all night back room poker game. And he was losing. Again.

She moved to the table, stopping just behind her unsuspecting husband and started to say something to him. Before she could, Jim said…”Micky, let me have another grand”. The older man looked up from the table and slowly shook his head. “No can do, Jimbo. You already owe ten grand here tonight. Yeah gotta pay some of that off first.” Jim answered, in a pleading tone, “Aw come on, Micky. I’m good for it. You know that.”

Again, with a slow shake of his head, the older man refused Jim’s request. “No way Jimbo. Ain’t gonna happen. Unless you have some collateral?”

Tina’s temper ran over. Dropping one hand on her husbands shoulder she said, “Not only is this son of a bitch not going to take any more markers, but he is leaving. Right now.”

She felt her husband shake when he heard her voice. Several of the people sitting in the game laughed at her words. It was the first time Tina realized that at least one of the players was female.

Micky laughed too. “So, Jimbo, wifey has come to save your ass? A bit late I’m afraid. You’re into me for 10G’s pally. I expect to be paid before you go.”

Jim spoke so softly even Tina, standing next to him, had a hard time hearing. “I already lost my bankroll Micky. That was 5000. It’s all I had. I can pay the rest, but I’ll need some time.”

Tina felt her self start to shake with anger. 5000 Jim had blown at this table? Plus 10000 more he ‘borrowed’? Her anger let her mouth run away with her. “My ass he’ll pay you. You’ve gotten all your going to get out of my husband. There is no more and won’t be.” Micky leaned forward, his face florid and angry. “He’ll pay me alright lady. Whether it’s your ass or cash, you can bet your life that I’ll get mine.”

“Tina, stay out of this honey. Please.” Jim said. Almost begging her.

“Shut up, Jim. It’s my damn money you lost. And you know it. And there is no way in hell this old fat bastard is going to get another dime out of me…or you for that matter.”

Micky, surprising Tina, laughed out loud. “A tough bitch, isn’t she?” He asked the table at large. More laughter. “Listen honey, I don’t give a good God damn whose money, or whose ass, it is, but I will be paid and tonight before you two leave. One way or another.”

Micky leaned back, out of the circle of light. He voice had changed from humorous, to almost deadly as he spoke. Tina missed the significance of Mickey’s words and tone of voice. She moved closer to the table, actually leaning on the edge. She stared at the darkness hiding Micky and said..”Let’s go Jim. Now.” Tina reached down and took her husbands hand and turned to walk away.

“Stop bitch. Maybe you didn’t hear me…I will be paid. Now.”

“We are leaving. There is not a damn thing you can do to stop us.” Wrong.

She heard Micky say…”Donnie, the lights”.

Instantly, the entire room was bathed in a bright light from hidden, recessed panels in the ceiling. It was so bright and had come so quickly, that Tina was momentarily blinded.Not so Micky. He had expected it and had closed his eyes.

“Damn. What have we here? Jimbo, you didn’t tell us you were married to a model? What’s the matter Jimbo, ashamed of your old lady?”

Micky was telling the right of it. Tina was attractive. Very much so. Tall at about 5’10”, thin but not skinny. Long legs, light ash brown hair, full if not buxom breasts and an ass to die for. All in all a great package. Tina wasn’t exactly dressed to kill, jeans, western style shirt, leather jacket and sandal high heels. Still, she looked damn good. There were affirmative comments from the other players around the table, confirming Micky’s comments.

Tina turned on back towards the table with a snarl. She was squinting but was beginning to lose the spots before her eyes. She started to say something, but before she could she saw Mickey’s eyes for the first time. They were the eyes of a dead man. No life in them whatsoever.

Micky smiled at her. then said in a voice from hell…”lady, you can’t leave. Not until I decide you can go. Won’t do you any good to scream, rooms sound proof. The door is locked from the outside, and I have the only means of opening it from in here.” With that, he brandished a small device similar to a garage door opener. “You will stay..until we settle your husbands debt. One way or another.”

Tina started to become afraid at this point. Not for herself, yet, but for Jim. “What do you mean, one way or another?”

“Simple, lady. Jimbo owes me a lot of money. I want it…or something of equal value in return.”

“Like what, of ‘equal value’?”

“Ummm, jewelry perhaps? A fancy car maybe?”

Tina thought quickly. “I have a trust fund. It brings in about 3000 a month. I could pay you off with that.”

“3 grand a month, plus interest? It would take a year to pay my 10G’s back.”

“A year? More like a little over 3 months.” After a few seconds, “What interest?”

“Like the 25% I would have to get.”

“My ass, that’s usury. It’s illegal. No way would I pay that kind of interest for any reason.”

“Your ass? You keep bringing that up. Well…later maybe. So, OK, no interest. Pay me now. Here, before you leave.”

Tina was very thoughtful for a few heartbeats…then “I can’t. I don’t have it.”

“Too bad. Guess we have to figure something else out.” Micky looked around the table at the others seated there. It was the first time Tina had had the chance to look at the other players. What she saw surprised her. A lot. First was a very distinguished black gentleman that Tina recognized. She had seen his face countless times. He was the mayor of their city. Next to the Mayor was a younger man, late 20’s maybe. An attorney, Tina was sure. Next to him was a stunning redheaded woman. Tina recognized her as well. She was the anchor person for the nightly news on a local TV station. The last man at the table was even older, fatter and uglier than Micky. Tina had no idea who he was, and didn’t want to know.

“You said something like that before. What exactly do you mean?”

“Well, babe, you keep talking about ‘your ass’. That sounds good to me.”

“My ass? Do you mean…?”

“Damn right, babe. Here’s my deal. You and Jimbo get to leave. Later. And with no debt. All you have to do is…put out a bit for me. Us.” With that, Micky waved his arms towards the other seated people at the table.

“You have to be out of your ever loving mind if you think I would go for something like that. What are you…some kind of moronic pervert?”

Micky rose from the table, jaws working in anger. “Listen bitch, I tried to be nice about this. Now here is the deal. Take it or leave it. You become our play toy for the next…ohhhh say 24 hours or so. The debt gets cancelled, and you get to leave.”

Tina looked at Micky in shock with a bit of anger. (And in her heart of hearts, a small bit of…excitement?) “I don’t think so. Not in my life time.”

“Lady, as of this moment, your lifetime can be measured in minutes. And not to damn many of them either.”

Tina blinked. Then blinked again as Mickey’s words struck home. “You’re joking. Right?”

“No, I’m not.” With those words, Micky reached under the edge of the table and came up with a very large heavy looking pistol. “I assure you, lady, you won’t get to the door before I blow Jimbo’s head off his shoulders.” Putting words to action, Micky cocked the pistol and aimed it.

The other people at the table just watched in…amused??? silence. It was as if they had seen all of this by-play before. Or as if they didn’t really care what was going on.

Tina looked to the mayor as if for support of some kind. She was quickly disappointed, as she saw the man grinning at her.

Looking back at Micky, then at her husband, then back at Micky, Tina said…”I should let you shoot this son of a bitch. It would serve him right.”

Shaking her head…then dropping her eyes, she said…”what do you want me to do?”

Micky said only two words…”Strip. Slowly.”

Tina looked at her husband, a pleading look in her eyes. She found no solace there. Instead…”please honey. I don’t want to die.”

