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If you haven’t read any of the other chapters of this story you can find Chapter 7 HERE

Her nakedness making her vulnerable, her hands trembling, she shrunk back as the Master reached forward and roughly grabbed her face, forcing her to raise her gaze to meet his. The gentleness gone now, his eyes burnt as fiercely as the fire in the room once had, not with lust but loathing, the anger apparent through those blue portals.

His hand raised. She gasped as it whooshed through the air before falling sharply across her face. The tears welled in her eyes, almost spilling down her cheeks, but held back by a mixture of pride and anger. Her anger was not only at this man for striking the blow, but also, more bitterly, at her Mother. She had lied, “They will not harm you.” The words resounded through her mind. She deserved to be punished. She accepted that by now, but not like this surely. Her anger at those words now outweighed the feelings the slap had produced. How could her Mother have lied to her?

” Whore,” he spat at her. The words slowly registered, confusing her still more. The word she had spoken was wrong, but she was no whore. She had done his son’s bidding, nothing less and nothing more. She had obeyed just as her Mother had told her to. Why? Why, was he treating her this way?

She winced as he raised his hands once more, closing her eyes as she waited for the flesh-to- flesh contact.

It didn’t come. Cautiously she opened her eyes, unsure as to what sight would meet them, sure that he would hit her again. His finger gestured toward her, his eyes burning through hers. Handing her her clothes, he motioned that she should dress. She needed no second bidding, obeying without question now, wanting only to please him, the ache that gnawed at her jaw serving its purpose, sharpening her mind.

Together they left the cottage. Thunder stood proud and strong at the gate, the other steed gone. He mounted Thunder and pulled her behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist, taking some comfort from the closeness of his body as he urged Thunder forward, pressing his heels deep into the horse’s withers.

Thunder responded, soon reaching full gallop, the ride exhilarating, and the speed phenomenal. The stables were reached too soon, her feeling of freedom short lived. The stable lad rushed out to meet them and she recognized him immediately. Standing in front of Thunder was the same fresh-faced lad who had pleasured her that afternoon. She blushed scarlet at the memory of his actions. Dismounting quickly, the Master took her hand and helped her down. His action seemed strange; it was as though the ride had dissipated his anger to some degree.

Hastily he led her through the same courtyard and passages she had traveled with his son earlier that day. He led her into a small unfamiliar room, deep within the bowels of the large house. This was unlike any room that she had ever encountered before, a small damp room, the walls bare, no furnishings of any kind, the ceilings low–just a bare damp room. Why had he brought her here?

He beckoned her closer to him and she obeyed. His hand reached forward, his eyes told his intention was not to hurt her. Her garments dropped to the floor, the goose bumps spreading over her body like an ugly rash as the cold and damp invaded her body. His caress of her breasts, pinching her nipples sharply, caused her to gasp for breath. Her arms stretched towards him, the clasp of iron, hard and cool against her wrists. The confusion returned and she searched his eyes, looking for the answers once more, but nothing was to be found.

Being turned away from him, the blindfold placed on her eyes, the darkness, the confusion, the fear returned. Listening intently now, relying on the smallest sounds for clues. The clang of iron as her ankles were secured, leaving her helpless to her Master’s whims and wants, sent her into a sudden panic. She struggled as she had seen the rabbits do in the village after her Father had trapped them. She recognized the sound of the door swinging shut, the heavy clang of the metal echoing round the small room that was now her prison.

Alone now, scared and alone. What now? Why was he treating her this way? Her punishment had been administered in that slap, hadn’t it?

She listened, quelling her fear, trying to focus. She heard the sound before she felt the furry creature scurry across her foot. She screamed, the fear rising from within her, the helplessness of her situation suddenly hitting her. The tears flowed freely, absorbed by the blindfold material. Never before had she felt so alone, so scared and dejected. She sat on the cold stone floor and wondered how long he would keep her captive, the tears rolling freely now, cascading, saturating the blindfold that hid her sadness from the empty room.

Then a sound. Her heart leapt. Had he relented? Had he returned to free her from this prison that he had created? She listened as the steps neared, the soft sound of footsteps against the hard floor. She sat in silence trying to work out where the person whose feet the steps belonged to was. The distinctive clink of chains now met her ears. She tried in vain to make herself invisible, scared as to what would befall her next, trying to blend into the walls that surrounded her, pressing her back into the smooth stone.

Then horror beyond all before gripped her, forcing her to realize what was happening to her even as she tried to reject the reality of it all. Wrenched by her arms, pulled to her feet, the clink of chains, her arms held secure. Her entire body trembling. Standing waiting, for what?. Suspended almost in mid-air, pulled by some unknown, unseen device. The first slap hitting her buttocks, biting sharply into her bare skin. The laughter of her captor low and menacing. Not the Master’s work, not his voice. But whose? Another slap, short but sharp, the blow contacting with her flesh, burning into it, again and again the blows raining down until she could not distinguish each individual blow. The pain cutting into her very being, absorbed by her body as the cruel blows rained still, one after another. Screaming now. Screaming through the lashes, the pain blotting out her will, blotting out all she had ever been, all she ever would have been but for these blows, this pain, this place.

She submitted to her capture, powerless to do anything more than whimper now. The pain was sapping her strength till she could stand no more and all was dark and warm and free of pain at last.

How much longer, she had no way of knowing, she emerged from her dreamless fog back into her nightmare. She raised her head, moaned as she realized she was still in darkness, still — where? She cringed as she realized she was not alone. The blows had stopped, but someone–her torturer?–was close by. Almost as startling as the crack of another blow was the sudden gentle pressure of something against her lips, something cool and soothing.

She had no idea what the liquid was, but she slurped it greedily after her ordeal, only then finding the strength to take stock of her situation. She was still trussed like a chicken readied for the slaughter. Her buttocks stung and she jumped as a hand moved over them, the hand traveling their length and breadth, as if examining them. The coolness of that hand offered her a strange sense of relief. Despite the coolness of the room, she felt warm, her cheeks strangely flushed and enjoying the attention they were receiving. The drink revived her, brought her to her senses, at least the four senses that her captor allowed her.

The sense that prevailed was one of pain. The hand was removed and she was left alone again, to contemplate her fate once more. She hung suspended, wondering, what now? Nothing was worse than this surely? The pain bitingly sharp still, wrenched from her another sob. She so wanted to return to her life in the village once more, her thoughts returning to her Mother. She felt her anger grow as she thought of her Mother’s words, “They will not hurt you, my child.” She reached for a reason for the lie. Had it been to protect her from the truth? Were the stories of this place true?

The full horror of her situation hit her, screaming loudly inside her head. She had disobeyed and this was the price she must pay but . . . . Anger rose once more. How could she? Why? They had no right, did they? The thoughts tumbled fast and furious, fueled by the anger of the memory of her Mother’s parting words. She could not hate her own Mother, but it stung to think that she had lied to her own daughter, brought her here and left her at the mercy of these men who did these –

Her thoughts vanished with the sound of the door opening. What now? The person who had entered the room stood behind her. She could feel the warmth of his breath on the back of her neck. Then the blindfold was gone and she had to blink against the light. Then she was falling to the ground as the chains were released, her legs unable to hold her weight. How long had she been here? Time seemed so important now as she lay on that floor and looked into his eyes, the eyes of ….

