Erotic Story: When You Can’t Sleep 2

When You can't Sleep: An Erotic StoryWritten By: Sexytime
It was late and insomnia had hit. Amelia laid on the cool leather sofa as the warm air blew over her bare arms and legs. Animated voices filled her living room changing from male to female as she flicked from channel to channel trying to ease her boredom. Giving up she walked to her bedroom and turned on the fan and bed side lamp. A dim light shed light on her bedroom. She let her shorts drop to her ankles and flopped down on her bed. Slipping and sliding around on her sheets she reached for her laptop. Looking for something to watch a show recommended to her online. Starting the TV show Amelia started to relax a little bit. She laid on her back with her legs bent and her feet on the bed. She continuously moved her legs so her knees were together then apart letting the air from the fan to glide through them. Finally relaxed she started stroking her belly.

As her eyes started to flutter shut the scene changed. A deep moan echoed out through the speakers. Amelia’s eyes immediately opened to reveal a strawberry blonde woman with perky breasts slowly moving up and down on top of a muscular brown haired man his hands gripped on her hips. She threw her head back and then “Ughhhhhh”

Amelia’s heart sped up. She felt something. Tingling started between her legs just a little bit. Then a lot and her clit started to swell. The fan spun round and cold air struck the wet patch that had formed causing her to shiver deeply. Her legs flew shut. Writhing she rolled on her side and watched intently and the girl erupted in orgasms. Her body shaking against the man as her body collapsed against his.

The mouse moved to hit the rewind button and the scene started again and immediately Amelia laid back on her back and opened her legs. Her hand traveled down the center of her body like a snake until it came to the band of her lace thongs. Gulping she continued over it and touched her pussy lips through the material where the wetness met her fingertips.

She brought the hands back up to the elastic stroking it as she went. Her fingers slipped under the elastic where she felt the bareness of her skin. She reached her clit and stroked it softly. A light moan escaped the parting of her lips, wanting more she looked at the blonde woman again as her head fell back in ecstasy for the second time. Tingling started higher up and she saw as her nipples hardening under the tight white cami. With her other hand she pulled down her top so that the cami sat underneath her plump breasts.

One hand came up to circle her nipple as her other hand circled her enlarged clit. She watched again whilst the blonde girl orgasmed again and again on her screen and she stopped the video.

Applying pressure she slowly rubbed her clit it slipped away from her every time. She moaned loudly and pinched her nipple. Her hips rocked up against her fingers as the pleasure built up. She moaned and bit her lip again as she started rubbing faster and faster. Breathing got heavier and she inserted two fingers into her pussy letting them be engulfed by the sea of pleasures.

She let go.

She wriggled and all of a sudden the lace thongs flew and gently landed on the carpet. Her hands went back to work two fingers went back in, the walls contracted against them. With her other hand she flicked her clit sensually and images of a long pink tongue licking and flicking it entered her mind. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her hand fingers flicked quickly against her clit as she moved faster again. Thoughts of orgasming circulated her mind her shallow moans escaped one after another quicker than before the pressure built up rapidly.

Then, she burst.

A loud groan hit the room as the wave hit her. Her hips bucked uncontrollably with her fingers still inside her, her legs closed shut. The hand on her clit moved robotically as she shook jerking against the silk sheets. Drips of juice slid down her butt. Shaking she just lay there
Biting her lip for the last time she finally removed her hands and at last, she fell asleep.

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    wonderful story, enjoyed it so much.

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    Enter your comment here…it make me pre cum love that….thanks

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