Slowly, Tina looked up and towards the people still seated at the table. She saw only eager anticipation on their faces. Then, lastly, and with some defiance, Tina looked at Micky. The look in his eyes seemed to confirm something within her. With a small, resigned shrug of her shoulders, she began to unbutton her blouse. A soft sigh came from those seated at the table as Tina’s fingers slowly undid her buttons. Without looking up, she undid them one by one. When she had the last one undone, she moved her shoulders back and let the top fall to the floor.

Tina wore a black lace bra that covered her breasts completely. It was frilly but not really sexy. She started to unhook the front clasp but Micky had something to say first.

“No, bitch, the pants next. Save the bra for later.”

Tina glanced at Micky, hate in her eyes. But even as she looked at him, her fingers were unhooking her belt, and pulling at the snap. She had to bend down to remove her shoes, stood up straight and slowly pulled her jeans down her legs. Under them, she had a pair of French cut panties, also lacy and black.

“Put those heels back on, slut.”

This time, without a glance at her tormenter, Tina bent and put her shoes back on. The ankle straps took a moment, but she finally got them done. Again, she straightened up and looked at Micky, seemingly for orders. He understood, and complied with her silent request. “The bra now, bitch.”

Tina reached for the front snaps of her bra. Slowly she unhooked all three of them, then she let the black garment fall forward, over her breasts and down her arms, falling to the floor with her other clothes. Without embarrassment (she wasn’t going to give these people that satisfaction) she stood straight. Her full purple tipped breasts standing proudly.

Every eye was on Tina as she stood there. It was a few moments before Micky said, “come closer” Tina walked to the edge of the table, looking at nobody, staring straight ahead. “now the undies, bitch.”

Hooking her thumbs in the sides of her panties, Tina slowly pulled them down her body, over her ass, and let them drop to her feet. Her pussy was completely shaved except for a long thin patch of hair starting above her clit and running about 2 inches towards her navel. She looked gorgeous.

“Now, girl. On your knees.”

Slowly, Tina dropped to her knees, as ordered. Micky licked his lips, then ordered…”some head, I think. Start with Mr. Mayor and go right around the table. Give all of us some head, bitch. Just crawl around the table. Now.”

Tina glared at Micky, and if looks could kill….but he only smiled that cold dead smile. Slowly, Tina turned and crawled the few feet to where the Mayor sat, grinning. As she reached his chair, he turned it to face her, and spread his legs a bit. She moved between them, unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. Tina then reached into his underwear to pull out his semi-hard cock. It was…in a word, huge. Easily the longest cock Tina had ever seen…or imagined for that matter. Even semi-hard it was at least 10 inches long and very wide. Slowly, she lifted that long black shaft and bent her mouth to the head. Her tongue flicked out and circled all around the little hole at the tip. Tina let her lips encircle the head while her tongue danced around.

Slowly, Tina lowered her head down the shaft of the massive cock. She could actually feel the thing growing longer and harder in her mouth. She lowered her head further down the shaft, then started back up, just to the tip. Then down again. Her hands took hold of the shaft even as her head was going up and down on it. She started a movement. as her hands moved up her head moved down, hands down…head up. Slowly.

Each time she went down on that now rock hard cock, Tina managed to get a little more of it into her mouth. The mayor’s cock was soaked with her saliva and he was making quiet sounds of pleasure as she sucked and licked his tool.

“Enough slut. Now the next one.” Micky was definitely in charge and was intent on running the whole show his way. Tina slowly backed off the cock she was sucking (and to her surprise she did so reluctantly) and turned to the young man seated next to the Mayor. He had a grin on his face and had already dropped his pants to his ankles. His cock, not nearly the same size as the Mayors, was already hard.

Above average in size but with a very nice, thick, head. Tina crawled to him, and bent over his cock. Her long hair began to brush his stomach as she quickly took his cock into her mouth and sucked it. Her tongue again went to work on the head and shaft as Tina sucked his cock in, all the way to his balls. His entire cock was now in her mouth, her tongue moving all over his shaft, licking every inch of the hard member.

“Son of a bitch.” The young man said, “this slut can really suck cock.”

Tina heard these words and was disgusted. And thrilled. Carefully, she reached between her legs, trying not to be seen doing it. Sure enough, her pussy was wet, and her clit tingling. She was getting turned on by all of this. Shame, and excitement, passed through her as she sucked the cock in her mouth.

Micky let her suck for only a few more moments. “Enough, slut, next, now.”

Tina slowly released the cock she was sucking and sat back on her heels. She turned to look at the next person at the table then realized it was the red headed woman. Tina’s eyes widened.

“What’s the matter, bitch? Never eaten pussy before?” Micky asked.

Tina shook her head..”no, I haven’t.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there. Now lick her slit, and do it real good.”

Tina looked at the red head again almost pleading. The red head smiled softly, stood up and dropped her slacks, nylons and panties in one smooth motion. Tina noticed that the lady was a real red head. Her pussy was not totally shaved, she had a small patch of hair just above her slit. Red. With apparent dejection, Tina crawled towards the gorgeous woman who had sat back in chair, legs wide open, her own fingers working her slit up and down. As she had done with the two men, Tina moved between the woman’s legs. As if on que, the woman raised her legs high, placing her heels on the arms of the chair, and grasping her ankles with her hands. This position left Tina staring directly into the wet gaping pussy of the beautiful redhead.

“Come on slut. I’m waiting. Lick my pussy. Slowly bitch.”

Tina stared at the open slit of another woman’s pussy for several seconds, the slowly bent to the task. Using her\ thumbs, she opened the now wet pussy even more. Tina’s head moved closer until she could actually smell the woman’s juices. Tentatively Tina allowed her tongue to touch the lips of the pussy in front of her. The first time her tongue had tasted another woman. As she did, her own pussy began to flow ever so slowly. Her own body was beginning to betray her. Tina was getting turned on more and more. Tina’s tongue began to move up and down the pick folds of the red headed woman’s pussy. The slight sheen of moisture had a slightly tangy taste that Tina found surprisingly good. Her tongue moved faster, up and down that sweet pussy, stopping only long enough to wrap around the clit, then moved back down to the gaping hole. Tina coved that wondrous spot with her entire mouth and, much to her surprise, began to tongue the woman as deeply as she could.

“My god, what a pussy eater this slut is.” The words came from the red head in a soft melodious way, followed by a deep sigh. And still Tina licked and sucked and tongue fucked that sweet slit. Without realizing she was doing it, Tina’s tongue moved lower still, and slowly began to rim the woman’s ass hole.

“Oh, shit yes. Lick that spot bitch. Use that tongue in there.” No one could see what the red head was talking about, but Tina knew and complied. Faster and faster her tongue moved against and into the woman’s little, now wide open, rosebud. Tina loved it.

“Enough. No fair getting her off. Not yet anyway.”

Tina pulled her head back from the red heads crotch, lips, nose and cheeks glistening with the juice from her first pussy. The two women smiled a secret smile at each other, though quickly.

Tina glanced at Micky who only smiled and pointed to the old fart seated next around the table. She knew what was wanted even without being told. She backed from between the redheads legs and crawled, slowly towards the grinning old man. He too, was ready, with his pants undone and pulled down. But in his case, there was a difference. Tina crawled between his legs and looked at his crotch.

A soft, flaccid kind of short, prick lay there. She looked at the thing for a moment, almost afraid to touch it. There was a slight, pungent, aroma. Not bad really, but there. The old fart reached behind Tina’s head and pulled her, gently, towards his soft cock.