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The Breaking Of Estelle Part 7 | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-7/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-7/#comments Wed, 21 Sep 2016 17:07:28 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3888 read more]]> The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryIf you haven’t read any of the other chapters of this story you can find Chapter 6 HERE

The face that appeared from the shadows was one that Estelle did not recognize. She squinted as she tried to focus on the figure in the dim light of the cottage. The only light source emanating from the fire that burned fiercely in the hearth. Estelle shivered, even though the heat from the fire was intense. The room was small and the lowness of the ceilings only added to Estelle’s feelings of vulnerability. She had no idea who this man was or what his purpose was but she was acutely aware that she was naked before his gaze. Her eyes dropped to the floor, she was unable to meet the gaze of the eyes that meet hers.

She felt lost once more; even after all she had learned, she felt lost and bewildered. The Master son had not touched her that afternoon and had brought her here. Now it seemed that she was to be sacrificed to another man. She wanted to flee once more, her thoughts muddled and confused, all questions but no answers, like the scattered links in her Mother’s chain after her sister had broken it.

Her Mother. She focused her thoughts towards her Mother’s words once more: “You must obey.” She repeated the words in her mind over and over again as the stranger approached. She felt his hand cup her chin and she shuddered under his touch.

Raising her face to greet his gaze, she was surprised to see a fresh young face smiling back at her. She looked into his eyes and searched them for the answers she so strongly desired. They were not there, but she hadn’t really expected to find them. His eyes portrayed nothing of the figure that lay behind them.

Summoning all her courage she looked him over. His face was young and fresh, his skin speckled with freckles, his blonde hair bleached by the sun. He touched her once more as he continued to study her, this time holding her shoulders. His hands were rough and callus-filled. This was no member of the gentry, Estelle thought. Who was he? Why was he here?

He turned and smiled at the Master’s son, a look of approval apparent in both their eyes as she watched the exchange. The Master’s son appeared to nod at the stranger and Estelle felt her heart fill with fear, but at the same time her Mother’s words comforted her: “They will do you no harm, my child.” She had to believe those words; she had to trust her Mother’s advice now. She could not fail her Mother.

The stranger’s lips meet hers unexpectedly, she almost pushed him away. She wanted to, but something stopped her, some hidden desire that this man had stirred in her once more just as the other members of this strange household had. He gently parted her lips now, feeling the walls of her mouth with his tongue, just as his hands were beginning to explore her flesh. He held her to him; she felt his need as he did so. His hands around her back feeling her buttocks, she felt his tool of desire begin to stir as he held her closer to him.

He was gentle in his actions and Estelle began to relax. She never moved her arms from her side, unsure what she should do with them. She wanted to grab him and feel him as he was feeling her, but she was unsure, nervous. He was so gentle in his actions; she had no desire to incur his wrath with any wrong action that she might make.

She gasped as he began to use his lips to explore the tender, sensitive flesh of her neck. Now the burning of desire began to pulse through her once more. She did not understand why this action had the effect on her that it did, but it lit her up and fueled her passion more than anything that had happened before.

As he kissed and caressed her neck, she forgot about everything, her Mother’s words, everything. Her hands reached up and began to claw at her tormentor’s garments, longing to feel the flesh that lay beneath. Her inner thighs were becoming lubricated by her own juices once more. It was as if someone had finally opened a gate that had only been pushed ajar before.

She pushed herself onto him, longing to feel his tool inside her now, just as she had felt the Master’s. He sensed her urgency but pulled away from her. Swiftly her senses returned, her face burnt as red as the embers in the fire’s grate. She expected him to be angry at her weakness. To her surprise, he began to remove his vest hurriedly. She tried to resist the urges that had been stoked within her, but she had to look.

His torso was well toned, the smooth lines of his muscles taut. She noticed the small downy hair that was sprouting from his chest and longed to feel its silken texture. Her eyes widened considerably as he removed his breeches, his tool standing firm and proud as he did so. She studied it, mentally comparing it to the others that she had encountered before without thought or regard to its owner, her desires so great now.

He moved closer once more, placing his hands on her shoulders gently pushing her to the ground. She knew instinctively what she was supposed to do. Licking her lips, as they had become a little dry now, she knelt and began to feed his tool past her lips. The sensation that met her taste buds was so different from that of the Master. This stranger was slightly bitter, not unpleasant, just different. She performed her magic on him now, knowing that he would not be able to resist, feeling not only her own desire but the power once more, the indescribable power that she obtained from this simple act. She relished the taste, the feel of the veins, the contrasts of the hardness of the tool against first her soft lips and then the tender flesh of her mouth. She smiled as she heard him gasp, and she became bolder once more, all cares forgotten.

She raised her eyes and watched his expression of delight as she took him deeper, this fueling her still more. Her pulled her upwards once more and guided her round so her back was facing him. This dismayed her a little, as she wanted to see him, wanted to watch his face and see the pleasure in his eyes as he used his tool as she was sure he would now.

He pushed her forward and she lay sprawled face down on the small table that was in the room. Her legs parted, waiting for the divine sensations that she knew would surely follow. His tool was pressed firmly against her and with one almighty thrust it was devoured by her lips, but not the ones connected to her mouth. These lips were far more sensitive and she groaned as they eagerly took the food that he offered her.

He began to push into her, deeper and deeper into her abyss. She felt herself lost in the desire, the want and need so great, nothing but nothing else mattered now but that release that she knew tasted so sweet when it came. He began to slam into her body with force now, causing her to steady herself against the table, gripping the edge as the tension rose from within her. She felt him begin to twitch, she knew the release was not far now and he would soon offer her the sweet mead that she so enjoyed.

She stretched her neck now; reaching for the heavens as the tension that he was causing became so intense she thought her head would surely burst. She felt his mead begin to flow as he twitched and convulsed deep inside her body. She had almost reached her point of climax when he was wrenched from within her. Forgetting her station in life, she stood and turned, facing the man that had pulled her so sharply from the joy of her desire. She was frustrated by his actions and, so great had the pleasure been.

“Noooooo,” the words forceful coming before her thoughts, as she rose to her feet. Her breath was caught as she realized that the man that had pulled her so roughly from another’s pleasure was her Master.

She stood dumbfounded by her own actions. She had forgotten everything that she had been taught. How could she have, how could her desire have taken her so completely? The questions came, flooding her mind once more. She stood before her Master, waiting for him to abolish her, waiting for a command or punishment.

Neither came. He stood looking at her, a cold stern look similar to the ones Papa would give her when she had fought with her sisters. She wanted him to punish her now just as her father had done, she deserved it, of that there was no doubt. Then the thought hit her: Would he banish her to the village once more, or would she befall the fate that she had heard the rumors of in the village?

She stood awaiting her fate…

Part 8 Coming Soon…

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The Breaking of Estelle Part 6 | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-6/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-6/#comments Fri, 17 Jun 2016 16:04:35 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3886 read more]]> The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryThis is a continuation of this story and you can read part 5 HERE.
She sat and contemplated her answer carefully. She thought about what she had learned and whether she had really enjoyed them. The answer required was a resounding yes. She had begun to relish each new experience, each new lesson heightening her senses. She still did not fully understand what the lessons meant, but she knew that she had derived pleasure from each of them.

“Yes,” she replied. Clear and simple.