“Come on slut. Suck it. Make it hard. It won’t bite you.”

Tina shook her head once, then bent to the task. She lifted the flaccid thing with one hand, then lightly licked the head all around. Nothing. She placed her lips around the crown of the head and let her tongue run over the head again and again. Still nothing. Slowly, she sucked that soft cock into her mouth, her tongue playing the sides like a flute. Over and around. She used her thumb and one finger to jack the cock at the base. Trying to get him hard. Nothing.

Then Tina heard Micky say, “Listen bitch, if you can’t get him hard you aren’t much use to us.” She recognized the threat implied with that statement. She began using her mouth to jack off the old mans soft prick. Slowly at first, then faster and faster her head moved up and down that soft prick. She heard a groan from the old man but still no response from the dick itself.

Tina took her mouth off the old mans still soft prick and moved down to lick his balls. She took them in her mouth, one at a time. Even as she did this, her hand kept moving up and down that soft dead man meat, trying desperately to get it hard. Still nothing. She licked his balls, under the shaft of his prick and back to his balls. She was getting scared now, as nothing seemed to work. Again, she sucked his cock back into her mouth, tongue working the head and shaft. As she did, she let her other hand drop to his balls and fondled them. One finger happened to move past the balls and gently put pressure on his anus. Instantly, she got a response from that soft prick buried in her mouth. Tina applied a little more pressure to his asshole with her finger tip. And she could feel that cock start to harden. She backed off sucking, but kept jacking the old guys cock.

Lifting the cock and his balls out of the way, Tina leaned down and ran her tongue over and around his asshole. No questions, there was a most…different…flavor around this one than around the redheads. This time, there was no hiding the rim job from everyone else. They could all see that she had moved her head under his balls and knew she was licking his anus.

It worked. As she licked his asshole, his flaccid dick start to rise to the occasion. The harder and faster she licked the harder the dick got. She quickly moved from his asshole back to the cock, now taking it deep into her mouth again. Her tongue moving all around the shaft. And it was hard. Hard as a rock. Not real big, about 6″, but not bad. Now that it was hard, it actually felt good in her mouth.

“Damnnnnn.” The old fart said. “this slut good give a dead man a hard on.”

And again, Micky stopped the action.

“That’s enough. My turn now slut. Come suck on my cock.”

Tina backed away from the old fart. As she did, she glanced at his face. Excitement, flushed, and…admiration? all combined in his look to her. ‘interesting’ she thought. Hmmmm. Tina managed to caress her pussy quickly, without being seen, as she crawled towards Micky. Micky stood up from his chair and dropped his pants and shorts to the floor. He had a fairly long, but really thick cock waiting for Tina. As Tina reached Micky, she noticed that his cock was uncircumcised. A first for her, in a night full of firsts. She took Mickey’s dick in her hands and started to pull the foreskin back.

“No, slut. Use your mouth to do that.”

Without even looking at him, Tina took Mickey’s dick in her mouth. Using only her lips and tongue, she slowly pushed the foreskin down the shaft. Tina had to put her tongue between the skin and head of the cock, then run her tongue around the head, to peel the skin back. As she did this, Micky groaned in pleasure. Once the foreskin was out of the way, Tina’s tongue wrapped around the head of Mickey’s cock and licked it over and over. She sucked that now rock hard cock into mouth and started moving her head back and forth on it. Over and over again, sucking and licking as she did. She expected him to stop her any moment, as she could tell he was close to cumming. Wrong.

Without any warning at all, Mickey’s cock began to spasm. A huge gob of cum shot out of the head and into Tina’s mouth. She started to back away, but Micky took hold of her head, preventing her from getting off his cock. And another shot of warm cum bathed the back of her throat. Tina had always enjoyed giving her husband head. But never, not once, had she allowed him to shoot cum into her mouth. This was the first time in her life she had ever tasted the nasty, gross stuff.

Except, much to her surprise, it wasn’t all that gross. Kind of salty and tangy. But not as bad as she thought it would be. In fact, as the third shot burst into her mouth, and she swallowed what was there, she realized that she was enjoying the feeling, the taste and…the power…of what she was doing. And, she realized, her pussy was soaked and her clit was throbbing. Tina was becoming more and more turned on by this whole thing. Tina continued to suck Mickey’s cock even after he had finished shooting cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of it and suddenly found she wanted more. Badly.

“What a good cocksucker you are, bitch. Now, we get to see what kind of fuck you are.”

Tina sat back on her heels and looked up at Micky. Her expression was one of puzzlement.

“Stand up, slut.” She did. Micky then took her by the shoulders and laid her across the card table. He adjusted her legs so that her ass was right on the edge. Micky pulled her legs open wide, her heels far apart and rest on the table also. He then placed Tina’s hands so that she grabbed her own ankles. She had never felt so exposed in her life.

“Now, Mr. Mayor, how about some nice white pussy for that baseball bat you call a prick?”

Grinning wide, the mayor moved between Tina’s open legs. He was slowly jacking off, and had been throughout Tina’s trip around the table. His huge, 14″ cock was rock hard. Slowly, he placed the head of that monster against her wide open (and by now, soaking wet) pussy and slowly began to rub the head of his huge cock up and down Tina’s drenched slit.

Tina wanted to see what was going to happen but didn’t dare let go of her ankles. She was afraid of what Micky would do if she did let them go. A soft voice whispered in her ear, startling her.

“Need some help, slut?” The red head had crawled up onto the table next to Tina. She was on all fours, her gorgeous, full, red tipped breasts were hanging down almost touching Tina’s head.

“Yes, please. I…I…I want to see.”

The redhead moved closer and put her hands under Tina’s head and shoulders. She then lifted the woman enough that Tina could see down her tummy. Just in time to watch as the mayor began to push his dick into Tina’s pussy.

Slowly, oh so slowly, that massive head entered Tina’s tight slit. She could feel her pussy stretching with the width of that huge black cock. Deeper the mayor pushed until he had almost half the length inside her. Tina didn’t think her pussy could even open far enough for that huge cock, but it was. It hurt…but a good kind of hurt not really painful…more like a heavy pressure. And still the mayor pushed his cock into that tight slit. Deeper and deeper, until it hit bottom. Tina thought she was going to be torn open. No…but…even more cock was going to be shoved into her, slowly but most assuredly.

At least 10 inches was inside her now. Tina had never felt anything like this. She was sure she was being ruined ‘down there’ for any normal size cock. And still another inch was buried in her soaking cunt. And another, until, finally, Tina could actually feel the black mans balls against her ass. She was stretched wider, and deeper than she ever thought possible.

The redhead laid Tina’s head back on the table, gently.

“Now, super cuntlapper, time for me to get off, too.”

With those words, the redhead straddled Tina’s head and lowered her pussy to Tina’s mouth. As she did, the red head reached down and began playing with Tina’s breasts, and especially her nipples.

Tina, without any real choice in the matter, began to lap at the proffered pussy, and asshole. The redhead was already wet, and pussy juice ran down Tina’s throat, and across her face.

And then the mayor pulled his cock out. Quickly. Tina all but jumped off the table. But before she could really move, that massive cock was forced back into her now ready pussy.

Hard, fast and deeply. Tina groaned in pain/pleasure. As she did, she had a momentary thought of Jim, her husband.

She had not seen or heard him since this ordeal had begun. The mayor pulled his cock back out and slammed it back in again and all thoughts of her husband disappeared. She was being impaled at one end, and all but drowned at the other.

Her tits were being squeezed and nipple pinched and all in all she had never been so turned on in her life. The redhead began to rock herself over Tina’s mouth, in time with the mayor’s thrusts into Tina’s pussy. Tina, in turn, moved her hips as best she could, to meet the thrusts of the monster invading her now wide open pussy.

And, as the red head moved, Tina’s tongue and mouth worked, hard to catch the pussy and especially the clit, that were moving over her face and mouth. Tina had no idea how long this had been going on. It seemed like hours, but wasn’t more than a few minutes. Suddenly she felt the woman above her tighten up. The redhead’s hands squeezed Tina’s breasts and her legs tightened around Tina’s head. Knowing what to expect, Tina opened her mouth wide just as the red head began to cum…and cum…and cum. It seemed like the liquid pouring from that open pussy was never going to stop. But all good things must end. As the red head came down from her peak, she lay across Tina’s breasts and tummy. She was panting hard, and still shaking from her orgasm.

“Damn, you are the greatest pussy eater I have ever had, slut”

The mayor, not to be out done, began to slam his cock into Tina harder and harder. Faster and faster, until Tina thought surely his cock would break into her stomach and he would cum out her mouth. That didn’t happen, but as he approached\ his own orgasm, Tina could feel his cock swell even more.

The red head must have realized the mayor was close. She suddenly sat up and turned around so her rear end was facing the mayor. She spread her legs and bent over, presenting a beautiful target. “In me, Mayor. Shoot in me.”

“NO” Tina said. “It’s mine.”

“It will be, slut, shut the fuck up.” The black man pulled his huge cock out of Tina for the last time and stuck it deep into the red heads pussy. Tina felt a huge void and realized how open her pussy really was at that point.

Not wasting a stroke, the mayor pistonned his cock in and out of the red heads slit. Now buried to the balls in her wet pussy, then pulling back leaving only the head. After only a few more strokes, the Mayor began to buck his hips, and groan deeply. Spasm after spasm wracked the big man’s body as his cum shot deep into the red heads pussy. Finally, spent, he pulled his cock out of her.

The next move shocked Tina more than anything else had up to this point. The redhead slid over Tina’s body and up to her mouth. Squatting down, her pussy directly over Tina’s mouth, she said, “eat me cunt. Suck that cum right out of my pussy.” She needed no more encouragement. Surprised or not, Tina was too turned on to NOT do what she was told. She locked her mouth over that just fucked pussy and began to tongue it deeply. As she did, she tasted a blackman’s jism for the first time ever. ‘not bad at all’, she thought. ‘Salty too, but mmmmmm’. She sucked all she could get from that dripping pussy, and wanted more. The red head was squeezing deeply to force even more cum out of her pussy into Tina’s mouth.

That was why what happened next happened. It wasn’t planned in any way shape or form, it just happened. As the redhead squeezed she began to cum again. As she started cumming, still squeezing her pussy, she began to pee. Onlyba trickle, hardly more than a few drops…at first. Then it became a small stream that lasted more than 5 seconds. Tina was sucking the pussy clean of cum when she noticed a slightly different taste. Just a slight change at first, as the red head she was eating began to cum, hard. At first Tina thought it was just more pussy juice, until she realized, from the more pungent taste and aroma, that it wasn’t cum she was eating. Then suddenly, she was drinking, the pee flowing so fast Tina had no choice BUT to drink. And swallow.

Fast…or drown. The pee was….different, for sure. Not good, not bad. And as she drank…she shocked herself (again) by cumming. An orgasm hit Tina so hard she couldn’t believe she didn’t pass out. Finally, both girls stopped cumming. The redhead just lay back next to and slightly on top of Tina. Both were satiated.

But Tina wasn’t close to being done yet. She was still coming down from her awesome orgasm and thinking about her reaction to having tasted piss for the first time. As she laid there, her body feeling soooo good, she felt another cock begin to enter her pussy. Surprisingly, it fit. Looser than normal perhaps, but after the pounding Tina had taken from the Mayors gigantic member she didn’t think any cock would fit in her again. Wrong.

This guy was starting a steady pounding motion into and out of her pussy. Tina glanced down and saw the young lawyer, eyes closed, a soft smile on his face. He had taken hold of the edges of the table and was using it as a brace to fuck her. Nicely to, she thought. She laid back on the table and was about to close her eyes when she noticed a long black object pointed at her face. Without thinking about it, Tina opened her mouth and began to be face fucked by the black monster that had just left the red heads pussy. It was only semi-hard now, but tasted of pussy. Tina concentrated on cleaning the huge…weapon with her tongue and mouth.

The cock was slick with her pussy juice, the red heads pussy juice and the cum from that black monster cock. Delicious. The young lawyer continued to fuck her pussy as Tina sucked the black cock clean. The red head had moved around and started to lick Tina’s pussy even as the cock continued to move in and out of her. The feeling was indescribably good. A warm soft tongue licking her clit, and a nice hard cock fucking her pussy, with another cock in her mouth. Heaven.

It didn’t take the lawyer long. Between the fucking and the redhead licking his cock, he started to cum very soon. As he did he Tina could actually feel the first spurt shoot up her pussy. But only the one. As soon as he started to shoot, the lawyer pulled his cock out of Tina’s slit and spurted on her pussy. The red head dove right in, licking the cum from Tina’s pussy as fast as the young stud could shoot it out. As his spasms ended the redhead grabbed his cock and licked it from head to balls, sucking off all the juice.

The Mayor pulled away from Tina, his cock shiny with her saliva, but clean now. As that occurred, Tina felt another cock moving to her pussy. The old fart, hard on in hand, was trying to put his old dick into Tina’s sopping cunt.

Quickly, he entered her and began to drive his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. It didn’t take but a few moments until the old man began to cum. Spurt after spurt of warm cum shot into her pussy. It was enough to send Tina into another, gentler orgasm. The old man finished and walked away, a satisfied grin on his face.

Then, Micky walked up to her. “Damn are you sopping wet. Look at that mess. I’m not gonna fuck you, that’s for sure.”

With that, Micky grabbed Tina by the hips and rolled her over onto her stomach. None to gently, he pulled her back towards him until her feet touched the floor. Micky then pushed her back until her breasts pushed against the table top, forced her legs wide apart and pushed his hard-on between her butt cheeks. Using his fingers, he spread Tina’s cheeks far apart. Once he was satisfied that she was in the position he wanted her in, Micky pressed his cock up against her asshole. Tina braced herself for what was about to happen.

She had had anal sex a very few times with her husband but didn’t much care for it. It hurt. But she knew she had no voice in what was about to happen. She was simply a vessel for these people. Something to use merely to satisfy themselves.

Micky rubbed the head of his cock up and down her rear slit. After a few second he placed the head right tight up against Tina’s little rosebud. He spread her cheeks wider then began to push his rock hard cock into her ass. Micky pushed slowly, feeling resistance.

“Relax your ass, slut.” Micky demanded. As if to punctuate his words, he slapped Tina’s ass twice, once on each cheek. Not really hard, but it came as a surprise to her…and left an interesting tingly feeling that worked it’s way to her clit. But, she did begin to relax her Sphincter muscles. As she did, Micky’s cock began to enter her slightly open ass. Tina realized he must have used some kind of lube before trying to buttfuck her. His cock felt…slippery. It began to slid into her ass with an easy motion as Micky pushed against her.