“Remind me once more just what my Father has taught you.” His voice so soft compared to his father’s, but the authority still apparent.

Again she thought. What had she learned? How could she describe it? Putting what she had done into words when she really didn’t understand herself would not be easy.

He seemed to sense this and touched her cheek gently as he spoke the next words. “Would it be easier if you showed me what my Father finds so beguiling about you, my dear?” His hand touched the cloth of her dress, causing her to jump at the unexpected move. His eyes fixed onto hers as he began to trace an outline with his fingertip. He trailed slowly down the fabric, his eyes never leaving hers.

She shuddered as he reached the curve of her breast, her nipples taut and expectant of the touch. She wanted him to touch her, to feel her just as his Father had done before. The need and desire began to well inside her once more. His hand traced a gentle outline around the curve of her breasts and she caught her breath at his every touch. She closed her eyes and felt no fear as his hand continued its journey over her body. He spun her round gently and began to unburden her of her clothes.

As the dress dropped from her shoulders, she gasped. She felt beautiful as he bent and kissed her neck. She tilted her head and allowed him unrestricted access. The soft breeze that met her bare flesh as her garments were removed caused her to catch her breath. She felt his fingertips begin to explore her body. She felt a rush of adrenaline as she realized that her flesh was not only exposed to his touch but also to the elements. The combination of his touch and the soft breeze caused her nipples to stand proud like upturned cups. She abandoned all thoughts of the Master and began to revel in the present delights that his son was so readily offering her.

Again he turned her round so that he faced her. He took a step back,his eyes admiring the sight. A smile spread across his face as she studied him. She stood naked before him, desperate for his touch once more. No touch was offered, instead he watched. She felt vulnerable,confused why he was not touching her as his father had so readily done. Did she not please him?

She knew from his face that this was not the case. She felt the gentle breeze once more against her skin. It blew through her hair and she imagined it was his fingers that were running through her hair instead.The desire that was building inside her very being was becoming unbearable. She desperately wanted him, needed him, but she knew that she could not unless he instructed her. She was the servant, nothing more, nothing less. That was her lot and she would have to be happy with whatever pleasure he or her father furnished her with.

He began to remove his garments now, first the shirt, her eyes following ever move, every ripple of every muscle in his well-toned chest. She felt the moisture between her thighs begin to grow as she observed his every movement. Now his tight breeches. She marvelled at his thin but well-defined legs as they were revealed to her, her nipples hardening, straining with every movement that he made.

As he removed his undergarments, she gasped. Nothing had prepared her for the beguiling sight that now meet her gaze. He was larger than his father, the purple head more prominent, the indigo veins more pronounced. Oh, how she wanted to feel his tool as she had his father’s, wanted to take the swollen flesh inside her own aching desire. The feeling was overwhelming and she reached forward before she had thought about her action. She must have it, she could wait no longer, she needed him, willed him to take her.

The spell was broken as he grabbed her hand. “No my beauty, I am not my Father.” Both his words and tone caused her to start. Her eyes pleaded with his, she wanted him still. “I see that you will need to learn restraint, my dear Estelle. You will have your reward, but I need to know that your emotions will not run away with you again. A servant that has a will of her own is of no use to my Father.”

She looked puzzled, confused. Restraint? What did he mean? Reward?Hadn’t she done as she was told the past few days? The air seemed to cool, but her desire was not quelled by the words. Her eyes darted from his face to his tool then back again. Why did he not want her? Why did he not take her? She struggled to understand.

“Sit, Estelle!”

She did as she was bid, the lesson of his father’s hand still fresh in her mind. It had not been unpleasant, but she had no wish to experience it at this moment.

“That’s better my Dear.” He sat opposite her, watching her still as he did her. “Open your legs,.” his voice softer, encouraging her now.

Again she asked no questions but did as he requested, her thighs parting, allowing him to see her most private place. She knew that he must be able to see the wet slick that had formed between her thighs.She felt abashed as his eyes studied her inner sanctum, but also she felt a surge of excitement, the cool air adding to the excitement of the situation. She watched transfixed as he placed his hand over his tool and began to slide it over his own shaft. She watched his actions, the pool of liquid that oozed from the tip of it, causing her to lick her lips.

With his free hand he took hers and guided it towards her own private place. He watched, his eyes never leaving her body as she began to massage her own opening, not really knowing what she was doing but loving the feeling that her own actions were now producing.

They sat and watched each other, both naked, both playing with their own sex tools, both desiring each other. She began to understand what he meant by restraint as she felt her desire grow tenfold. She neared release now, her body beginning to tense as her fingertips began to circle more furiously in the folds of her own opening.

She felt it hit, relishing every moment of the release. Taking the feeling, holding it, forgetting that she was being watched, all cares and worries forgotten in that one moment.

She opened her eyes and watched as he began to slide his hand over the tall pole faster. She watched in amazement as it began to twitch beneath his hand. Suddenly he moaned as the first spurt of the milky white substance was released. It flew into the air as she watched,coming to rest on his taut body. It was quickly followed by another smaller stream.

She had never witnessed anything like this with his father, and it began to dawn on her just how different they both were. She felt equal to him now. She knew she wasn’t, of course, but the illusion was here,right now and she enjoyed the feeling while it lasted.

He slumped onto the grass and began to roll around. She thought as she sat and watched. She still did not understand why he had not touched her, why he had not appeared to want her. She searched for an answer to her questions but it evaded her. She stopped trying to understand and resolved that she would understand in the fullness of time.

He rose and began to dress. Should she do the same? She began to, but he snatched the garments from her.

“No my dear, no garments are needed for you. Such a beautiful form as yours should not be hidden from my view this afternoon.” She looked at him, questioning him with her eyes. “You will ride back like that.”

She moved to protest, but thought better of it as she looked once more into his eyes.

He mounted his steed and beckoned that she do the same. The leather saddle felt strange against her skin as she mounted Thunder once more. She sat above the horse and began to follow him. She knew not where they were going or indeed what he intended for her next lesson but she was content, all feelings of embarrassment gone as the breeze washed over her naked body, the horse rippling under her bare skin. She felt more alive than she had ever felt before. She felt free galloping through the fields, following him, wanting to follow him.

They reached a small cottage and he dismounted, tied his steed to the gatepost, and waited for her to do the same. Her cheeks were flushed and she felt the cold chill of the air more acutely now. She had almost forgot that she was unclothed until now. Stepping through the small entrance of the cottage, she felt the warmth of the room, for which she was grateful. As her eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room, she began to realize that they were not alone.

From the shadowy corner a figure appeared . . . .

Stay tuned for part 7 coming your way very soon…


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The Breaking Of Estelle Part 5 | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-5/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-5/#respond Tue, 19 Jan 2016 18:14:59 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3884 read more]]> The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryThis is a continuation of the story and you can read part 4 HERE.

She thought while staring at the Master’s tool as it continued to pound mercilessly into Daisy’s opening. Just what was making her feel this way eluded her just then, but it really didn’t seem to matter. She was enjoying her own sensations as she touched, smelled watched the tool thrusting deeper into her young friend’s tender opening. She should have been jealous, but her guilt had not dissipated fully and she felt that Daisy deserved the Master’s attention in return for her punishment. After all, it was Estelle who had received the relief that Daisy’s lips had afforded her. She wanted to please her Master, but at the same time she wanted to help Daisy in some small way.