The redhead waited until Micky’s cock was buried to the balls in Tina’s ass. Then, she sprawled on the card table in front of Tina, legs spread wide and pulled back. “Eat me, slut.”

Tina bent her head to the pussy in front of her and began to lick and suck it with abandon. Micky pulled his cock almost out of her ass, then with one quick movement, slammed that hard member all the way into her. Tina felt like she had been hit with an electric shock. Micky started to fuck her ass in earnest now, with long deep strokes. He would pull back so just his head was in Tina’s still tight ass, then slam his cock back into her as deep as he could get. And all the time, Tina licked and sucked the redheads delicious pussy.

Her ass was tight, Tina knew. She also knew that Micky was increasing his tempo, and grunting. He was close. With a load groan, Micky began to shoot his load into Tina’s asshole.

Tina could feel it as spurt after spurt sent his load of cum into her. Micky pulled out, grinning almost evilly at Tina.

“Turn around slut and get on your knees…now.”

Tina complied quickly. “Open your mouth wide bitch. You seem to like cleaning cock with your mouth…now…do mine.” Tina’s eyes widened in shock.

She looked back at the redhead and found no help there. That girl was just watching, licking her lips, and waiting for the show. Which Tina knew she was going to have to perform in. She opened her mouth and Micky stuck his now softening cock into it.

As soon as he did, Tina began to lick and suck it completely. She was at first humiliated and repelled by this situation. But after a few seconds she realized she was even more turned on than before. Here she was, sucking a soft cock that had just been in her own ass, and was turned on. She found the taste…unusual but not bad really. She was a clean person after all. Regardless, however, she sucked and licked Mickey’s dick as well as she possibly could.

“You’re a pretty good piece of ass slut. So far so good. But there is a long was to go to pay me off.”

Tina trembled at these words. She didn’t know if she were upset by the thought of being used more, or excited. Maybe a little of both?

Another voice spoke, a rich deep voice she knew. “Well, slut, watching you perform is making me horny again. Why don’t you just get back against that table again, just like you was for Micky.” The Mayor said.

It took Tina a few seconds to realize exactly what the mayor was saying. Then her eyes flew open and she voiced…”there is no way in hell you’re going to stick that huge thing in my ass. No way.”

Mr. Mayor just smiled, reached down and grabbed Tina’s right breast and squeezed, hard. As he did, he lifted her up. Tina grimaced in pain but gamely stuck to her guns.

“No. No. not in my…” At that moment, before she could finish speaking, she felt something whip her butt like never before. A pain went through her cheeks that cut her words off in mid sentence. Tina looked behind her to see the redhead with a riding crop in her hand, poised to strike Tina again.

“Your choice slut. His cock or my whip. And I will use it on you for as long as it takes to make you agree to butt fuck the Mayor. So one way or another…just how much pain do you want first?” The redhead smiled as she said this, arm pulled back with the crop ready to strike. Tina stared at her, looked back at the tall black man, down at his huge cock…and dropped her shoulders in resignation.

She turned back to face the table. Grabbed the edges with her hands, spread her legs wide, and lay down. Surprising Tina, the redhead straddled Tina’s back and slid down to where she was kneeling almost on the edge of the table. She then softly rubbed Tina’s cheeks for a few seconds, then slowly spread them…wide.

“You’re gonna need a whole lot of lube for this one, slut.” With that, the redhead bent down and began to tongue Tina’s asshole. She covered it completely with her mouth then used her tongue to open the little rosebud.

The redhead could taste cum from Micky that was still in that tight hole. She worked her tongue in and out faster and faster, forcing the hole open a little more with her fingers.

Tina felt as though a warm moist cloth had been applied to her butt. The redheads tongue danced over and into her asshole and with each stroke, Tina’s pussy tingled. And, after only a few seconds, began to leak. For some 3 or 4 minutes, the redhead rimmed and reamed Tina’s tight ass. But, as has been said, all good things must end.

The redhead pulled away from her not unenjoyable task and smiled up at the mayor. “It’s all yours, your honor.”

Tina heard..and was afraid. She knew that baseball bat size cock was going to split her apart and ruin her for life. She probably would never be able to have sex of any kind again, not after taking that huge cock in her ass. She shivered over and over. In anticipation, she realized, not fear. Suddenly, being totally honest with herself, Tina KNEW she wanted that huge cock up her ass. She wanted to see if she could take it and was now dying to know what it would feel like. And…slut that she was turning into, she was looking forward to what might happen after the Mayor fucked her ass.

The mayor placed his cockhead against Tina’s tight rosebud and began to push. Tina realized it was a damn good thing Red had lubed her asshole as well as she had…this was going to hurt. She felt some pressure ‘down there’ and suddenly a wave of pain emanated from her rear…an exquisitely good pain, however. That massive cock head had just pushed into her ass. Tina concentrated on relaxing her sphincter muscles as an inch or so more of that cock entered her. She wasn’t too concerned about the length…yet. But the girth! That thing was so big around Tina couldn’t reach all the way with her hand. She could feel that huge monster sliding up her bum slowly, oh soooo slowly. Her asshole spread wider and wider. Somewhere along the way, the pain became pleasure, and Tina felt like she was going to explode. And still the black man pushed more cock up her ass.

The redhead began to massage Tina’s ass, helping to spread it open at the same time. She also was running her tongue up and down Tina’s back and ass crack. The sensations of being filled by that huge wonder stick, and Red’s hands and tongue were about to send Tina over the edge. Big time over.

Tina felt a presence in front of her and opened her eyes. The old fart had crawled up on the table and was positioned in front of her face, legs pulled up his cock…and ass…right in front of her.

“Ream me slut. Use that hot tongue and lick my ass and balls.”

Just to remind Tina she really had no choice in the matter, the redhead slapped Tina’s ass, hard. Surprisingly, that didn’t hurt. If anything, it added to the pain/pleasure sensations coming from her wide spread and nearly full rear end.

Moving her hands to the old mans ass, she bent spread his cheeks wide. Gently, she licked his balls, taking them into her mouth one at a time and sucking them gently. After a few moments of this, Tina lowered her sights and began to lick just under the balls. She let her tongue trace a line down and over his tight asshole. Then, her tongue moved around and around his hole, rimming the old fart. To her surprise, Tina found the area very clean. A slight pungent taste, but good. Going for more, Tina started to press her tongue against that tight little hole, forcing it open a little at a time. She used her hands to help spread that little hole wider. As she did, her tongue began to fuck his ass slowly at first, then as she heard his groans of pleasure, faster and harder. Her hands moved to his cock and she began to jack the still soft thing slowly.

The mayor had reached the halfway point. “Your fucking ass is so tight I’m gonna have to shove this thing up it harder.”

Putting action to words, the mayor moved his hips forward quickly. This forced his cock deeper into Tina’s ass. As she felt that ‘thing’ shoving up her ass harder, Tina’s reaction was to tongue fuck the old man harder and faster. She placed her whole mouth against the old man’s asshole and licked and sucked as hard and fast as she could. Her hand worked his cock so fast she wondered if she would burn it. She suddenly realized that cock was now as hard as it could be and standing up proudly.

Deeper and deeper that 14″ monster moved into Tina’s ass. And with every thrust, Tina felt like she was being split open. And with every thrust, Tina’s body became more and more turned on. It felt like hours but was really only a matter of a few minutes, but the mayor’s cock was now completely buried in her ass. She could feel his balls against her pussy. And she licked and sucked the old mans asshole faster and harder. Still jacking his cock. The mayor pulled back, almost completely out of Tina’s ass. Tina groaned, not in pain, but a whimper of disappointment. She didn’t want it out of her. Nor was that monster leaving. Instead, the mayor rammed that cock back up Tina’s now wide spread ass as hard as he could. She was completely impaled by that dick….and loved it.

Tina heard a female groan next to her and looked as best she could to her right. The redhead was bent over the card table much as Tina herself was. Looking behind the Redhead, Tina saw the young lawyer moving his hips against the redheads butt. It took her a second, but then Tina realized that the lawyer was fucking the redhead up the ass. Red looked at Tina with a glazed expression and smiled, saying nothing. But the look she gave Tina was statement enough. She was in ecstasy as well.

T he mayor now had a good rhythm going. He would pull his cock back to the head then shove it all the way in again. With each stroke, it became easier to move his cock deep into Tina’s sweet ass. And as he got closer, the mayor increased the tempo. Faster and faster that huge member slammed up Tina’s now well fucked asshole.

Suddenly, the old fart sat up and moved so that his cock was aimed at Tina’s face. He began to cum. Hard. His first squirt hit Tina in the nose and cheeks. Tina quickly opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes. Just in time, the second spurt hit her on the lips and chin. The next landed perfectly in Tina’s mouth. She would have caught more of the old guys cum in her mouth, except for the pounding she was getting from the mayor. His thrusts up her ass moved her so that she wasn’t in one place much. She kept moving forward and backward. Still, she managed to catch part of the last wad on her tongue. The rest hit her cheeks. Before she could do anything else, the old guy stuck his softening cock in Tina’s mouth. The rocking motion from being assfucked caused her mouth to move up and down on that cock, her tongue dancing around it. When it was clean and soft, the old man pulled out of Tina and sprawled out on the table, totally spent.

And still the mayor fucked Tina’s ass. Tina looked back to her right at the redhead. Red’s eyes were closed and she had a big smile on her face, as the lawyer continued to plunge into her ass. And the mayor continued to fuck Tina’s ass, faster and faster. When he finally came, Tina could feel his cum splatter the walls of her asshole. Over and over again as the black man shot wad after wad into her ass.

Suddenly, Tina’s entire body went into convulsions. She started cumming like she never had before in her life. Wave after wave of pleasure moved up and down her sweat drenched body. Tina thought she was going to pass out from the waves of pleasure.

Next to her, the lawyer began shooting his load into the Redheads ass. Red began to groan as her own orgasm overtook her, and she began to feel the waves of pleasure throughout her body.

The mayor had finished cumming in Tina’s ass. Tina, for her part, was still having one orgasm after another. She had lost count at 6 and still they came. Each a bit softer than the one before, but still goooood.

After a few moments of resting, the mayor began to pull out of Tina’s ass. Tina felt a sense of disappointment that that huge wondrous cock was leaving her butt. At the same time, it was all Tina could do not to fall asleep. But that wasn’t going to happen for her any time soon. Having pulled all of the way out of her ass, the mayor turned Tina around, and pushed her into a kneeling position on the floor. Tina was so dazed by her massive orgasms that it took a few seconds to realize what the mayor had in mind.

By the time she did, it was way too late. Gently, the mayor took Tina’s jaws into his hands, and forced her mouth open. Tina went along still not understanding. Once her mouth was open, the black man began to feed his cum soaked cock into it. Tina’s eyes opened wide with realization. She had a few inches of cum soaked cock in her mouth. And that cock had more than cum on it. Tina tried to back away, then realized the mayor had his hand on the back of her head, and she couldn’t move away. Slowly, that huge cock was being moved deeper down Tina’s throat. The taste was of cum of course. With something else that was…stronger?…more…pungent?…than anything Tina had ever tasted. As if it had a will of it’s own, her tongue began to move around that cock licking everywhere. Tina realized she was eating his cum and her…well, her own…

Looking to her left, Tina saw that the Redhead had moved, or been moved, onto the floor next to her. She, too, had a cock in her mouth. Tina realized it was the same one that had so recently been in the Redheads ass. And Red was licking and sucking that cock for all it was worth. Figuring…’ well, what the hell, ‘ Tina began a more active part in sucking and licking the pole in her mouth. She moved her head back a little, not to escape, but to tilt her head so that she could get more cock down her throat.

It worked, the mayor slowly moved his cock into Tina’s mouth until a good 10 inches was buried down her throat. For her part, Tina continued to lick the black dick for all she was worth. After a few moments, the mayor smiled and pulled his cock out of Tina’s throat. And again, Tina felt disappointment at the loss.

Her disappointment was short lived. The redhead finished cleaning the lawyers cock and laid back up on the table, legs spread wide. Looking at Tina, Red said “You’re not close to done yet, slut. I need my ass cleaned. Now. Get up here, you cum slut and lick me.”

Tina shook her head. She looked at the redhead for a second, then at the spread open pussy and asshole that were presented for her. Smiling only to her self but looking reluctant on the outside, Tina turned towards the Redhead spread.

She opened Red’s legs wider and positioned herself between them…slowly, Tina bent her head towards the tiny asshole with the small strand of cum leaking out. With only her tongue, Tina licked slowly up and down, and all around the redheads little pink rosebud. Then using her fingers, Tina slowly opened that little jewel of a hole and began to lick deeper. She placed her mouth over that juicy asshole and began to suck and tongue fuck the Redhead as fast and hard as she could. The taste of the lawyers cum, mixed with the slightly pungent taste of that sweet asshole was too much for Tina’s senses. She began to cum. Not the mind blowing almost knock her out type orgasm. But the steady small stream of little ones that were oh so satisfying.

“Oh, yeah bitch. Your tongue is sooo fucking hot. Lick me good, get all of it out, slut.” The redhead said, voice deep and Tina knew her orgasm was close.

Tina began to suck harder on that sweet tiny hole. Her tongue was flicking in and out rapidly, deeper with each thrust. After several minutes of this, Tina knew that she had licked and sucked all of the lawyer’s cream out of the Redheads ass.

So did the redhead. “My pussy, slut, now do my pussy. Hurry.” She was close. Tina raised her sights and began to lick the redhead’s pussy.

First around the hole, taking the young girls lips in her mouth and sucking them, then flicking her tongue around the clit. Finally she placed her mouth around the redheads fuckhole and began to tongue fuck the redhead. Tina’s fingers began a circling motion around the redhead’s clit, letting her thumb brush lightly against it. After a minute or so, the redhead began to convulse in a huge orgasm.

“Ohhhhh god can you eat pussy, slut. Damn are you good.”

The redhead’s orgasm lasted for at least a minute, with Tina sucking and licking that tasty pussy the whole time. When it was over the redhead said, “Keep your mouth on my pussy, slut, and…..surprise!” The first time had been accidental, Tina was sure. Not this time. A stream of hot pee began to pour from the Redheads pussy, directly into Tina’s open mouth. Shocked at first, Tina started to pull back, but a hand was placed against her head, forcing her to stay where she was. And as that warm stream filled her mouth, Tina was forced to swallow, or drown. She loved it…it was so nasty and kinky…then she came again. Hard. The convulsions started in her pussy but flew through her body like an electric current. Tina shook all over and collapsed to the floor. The redhead laughed and lay back on the table, satiated. But Tina’s ordeal was far from over.