As she sat and watched, her idea formed. She teased the Master’s balls, feeling the pliable, malleable little balls tighten with each touch of her fingers. Finally she plucked up the courage to do what she really wanted to do at that moment. She slightly, then the urge became too strong to resist anymore. She stretched her neck and began to tentatively lick the soft tissue that surrounded the globes that swung from the Master. As he pounded Daisy, the globes swayed and smacked gently against Daisy’s tender cheeks. Estelle began to explore the sacks with her tongue. The roar that erupted from the Master’s lips spurred her exploration on. She could smell the heady scent of their entwined sex, feel between her lips the slick liquid that their union was producing, and taste the Master’s juices as they mingled with Daisy’s.

Her tongue explored, all cares, all fears forgotten as she tasted, felt, and watched. She was transfixed, her senses whirled around her body in a frenzy of anticipation. Her tongue traveled from his balls to the small fold of skin that separated them from his bottom. His grunts and moan increased as she licked the fold of skin and she soon discovered the more she licked the greater the pleasure he derived from it. Her tongue swirled and eddied in a frenzy of licking, the tastes, aromas and feeling driving her forward all the time. She was enraptured by what she was doing and the pleasure that it was giving both the Master and herself.

As she licked the small fold of flesh whilst still groping his balls,she felt them tighten beneath her fingers. He let out a mighty roar and with one final thrust pushed himself deep into her friend’s opening.She felt his balls contract as his seed spilled into Daisy. Estelle gasped as she realised what was happening before her eyes. She withdrew her tongue but continued to fondle his globes as they expanded once more.

His seed had been deposited deep inside Daisy now and he slumped forward onto the small girl that had just received the offering. Estelle sat under the table, not daring to move now that the Master was no longer moving. She collected her thoughts as she waited for something to happen. She realised as she sat there observing as his tool began to soften and in time slipped from Daisy’s chasm just what she had witnessed. She could see his seed dribble from Daisy slowly in soft droplets as his tool softened and allowed the viscous liquid to seep from her opening. Her stomach was knotted, she felt so enlightened by the scene that she had just witnessed, but more that she had taken part in it.

It seem an age till he moved once more. In reality it was no more than five minutes before he rose and bent under the table to peer at Estelle, his eyes piercing through hers. A smile spread across his face as he gazed at Estelle. He offered her his hand and hauled her from under the table.

“I see my dear that your punishment has heightened your willingness to learn.” He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her gently. She knew then that her actions had pleased him and she felt proud that this was the case.

She looked at Daisy who was still spread across the table. The master paid her no attention now, seeming to prefer Estelle to her. Or was it just that Daisy had served her usefulness to him at the moment?

“Now my child, I wish you to continue your education without me for awhile.”

Estelle looked in amazement as he spoke the words. What had she done wrong? Why was he rejecting her now? What exactly did he mean?

“I have business to attend to in London and I feel that a short separation will do neither of us any harm.”

She really had no idea what he meant, but as he was the Master she knew that she had little choice but to obey. She wanted him to touch her once more. She wanted to feel his flesh close to hers. She realized as he departed from the room that she never wanted to leave his side.

As he left the room, Daisy stirred then turned and sat on the table.She smiled at Estelle. Estelle had a strange feeling that Daisy knew how she felt as she had watched her Master depart but she said nothing as it seemed inappropriate at the moment.

“What happens now?” she whispered to Daisy.

Daisy turned and smiled knowingly, “You will have to wait and see, Estelle, but it is not unpleasant. It is just another lesson.”

“Why has the Master left us now?”

“He has business to attend to and he will require that you have learned some more lessons before his return. I can’t say any more or they will throw me out of the house, but I will say it is nothing to fear,Estelle.”

Just as she had finished speaking, Cavendish appeared once more. He looked at the two naked girls and Estelle saw him smile for the first time in the two days that she had spent in the strange house. He appeared to study the girls as he ushered them from the room. He led Estelle to her room and she was surprised to find that there on her bed lay a freshly laundered robe and undergarments. Cavendish shooed her into the room and as he shut the door she heard the key turn in it. This scared her a little, as she knew the Master was no longer in the house and Cavendish had locked her door. Why?

She dressed in the new clothes and began to ponder the days ahead. She also reflected on her lessons so far. She thought back to her childhood in the village, how idyllic that time seemed now. She thought of her sisters and of her Mother who had sent her to this strange building. She remembered her Mother’s parting words once more. “You must obey.  The words had seemed strange to Estelle when she had kissed and left the village, but now she was beginning to understand. Her Mother had told her that she was lucky to have been selected by the Master and that she should always remember that. Why her? That was a question that she could not answer and to some extent preferred not to ponder on. She still did not truly understand what her purpose was in this house, but whatever it was, she knew with certainty now that she did not wish to leave the Master’s side. She had tasted his power over the last two days and it captivated her, and yet she felt that she too had some power over him. She did not understand the power she held over him, yet but it was evident to her and the more she thought about it the more she realized it.

So many thoughts went through her mind as she laid on the bed and contemplated her future and remembered her past. The village had been rife with stories of this house as she had been growing up. It had been a place that had frightened all the girls in the village. The stories that had frightened her then seemed to pale into insignificance as she laid and thought of the time that she had spent here. She understood her punishment was her own fault. Had she not disobeyed the Master,then she would not have been punished. She still felt guilty that Daisy had taken the brunt of the punishment, but at the same time realized that Daisy had also received a much welcomed gift from the Master, his seed. It was obvious that Daisy had been neglected in that area for sometime and she was pleased that Daisy had received the attention that she had told her she had sorely missed.

Estelle sat and pondered what the next few days would hold while the Master was away. Daisy had hinted that her education would continue, but how? Who would take over from the Master? She remembered his words to Daisy, ” No one is to touch her but me.” So just how was she going to learn? She just hoped that whoever it was, they were as kindly as the Master had been to her. She thought no more as she drifted into an exhausted sleep.

She was awakened by the turning of the door key. It was a strange sound as she was not really awake yet. As the door creaked open her eyes focused on a lad. At first glance he was a mere slip of a lad, his dark hair tousled and windswept. As Estelle’s eyes began to focus, she realized that he was older than he looked and that his resemblance to the Master was the most striking, his eyes piercing hers just as the Master’s had done the first time Estelle had met him. She sat up and stared at him, eyes wide open. As he stared at her, she was glad that she was fully clothed now. She wondered how long she had slept.

He held his out and beckon her to approach him. This she did. She already knew who this man was and now she knew who was to be her new Master while his father was away. He reached over and tenderly cupped her face in his hands. His hands were smaller than his Father’s, they were also much rougher. He regarded her with his deep blue eyes. Estelle felt her senses begin to swim in those eyes as he stared at her. He had a stronger physical presence than his Father and this scared her, but at the same time excited her.

He began to speak, but Estelle was so wrapped in his eyes that she almost didn’t register the fact. “My, my Father was indeed right. You are a fine beauty, Estelle. Are you ready to continue your lessons?”

Estelle nodded, as her tongue was tied in knots, as were her emotions.He was having a far greater effect on her than his Father had had. His Father had scared her at first, but he held a fascination for her that she could not explain.

“Then please change into this.” His tone was diffused and it warmed her to him further.