Tina was exhausted. Sexually spent. She had had more orgasms than she could count, and her body needed, demanded rest. And, she really needed something to drink. She was sooo thirsty.

Tina opened her eyes slowly, to find Micky standing over her. She looked up at him and pleaded, “please, I really need something to drink. I am really thirsty.”

Micky smiled….”No problem slut, here let me help you up a bit.”

He took her hand and help Tina to sit up. She was now on her knees, tired, her eyes half closed. “Bitch, put your hands on your ankles and I’ll give you something to drink.”

Tina complied, eyes closed completely now. She couldn’t wait. She was soooo thirsty.

“Ok, whore girl. Open your mouth a little.”

Without looking, Tina opened her mouth, waiting for a glass to be served her. Not exactly.

A warm stream began to hit her face, then moved down until it was pouring into Tina’s open mouth. Shock forced her eyes open…to see Mickey’s cock pissing a stream…right into Tina’s mouth. Tina didn’t dare close her mouth….she was too afraid of Mickey. So she just sat there, while the bastard used her as his personal toilet. The stream was warm, salty, tangy….and to Tina’s total disgust….she loved it. She couldn’t get it fast enough. She swallowed as much as she could but some leaked from her mouth and down over her body. To her total surprise, the redhead jumped down from the table and began to lick Tina’s body where the warm piss had dropped.

Smiling, the redhead said…”Don’t wanna waste any.” And went back to licking Tina’s soaked skin. When Micky was finally done, the redhead moved to Tina’s mouth and began to kiss her deeply. Their tongues meet, but the Redhead’s was moving all around inside Tina’s mouth, trying to lick up all of Mickey’s pee that should could. That done, the redhead sat back, smiled, and licked her lips

. “Good stuff, huh, slut?” Tina had no answer.

The lawyer moved up in front of Tina. “me next” he said.

To herself, Tina thought…’my God, how much more do they expect from me?’

If she only knew.

Tina had been used unmercifully. She had been humiliated and subjected to unspeakable degradations. Her body had been tormented and abused. She had had so many orgasms that she had lost count. She had loved everything. So far. She knew there was more to come (cum?).

Smiling softly the lawyer gave his orders…”Red, move over next to the slut toy…yeah in close.” The redhead moved so close that the girl’s breasts touched.


With that, the lawyer took his cock in hand and aimed it at the two girls. Within seconds, a warm stream was squirting out, covering both girls, from face to legs, in a nice golden rain. Tina noticed that the lawyers pee was less pungent than the others. She couldn’t figure out why, but at least none was aimed down her throat. It didn’t take long until the lawyer was done. He then took Tina’s face in his hands and said…”clean up the redhead, slut. She really is a mess.” Tina looked up at the young man for a moment in pure disbelief.

Then, resigning herself to the task, she turned and began to lick the redhead clean. Surprisingly, to Tina, it wasn’t all that bad after all. A bit salty, perhaps, but that was all. Slowly Tina worked her way down Reds firm body. From her neck down her chest to her rather full breasts. Just in case they had gotten more of the ‘rain’ than the rest, Tina paid special attention to the redhead’s nipples.

Back and forth several times, Tina let her tongue flick, and her mouth suck those gorgeous nipples. The Redhead’s nipples were as hard as tiny rocks…Tina could feel the woman shudder as Tina’s warm tongue stroked the firm nipples one at a time.

Slowly, Tina began to lick and suck her way down the rest of the soaking wet body. To her navel, Tina’s tongue lapping in and around it. Down lower…almost to her clit.”Now the back, bitch.”

The redhead turned around, still on her knees. Tina moved her mouth to the girl’s shoulders and began to lick and suck her way down that firm slim body. Reaching the redheads firm ass, Tina carefully, and slowly, licked down the crack of Red’s butt. Tina tasted the golden rain the whole way, a little here and there, but found it less unpleasant…actually not bad…than she had imagined. Micky moved next to the still kneeling Tina, his cock semi-rigid once again. Tina saw him and figured she was about to be ‘graced’ with another shower. Not so this time. With the lawyers piss still damp on her body Tina had hoped that the Redhead would be given the same instruction as had Tina; clean her up the same way.

Micky reached down and picked Tina up. He carried her to the table and set her down on the edge. Gently but firmly he pushed Tina’s chest until Tina laid back. She hadn’t noticed, but the old fart had moved to the other side of the table. As Tina lay back, the old fart grabbed her hands and tied them together, crossed at the wrists. Finished with that the old man then attached the handcuff to a chain that seemed connected to something either on the floor on under the opposite edge of the table. In any event, Tina couldn’t move her arms.

The old man then climbed up on the table, placing his thighs on either side of Tina’s arms. He then began to massage Tina’s breasts with his hands, avoiding her nipples.

Gently, at first, he would squeeze them and release them, followed by an almost tender caress of running his palms over Tina’s breasts, but again avoiding her nipples. The old man kept repeating this massage. To Tina’s surprise, she felt her nipples getting hard under the old mans soft touch.

While this was happening, Micky had moved Tina’s legs in such a way that her heels were on the edge of the table, her legs bent at the knee and spread fairly wide. This left a fine view of her pussy to any watchers.

“OK, Red. Get started.” Tina had no idea what was to come next, but was very pleasantly surprised when she felt a warm mouth and soft tongue probing her pussy gently. Tina lifted her head as best she could but all she could see was a red head between her legs. It was enough that Tina knew the Redhead was eating her pussy. Tina’s clit was quickly responding to the Redhead’s head. Without really noticing it was happening, Tina suddenly realized that the old man’s massage had gotten firmer with each passing minute. Each time he squeezed her breasts it was a firmer movement. And now, instead of missing her nipples, the old man was running the palm of his hand over them.

Tina felt the redhead move back from Tina’s pussy…’noooo, don’t stop now….please???’

“She’s soaking Micky. I mean really wet.”

“OK, keep it up though.” The Redhead moved back between Tina’s legs and began to lick and suck her pussy with abandon. Tina, by now, was on the verge of another orgasm. Suddenly she felt hands on her ankles. Slowly her feet were lifted off the table and pushed back towards Tina’s chest, then spread apart even more. She wanted to look to see what was going on but couldn’t move her head because the old man was now leaning over her more to get a better grip on her breasts.

“Now, Red.”

Tina had no idea what that meant. For a moment. Then she felt a finger gently enter her pussy and begin to explore Tina’s depths. The probing finger moved all around inside Tina’s wet pussy, and, . whether by accident or design, brushed against Tina’s G spot for an instant. Tina’s hips bucked in response, as though her body wanted more. In reply to that, Tina felt another finger move inside her pussy, alongside the first. The feeling of having two fingers moving inside her pussy was incredible. The Redheads fingers moved as though they had a mind of their own, with each movement bringing more and more pleasure.