She took the garments that he offered her and began to remove her old ones. She turned her back as she did so. As she slipped the dress from her body, he reached forward and turned her round to face him. She blushed as she stood before him. He made no attempt to touch her, only observe her. This seemed strange to her. After his Father’s actions,she had expected him to touch her or order her to do something.

She unfolded the garment that he had given her and was surprised to find that it was a black dress, plain in style, but made of a material that Estelle was not familiar with. As she slipped it over her head, it felt heavy but at the same time exquisite. It was so different from anything that she had ever worn before. Long and flowing, it made her feel wonderful as she pulled it down over the rest of her body. She placed the pinafore over the top of the dress and smoothed it into place.

He had watched her every action intently. She had become accustomed to being observed now and it no longer frightened her in the way that it once had.

He took her hand and led her from the room. She walked behind him, his hand still firmly holding hers as they traveled to their destination. She observed his frame and his demeanor as he walked. He had a spring in his step, his head held high, and he possessed something that she liked but could not explain. She had no fear as they walked. This man would not harm her, of that she was sure.

They reached the end of the corridor and he opened the heavy door in front of them. The door creaked open, the sound resounding round the corridor. Estelle felt the rush of air pass her as she stood behind him. The daylight hurt her eyes as she looked at the outside world for the first time since she had arrived at the house. She brought her eyes into focus and followed him out into the cool air. It was a typical summers day. They walked into what appeared to be a courtyard and Estelle wondered just what she was to learn out here in the hazy sunshine that warmed her back as they walked across the cobbled courtyard. They reached a large stone building and Estelle’s nostrils were filled with a familiar smell one that took her back to the village. The unmistakable odor of horses. They went into the building and Estelle was greeted with the sight of two of the most beautiful stallions that she had ever seen. They were saddled and she assumed that she was to ride with this man today. The horses stood tall and erect, towering above each of their forms as they approached. She raised her hand as they neared and greeted the dapple grey stallion to her left. It was the smallest of the two creatures and she knew instinctively this was to be her conveyance for the afternoon.

The Master’s son helped her into the saddle and then mounted his own horse. She patted the animal and wondered what name he possessed. The Master’s son soon answered her unspoken question as if reading her thoughts.

“He is called Thunder, He is gentle as a lamb and as fast as lightning.”

“Thunder,” Estelle whispered to the horse.

It felt strange to ride once more with a saddle, as in the village she had normally ridden bareback, but she did not mind. She was glad to be in the open as they rode out of the stable. The feel of the creature undulating under her was familiar, but this horse was far more powerful than any horse that she had ridden before. The Master’s son set off at a fair gallop and it was all Estelle could do to keep up and also retain control of Thunder.

They rode for a while before her companion pulled up in front of her and motioned that they should dismount. She tethered Thunder to a tree and sat were she was told. No words were spoken for some time, both deep in their own thoughts. Estelle wondered what this man had planned for her. He looked so like his father, but at the same time he was so different. He did not have the arrogant air of his Father, but it went deeper than that, much deeper. Suddenly the Master’s son began to speak once more.

“Have you enjoyed your lessons so far?” Estelle was unsure how to respond to the question. If she said the wrong thing, she was afraid that this man would not afford her the pleasure of his company.

A thought suddenly flashed through her head. She had no idea where she was, or how to get home. Home? Her home was now with these men who had power over her. The thought sharpened her senses. Just what should she say? Just what would his reaction be? ….

Part 6 coming soon so stay tuned…

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The Breaking Of Estelle Part 4 | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-4/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-4/#comments Thu, 10 Dec 2015 14:47:32 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3882 read more]]> The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryThis is the continuation of the story and you can find part 3 HERE.
stelle watched horrified as the Master dragged her new found friend down the corridor. Helpless to do anything but obey, she followed. Neither girl wore any clothes and Estelle had no idea of the fate that awaited Daisy or herself when they reached their destination. She shivered, partly from fear and partly from the cold. The Master turned and made sure that she was not lagging behind. She quickened her step as she saw the change in his face.

His expression scared her. He actually he seemed to look through her. The power she had felt that morning when his pleasure seemed in her control was gone now. So were the warm and security she had felt a short while before in the arms of her fellow servant. Now she felt even smaller and more vulnerable than when she had come to this strange house.

They quickly reached a large room. The door was already open and Estelle entered quickly, scared that the Master would treat her with the lack of regard he appeared to have for Daisy at this moment in time. The Master instructed her to sit on the chair that was to the side of the room. She watched mortified at what the Master now did to Daisy.

He pulled Daisy by her red locks and threw her against a table in the center of the room. Daisy’s eyes told Estelle all she needed to know. Hidden in those smouldering brown eyes was fear, certainly, but Estelle thought she glimpsed something else deeper. The Master turned Daisy over so that she was laid spread-eagled against the table’s smooth surface, her firm rounded buttocks facing him. Before Estelle could blink, he raised his hand and with a grunt brought it down to bear on Daisy’s bare buttocks with a ferocity that caused Estelle to start and Daisy to scream. Estelle could do nothing but watch as the Master repeated the blow. She felt Daisy’s pain as hard hand struck tender skin, reddening the smooth white flesh. Estelle winced with each blow.

“So, you thought you would comfort Estelle, did you Daisy?” he bellowed at the small maid laid in front of him. “You know that she is off bounds to anyone but me.”

Estelle felt the tears begin to well in her eyes as he spoke the words. This was her fault, Daisy was being punished because of her. The guilt she felt was overwhelming as he brought his hand down, again and again, till the anger within him appeared to subside somewhat.

He beckoned Estelle to join him. Her legs quivered as she tried to stand on them. They did not seem to want to support her anymore.Cautiously, she approached her Master. What next? What was he going to do now? She was scared of him once more, but as she approached he held his hand out towards her. He took her hand and guided it over her friend’s bare, now red flesh. She tried to soothe the young girl’s cheeks with her hands. Part of her knew that this was futile, but she wanted to help. She needed to appease the guilt that she now felt so acutely, especially now that she realized another source of her guilt. Not only was she responsible for Daisy’s punishment, but also the terrifying scene had somehow aroused her. She felt the familiar burning sensation between her thighs as the Master touched her from behind. She continued to caress her friend’s buttocks as the Master fondled her breasts. She arched her back as he tenderly kissed her neck. These sensations overrode her guilt. She wanted him again. The softness of Daisy’s bruised flesh and the gentleness of his caress increased this need in her.

Then the Master whispered softly into her ear, “It is your turn to be punished now, Estelle.”

The words stung her, but before she could think, he pushed her forward onto the table. She wanted to twist away from him and run out the door and out of this house and back to her mother in the village. But she wanted something else as well. She closed her eyes and waited for the first slap. It came soon enough, hard and forceful. She wanted him to stop, to hold her, but as he continued and the burning increased, she felt a strange sensation wash over her. Even as he continued to spank her bare flesh, to send spikes of pain through her bottom, making it burn from the pain, the other kind of burning sensation spread from her groin and she ached with desire for him, longed for his touch even as his touch caused such agony. She longed for his gentleness to return,yet she knew that she must be punished.

Laying side by side on the table, Estelle and Daisy looked at each other. As the Master’s hands administered punishment, they sought solace in each others eyes. Estelle realized as she looked into Daisy’s tear-stained eyes that her friend had felt the same excitement from the Master’s punishment as she did. She wanted to reach out to Daisy once more to feel her tender touch rather than the cruel slaps that were now reddening the cheeks of both their buttocks, but didn’t dare.

The Master stopped as quickly as he had started. The rage seemed to have gone from him. Now he softly stroked her buttocks, their coldness such a contrast to the heat of the diminishing pain and the rising desire. She felt her legs being parted. She offered no resistance and wanted once more to feel him inside her. He began to probe her void with his fingers, slowly at first, then faster and harder, much harder. She closed her eyes as the now more familiar sensations flowed through her body. She felt his fingers touching her soft flesh, probing deeper and deeper. She began to push herself onto them again, wanting to release the feelings from inside her, craving the wanton side of herself once more. She felt his fingers wriggle inside her moist void. Oh, how she wanted him.

Suddenly he stopped and retracted his fingers. She moaned at the emptiness. Why was he toying with her this way? She wanted to give herself to him, would give no resistance to any use he wanted to make of her. But his touch did not return.

“Sit up and face me, girls!” he commanded.

Both girls did as they were told without question. Neither wanted to feel his wrath again, now that his rage had ebbed. He looked at them both as they sat naked before him. Estelle felt uncomfortable as he gazed at her flesh. He moved forward and parted her legs, he brought this head down and kissed her softly. He clutched her breasts and pulled himself closer to her, squeezing her nipples hard, making them swell. As he did so he bit the bottom of her lip hard.

Estelle instinctively wanted to fight now, wanted to bite him back,but knew this would be futile. More so, it was not permitted. Her lot was to obey.

He kissed her once more, but gently. Then he turned his attentions towards Daisy and repeated all the same motions. Estelle watched as he squeezed Daisy’s nipples, kneaded them. She felt her own nipples swell as she thought about his touch. Why was he taking Daisy and not her? She knew Daisy had come before her, had already done all the things Estelle had done with the Master, and more, but she felt that each touch of his hand to Daisy’s flesh was a touch stolen from her, each of Daisy’s moans was torn from her own lips. She didn’t understand these feelings, the confusion, the desire, needs he could produce in her body at will.

He turned Daisy over and beckoned Estelle to come nearer. Estelle promptly did his bidding, but her obedience was rewarded with a rough shove onto the floor, so that she was kneeling in front of him, just under the table but with a clear view of his tool. The veins, the ridges, all were in clear view and she wanted it, needed it inside her,but she sensed that she would have to wait. He wanted Daisy now.

“Watch, my child, and learn,” he told her.

She watched as he used his tool to probe Daisy’s opening. She watched transfixed as it slowly disappeared into her void. She heard the grunts and moans that emitted from both of them. She wished she could see their faces but the sight that met her eyes was overwhelming. She observed the way he varied the speed and depth of his thrusts as he took her friend from behind. Her hand reached forward, she tried to stop it but she just had to touch him. To please him was all she wanted to do. She hoped that she had learned her lessons well. She hoped her actions would please him. She touched his tool as it continued to pound into Daisy’s opening. He let out a mighty roar as she did so. Encouraged by this, she continued to touch him. She began to feel the power surface within herself once more. Remembering the lesson that he had taught her earlier, she reached forward and touched the swollen balls of skin that drooped from his body. She had no idea of their function, only a vague one that they were in some way connected to the acts that had taken place over the last two days. Cautiously she began to touch them. They felt strange, almost putty-like as she stroked them. Again the Master roared in delight.

The effects of watching him pommel Daisy’s void with his tool while she touched him were electrifying. The moisture that had collected between her thighs bore testament to that. She still ached for him but she again felt the power that she found so delightful only yesterday. The more she played with him the harder, he pounded Daisy, and the more noise the pair made. She wondered as she sat under the table, as she watched and touched, what if . . . .

No! She couldn’t. He hadn’t ordered her to . . . . Then again, he hadn’t instructed her to touch him either, but his roars of pleasure expressed his endorsement of that initiative. Dare she do what she now contemplated? Did she risk being punished once more if she did? And,she thought as she felt the burning in her buttocks to be no different by now than the burning in her groin, what of it?

Part 5 coming soon, so stay tuned…

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The Breaking of Estelle Part 3 | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-3/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/the-breaking-of-estelle-part-3/#comments Wed, 29 Jul 2015 02:03:12 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3879 read more]]> The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryThis is a continuation of the story and you can read part 2 HERE.

They continued to make their way down the passage. Estelle had no idea where Cavendish was silently leading her. As they reached what appeared to be their final destination, Estelle felt the throbbing between her thighs begin to subside somewhat. Her mind was still confused as to what had actually taken place that morning, but it was more worried about what would happen later. Somehow she knew that her education in this house had barely begun. When she thought about it,she wasn’t sure that she wanted it to end yet. Cavendish opened the door to Estelle’s room and told her to remain there until the Master required her presence once more.

Once inside the sanctuary of her small but comfortable room, and more importantly alone, Estelle’s thoughts began to wander back to the morning’s events. Why had she enjoyed what she had done so much? Why had the Master not touched her? So many questions once more, again so few answers, only half guesses. She laid on the bed and began to run the events through her mind once more. She felt the warm, tingling sensation invade her body one more. She wanted her Master to touch her as he had done the night before. She had pleased him, but he seemed to have little regard for her feelings in such matters.

She must have drifted into a light sleep, as the next thing she knew there was a knock at the door. She rose quickly and answered it. Daisy stood there with a tray.

“Cook told me to bring this down to you, Estelle.”

“Thank you, Daisy.”

“Ah, but there’s more. Cook says I can stay and keep you company this afternoon, if you wish.” There was almost a pleading tone to her voice as she uttered the words.

“Why, of course you can.” Estelle found it difficult to keep the excitement from her voice. She certainly hadn’t relished the thought of spending the afternoon alone once more.

Daisy placed the tray on the dresser and raised the platter . On the plate beneath was a large meal, quite unlike any that Estelle had encountered in the village. These were strange foods. The aroma told her it was good food though, and she was hungry. She noticed that two forks had been placed on the tray and assumed that Daisy would be joining her for lunch. They sat and ate in silence. It was as though both were under a spell of some sort. Both deep in thought but neither daring to be the first to ask the other what those thoughts were.

Finally Daisy broke the silence, much to Estelle’s relief. “So what did he make you do this morning then?”

The directness of the question startled Estelle. She had to think carefully before she answered. She really had no idea how to explain what he had made her do.

“I’m . . . um . . . I’m really not . . . .” Estelle stumbled, trying desperately to find the right words.

“It’s fine Estelle, I don’t really understand either, even though I’ve been here a long time. I wish I did understand. He teaches, but none of the lessons makes much sense. But it does feel good, doesn’t it?”The pitch of her voice gave away the fact that she found it exciting too. Estelle thought for a second if Daisy found it exciting, then it must be fine for her to feel the same.

“It does feel good, but I have little idea of what it means either.” “Has he made you taste it yet?”

“Yes, today.” Daisy stifled a giggle. Why did Daisy find this so funny? Estelle didn’t. Talking about it made her nipples harden and the butterflies in her stomach flutter once more. But this fluttering was not from fear or nervousness, as before.

Estelle began to relax in Daisy’s company. At least she was someone who talked to her and knew what she was going through, though neither girl really understood their purpose in being there. Still, at that moment it seemed to matter not.