A third finger joined the first two, and Tina’s pussy responded by giving mild mini-orgasms over and over again. Tina couldn’t remember ever having 3 fingers in her pussy before…but she quickly decided she loved it. She knew her pussy was wide open in order to allow that many fingers inside her, but it was in no way an unpleasant feeling. On the contrary, it was driving Tina wild with pleasure. Then Tina felt the redhead use her other hand to spread Tina’s pussy lips more. Slowly, a fourth finger was being moved into Tina’s now throbbing pussy. The Redhead had closed her fingers into a sort of spear and was using the ‘spear’ to move in and out of Tina’s slit slowly. Tina realized she was on the verge of a huge orgasm…but even so she also knew her pussy was spread as wide as it had ever been. Tina could actually feel the redhead’s knuckles push against her pussy each time the fingers were pushed inside her.

Then, the redhead began to turn her hand sideways instead of vertically. In doing so, the motion spread Tina’s pussy even wider. By now, Tina was moving around on the table top in spite of being secured by the handcuffs.

“Hold her, pops, or I could accidentally hurt her.”

The old man, who had continued to massage Tina’s breasts, squeezing them very hard by now, stopped what he was doing and placed his hand down around Tina’s hips. The pressure of his weight was sufficient to all but immobilize Tina’s movements. The redhead kept up fucking Tina with four fingers for a few more moments. Soon enough, she turned her hand back vertically and pulled it all the way out.

“She’s really ready now.”

“Go ahead then…do it” Micky replied to the Redhead.

Smiling softly, the redhead closed her hand, fingers extended, with the thumb curled up inside her palm. She then placed her fingers at the edge of Tina’s now widely gaping pussy and began to push them in. The fingers quickly entered Tina’s juicy pussy, all the way to the knuckles of the redheads hand. With a firm push, she forced her knuckles past the walls of Tina’s cunt until her entire hand, up to the wrist, was inside Tina.

The feeling was indescribable. Pure pleasure to Tina as the fingers entered her. The pain as the hand was forced passed her pussy walls, turning again into pleasure like Tina had never felt before. There was more to come. Gently, and slowly, the redhead turned her hand inside Tina’s throbbing, wet pussy. As she did so, Tina went into orgasm. Her juices flowed past the hand in her pussy to soak the redheads wrist.

It was then the redhead slowly drew her fingers back, still deep inside Tina’s pussy, making a fist. She then rotated that fist inside Tina. Tina could actually feel the fist inside her as it moved against the walls of her pussy. She began another, milder orgasm. The redhead, knowing Tina was into a nice orgasm, turned her wrist the other way, sending spasms all through Tina. Slowly, the redhead began to move her arm back, as though to withdraw her hand. As the fist made contact with the walls of Tina’s pussy, above her gaping opening, the fist came into contact with Tina’s G spot. The cry the broke from Tina’s mouth was anything but anguish. It was one of total pleasure as a very large orgasm rocked the impaled girls pussy like none she had ever imagined she could have. It was if an electric current had gone through Tina’s pleasure center in her brain. And the redhead wasn’t done. Not yet. Red pushed her arm forward, moving her fist deep inside Tina’s pussy. So deep that the fist made contact with Tina’s deepest point of her pussy. Then the redhead pulled her arm back, causing her fist to again hit Tina’s G spot and again sending Tina into orgasmic bliss. And again the Redhead pushed her arm forward. And pulled it back, and pushed it forward. Over and over, each time just a bit faster and harder. Tina’s orgasms now were like the waves of the ocean pounding a beach. One at a time, each a bit stronger than the one before, each sending Tina into mind shattering bliss. Over and over.

Then, just to add to Tina’s orgasmic feelings, the redhead leaned forward and began to lick, suck and nibble at Tina’s clit. For Tina, she had never, ever experienced anything like what was happening to her. This last pushed her right over the edge. A huge mind blowing orgasm hit Tina almost like a blow to the head. Pleasure such as she had never known could exist racked her body with huge spasms. A second orgasm hit, and a third. That was all, Tina’s eyes rolled back in her head and…a few seconds later she passed out. Gently, the redhead stopped fucking Tina with her fist. Slowly and carefully the redhead pulled her hand, now opened, out of Tina’s red and wet slit. The redhead began to lap at Tina’s pussy gently and softly, not on her clit, but around the lips and over them. Tina’s pussy still gaped open, testimony to the instrument that had been inside Tina only seconds before. Tina was out only a handful of seconds, thirty at the most. A groan announced her return to reality. The old man had already removed the handcuffs from Tina’s wrists, but so out of it was she that Tina’s arms were still extended, and crossed.

A second groan escaped from Tina. Then her eyes fluttered and opened. She felt something soft lapping at her nether regions but didn’t care who it was. Tina just knew she didn’t want it to stop. At least not for the moment. She was coming down from her multi-orgasms and felt totally lethargic. She felt great, really. But totally spent. After another couple of minutes, the redhead stopped what she was doing. Tina was fine with that by then. Her eyes were open and tracking. Tina noticed the lights were on in the rest of the room. She tried to sit up but her arms were too weak to support her. Tina felt hands take her wrists and gently pull her to a sitting position. Looking around the now lighted room, Tina finally saw her husband. He was just setting a camcorder down on a coffee table, a huge smile on his face. Tina smiled back at him. She then looked to see who was helping her to sit up. Tina smiled at the redhead.

“Feeling better Tina?” The redhead smiled back.

“Just great”. Tina’s smile increased.

“Thanks for everything, Sis.”

“My pleasure honey. Any time.” This with a grin.

Tina looked to her left and saw Micky standing close. “Hi boss.”

“Hi yourself, Tina.” Micky was smiling shyly.

Micky owned the real estate agency where Tina was his top salesperson.

The young lawyer and the mayor came around the table and stood close to Tina.

“Wow, Jack” Tina said to the tall very distinguished black man, “you are really something.”

The mayor just smiled, saying nothing.

Looking at the lawyer now, Tina smiled at him. “I find it hard to believe you were involved in this Bill. But I’m glad you were.”

“No problem Tina. And thank you. I’m just glad Jim asked me.” Bill was Tina’s husband’s law partner.

The redhead moved next to the mayor and leaned against him. With his right arm, the mayor closed the gorgeous women in tight against his side.

“Sis, thank you for bringing your husband. That was very very nice of you.”

“Hey, not a problem. When my dear brother explained what he wanted it was easy to talk ‘hizhoner’ into it.” Tina’s sister-in-law grinned as she said this.

“Hey, what about me?” The old man chimed in.

“Thank you too, Harry. You dirty old man. I didn’t know you had it in you.” Harry was the retired policeman that lived two doors down from Tina and Jim.

“Had it in you, really, Tina. But many thanks.”

Harry grinned from ear to ear. From this day forward, Tina would always call him Dirty Harry.

Finally, she looked at her husband again. She smiled a special smile.

Looking at her, Jim said, “Happy birthday Tina. I hope you liked everything.”

“Liked it? Are you kidding? You gave me almost every fantasy I ever had all in one night. I loved it. Thank you my love”

“Well, I know you had a couple more fantasies that we had talked about. But I thought it might be better to spring them on you after we discussed them a bit more. After all, not all fantasies should become realities.”

“However…if you are still in the mood…???”

With that, the heavy door to the room opened. The door guard stood just outside. Next to him was the largest dog Tina had ever seen in her life. A huge Mastiff that must have weighed close to 160 pounds at least. The guard and his dog entered the room. Looking around the man said…”Did someone call?”

Tina looked at the pair, and started shaking her head. “Ohh no. No. Ohhhhh No.” She just dropped back on the table saying ‘no, no way, unnuhhh, nope…no way…to tired.”But that’s another story. Maybe!

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