“Does it leave you feeling bad sometimes?” Estelle inquired with a note of caution.

“Sometimes, if the Master does not touch me.”

“Does he do it often?” The questions tumbled from her mouth before she had engaged her brain.

“Occasionally, but now that he has you he will not bother with me for a while.” Daisy sighed. Estelle felt strange to hear her say this.This was not the first time he had done this, then. At least some of her unanswered questions were being answered.

“Did he touch you this morning?” Daisy asked.

“No, he just made me taste it.”

“Bet you wanted him to touch you though, didn’t you? I always do, but. . . .”

“You must obey,” Estelle finished the sentence for her.

“Yes.” Daisy’s voice was quiet. Then it was nearly a whisper.

“There are ways to make it feel better though.” Daisy went to the door and locked it.

Estelle had no idea what Daisy meant with her words or with that action, but she felt safe with Daisy. They seemed to understand each others needs.

Daisy sat back on the bed once more and looked at Estelle.

“If I tell you this, you must promise never to breathe a word to a living soul. Do you promise?”

“Yes . . . .”

“Say it, say I promise!”

“I promise,” Estelle whispered.

“I found a way of making it better when he didn’t touch me. Want me to show you how?”

Estelle thought about this, felt the butterflies swarm through her entire body, then made her decision.

“Yes . . . .” She looked at Daisy and wondered what on earth the other girl meant, but had an idea it had something to do with the place the Master had touched her once but hadn’t touched her again.

“Do as I do and you will learn.”

Estelle watched as Daisy began to undress, slowly unbuttoning each garment. She beckoned Estelle to do the same. The sights that meet her eyes caused the emotions inside Estelle to run rampant. As she began to follow Daisy’s example the low burning sensation flared, became urgent.

The two girls sat on the bed naked and studied one another. Daisy’s frankness in looking at her gave Estelle the confidence to observe the other girl’s form. She had seen her sisters naked bodies, of course,but she had never really noticed certain things before, or at least their naked bodies had never had the effect on her that Daisy’s was having.

Estelle noted with some envy that Daisy’s breasts were much bigger than her own. Was this just one of the differences between people or,she wondered for some reason, did it have anything to do with the Master’s administrations? She gazed at the slim figure next to her and tried to make sense of the myriad emotions that coursed through her.She noticed that Daisy had far more hair covering her secret place than she did herself. Does that feeling the Master’s touch causes there also make the hair grow?

Estelle was about to giggle over this thought when Daisy reached forward and touched her breast. The giggle and all other thoughts vanished as Estelle drew back. This could not be right, could it? Then again, everything else in this house seemed strange to her. The way her nipple jumped to attention at Daisy’s touch caused her to change her mind quickly. She leaned forward again and allowed Daisy to do as the Master had done.

Daisy used her fingertips to skilfully manipulate the raspberry colored nipples till they swelled and Estelle ached for her to touch them with her lips as the Master had. She knew this was wrong, but everything that had seemed wrong outside this house appeared normal and acceptable with its four walls. Estelle let the feelings replace the doubts.

Daisy moved nearer and made a gesture Estelle took as a plea that she should do as Daisy was doing. Hesitantly, Estelle placed her hands on Daisy’s swollen breasts and began to imitate what Daisy’s motions on her own. The skin under her fingers was tender but firm. Estelle studied the effect that her clumsy fumblings were having on Daisy. A small moan emitted from the girl as Estelle pulled her nipples. Just as she had with the Master that morning, she felt triumph, power.

Daisy removed her hands from Estelle’s breasts and gently leaned forward. Even as the girl’s lips drew near her own, Estelle didn’t suspect the purpose. She froze when she felt Daisy’s soft lips against her own, but then, as she had at each step, she released herself to the feeling and urgently wanted more. The touch. The kiss. Anything this girl had for her.

As if reading her mind, Daisy began to probe Estelle’s mouth with her tongue, just as the Master had probed her private place the night before. Estelle responded without a thought. The burning between her thighs was at full blaze now and she was desperate to find a way to release it. She knew instinctively knew that Daisy offered that release. She began to probe Daisy’s mouth with her own tongue. It felt soft and warm to her tongue. She could taste Daisy’s saliva and sense the girl’s rising passion as they explored this small ways inside one anothers body.

As she sucked on the girl’s tongue, Estelle again felt Daisy’s hands fondling her breasts. She shuddered and squirmed as Daisy varied the pressure. Sometimes hard, sometimes gentle. Estelle gasped as suddenly the lips against hers were gone and gasped again before she could even open her eyes as she felt those lips close around a nipple and the girl’s tongue begin circling it. Estelle arched her back and moaned. Daisy sucked with relish at the soft pliable flesh that Estelle’s breasts yielded so willingly. Then, with no slackening of the assault on first one nipple, then the other, Estelle felt a light touch on the inside of a thigh.

She was past worrying about right or wrong. Her needs, her passion were driving her on. She wanted so desperately what this girl seemed so intent on giving her.

Estelle’s breath caught as Daisy’s hand edged closer to her secret opening. All thoughts of resistance were banished by her consuming need for those fingers to creep higher and find their goal. Estelle was imprisoned by her own feelings now and Daisy was the key to her release. Everything else was locked outside. Nothing existed except the fingers just about at the juncture of her spreading thighs.

Then, nothingness. The girl was gone, all contact withdrawn. Estelle’s eyes flew open. There she was. Daisy was shifting her position. She pressed gently against Estelle’s shoulders to guide her to lie back. Then, just as the Master had done, Daisy began to use her hands to massage her body. She caressed her soft skin, the softness of her touch causing Estelle to arch each time, to welcome it. Estelle lay back and enjoyed the emotions as they filled her. Slowly Daisy trailed towards her thighs once more. Estelle felt fingers move closer and closer towards her secret opening, slowly but surely knowing where they were going. Estelle barely could breathe as Daisy’s fingertips finally reached her opening. Again her legs fell open, inviting the girl to enter, and opened wider lest any reserve about the invitation cause the touch to vanish again.

The fingers stayed, but still did not plunge into the crevice or find the wondrous mound above it. Daisy toyed with her a while, nearly touching her where she was straining to be touched, but not quite.Estelle wanted to scream at her ,the need for that release driving her forward. The tension that she held within her young body was desperate for a way to escape.

Suddenly the torturous dalliance was over. Daisy entered the place where only the Master had been before. Her fingers probed the entryway and then slipped inside one by one. Estelle yelped in delight. This was all she could think about moments before, but now she wanted more,much more. She needed more.

Again it was as though the thought had been spoken and promptly heeded. Daisy moved to bring her face where her fingers remained. Her tongue came out and began to flick across upper arch of the stuffed opening. Estelle moaned loudly once more. The tension was at breaking point, her nerves could stand no more. Daisy’s fingers and tongue worked swiftly together and soon Estelle found her release. As the fingers probed and the tongue flicked ever higher, Estelle felt the tension spring from her body. It was as though everything inside her had been coiled, but now pulsed with energy and released it.

The feeling coursed through her. She had no control over it and no desire to control it. She was swept away by the rapturous sensations that Daisy had caused, unable to stop them or even channel them. Still, she sensed a power even in this. Her power.

As the sensations ebbed, she opened her eyes once more and was met by Daisy staring at her. She was so relaxed now. In the cold light of day,as she thought about what had just happened, as she stared into Daisy’s eyes, she could not keep her guilt from returning. It was not as acute as it had once been, but she felt in some ways soiled by what had just happened. And at the same time she felt liberated. So much had been taken from her in the last 24 hours. She was confused still, but something had changed her forever. It had changed because of what the Master had done to her. But it also changed during the intertwining of bodies that had just happened, that she had chosen to allow.

The two young girls lay together for a while like puppies snuggling contentedly after suckling their mother. Estelle had achieved her release and Daisy seemed satisfied with her role in bringing it about. They caressed and held each other, neither talking or needing to.Finally, they into a happy sleep.

How much later it was, Estelle knew not, but something wormed into her sleep and pried her from it. Through the haze, her eyelids still too heavy to lift, Estelle sensed a presence other than the naked body next to her. Then, even without seeing, she realized that it was the Master.

She jumped, startled by his presence. The motion roused Daisy and she started as well when her opening eyes beheld the Master looming over the bed. His expression told all. He was less than pleased to have found the pair together. This was a look Estelle had not seen before,and it puzzled her. The cringing motions beside her suggested that Daisy was more familiar with this aspect of their Master. Estelle tried to hide her guilt, but could not. Her cheeks burned what she knew must be a bright crimson.

She sat up and grabbed the covers in a vain attempt to hide both herself and Daisy from his disapproving gaze.

“So, you two have found comfort in each other, I see,” he bellowed.”Just what have you both to say for yourselves?” Neither girl dared to speak. They both buried their faces in the sheets to hide from his stare.

“I think that you both need to be taught a lesson in manners, you especially Daisy, as you have been here long enough to know the rules of this house.”

Daisy tried to respond but nothing came from her lips. Estelle watched her mouth open and then close just as quickly. Her new friend’s obvious terror was more frightening to Estelle than anything the Master had said. What now? Estelle nearly screamed as the Master dragged Daisy from the bed.

“Follow!”was all he said as he abruptly dragged Daisy from the room. Like a lamb to the slaughter, Estelle followed. She had no more choice now than when the Master’s mind had been turned to pleasure. She must obey. Sick with fear, she trailed behind as the Master dragged Daisy by the hair down the hallway.

Where now? What now? What lay down those dark passages? And what would she find in the heart of this dark soul before her?

Read Part 4 HERE.

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Book Review: Better Sex In No Time | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/book-review-better-sex-in-no-time/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/book-review-better-sex-in-no-time/#comments Wed, 24 Jun 2015 16:05:47 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3865 read more]]> Book review: Better sex In No Time: An illustrated Guide For Busy CouplesThis book promises to give busy couples better sex in no time, as one part of those busy couple I was intrigued to discover if there were any shortcuts in the book that might help. This book is illustrated and I want to say right up front it is designed for heterosexual couples. All the images are heterosexual and the entire book is focused on a heterosexual relationship.

My favorite part of this entire book is the very first chapter oddly enough. This chapter/introduction begins with the phrase, “It’s about time.” Followed by these words, ” You don’t have enough time for sex. I get it. After a busy, stressful day of work, kids, meals, soccer practice, homework and identifying the source of the weird smell coming out of the fridge, it’s unrealistic to think you’re going to fall into bed and suddenly want to make mad, passionate love. After all, you know you have to be up in a few hours and do it all over again.”

As a female who has two kids, been married for over a quarter of a century, these words resonated with me from the get go. What intrigued me was the way in which the Author, Josey Vogels tackles the possible answer to this quandary that may of us face on a daily basis, there is just not enough hours in the day to fit sex in there as well. It’s not so much the advice but the way that’s written that made me fall in love with this chapter and the book as a whole. As Jose points out many of us take the time to schedule an appointment for  pedicure, or a game of squash because they make us feel good, pampered or both. Yet, we rarely set aside that same time for sex, which is one of the most intimate, relaxing and pleasurable things a couple can do with and for each other. She then goes onto detail ways to set the goal of having more time for more sex, by breaking down into smaller, more manageable goals as opposed to the we should have sex more often goal, which I can tell you from experience is often to large a goal and one that you might not obtain because of that.

The book is designed to offer the busy couple an illustrated guide to finding more pleasure within their sex life’s as well as finding more time to actually having sex. The illustrations are scattered throughout the book and take the form of photographs which are erotic as opposed to pornographic. They all very tastefully illustrate the chapters that they are contained in the only thing I would have loved to have seen is a larger female or two on the pages. The female in this is lovely, but she’s blonde conforms to the sexual idea of ‘normal’ and many women who have had to kids, do not look like her, or her partner for that matter. I also found it strange that the couple on the front cover are not the same couple that show up in all the illustrations, but this could just be my observation.

The 264 glossy pages of this book will take you through the four stages of arousal: Seduction, Foreplay, Union and Spice and all four of these are separated into smaller chunks. Seduction for example features, romance, flirt, date, kiss and get naked chapters and all are well written and presented by the author. There are lots of tips and tricks for getting both yourself and your partner in the mood and all the chapters are written in a light hearted manner which made them easy to read.

Over all I enjoyed this book. I did love the opening chapter and found some of the tips and suggestions made me think, just a little harder about why I fund myself so often hearing the words, “I don’t have time for sex.”  It made me realize that it’s not about not having time for sex, as much as it is about making time for sex and I would like to thank the author for bringing that back into focus for me. If you are a busy hetro couple, this book is well worth the read and delivers what it promises on the cover, even if the couple is not the same -))

You can buy your own copy of by clicking on the link.

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Adult Reviews, Contest and Giveaways RoundUp: 6/23/2015 | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/adult-reviews-contest-and-giveaways-roundup-6232015/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/adult-reviews-contest-and-giveaways-roundup-6232015/#respond Tue, 23 Jun 2015 15:39:01 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3860 read more]]> Adult contests, giveaways and reviewsHere you will discover links to some of the best reviews, contests, and adult giveaways from around the web.



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Book Review: The Right Side Of History & Giveaway | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/book-review-the-right-side-of-history-giveaway/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/book-review-the-right-side-of-history-giveaway/#comments Wed, 17 Jun 2015 22:37:41 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3853 read more]]> The Right Side of History Book ReviewHave you ever walked down the street and peeked into your neighbors window and wondered what really goes on when the curtains are closed? I know I have and this was kind of how I felt after I had finished reading The Right Side of History, 100 years of LGBTQI Activism.

This is not your average history book and if you are looking for the definitive guide to LGBTQI history, this might not be the book you are seeking. That said, I think this book is far more fascinating and personal as it contains reflections and essays from many who were maybe not at the forefront of activism, but were certainly in the trenches, so to speak.

My personal favorite essay is penned by Matt Ebert and is entitled: The Red Camaro. This short but powerful chapter hit home in more ways than perhaps it should have. I’m a cis female for the record and always have been as straight as they come but growing up, I had many gay friends as I was lucky enough to live in a more Metropolitan area of the UK. Matt’s words rang so true for me, and I could identify with his experiences as he fights with himself and finding a place in society where he felt accepted was something that I saw so many of my own friends struggle with. I also identified with the fight against the aids epidemic of the early eighties. Even though there may have been on two different continents the feelings of loss were the same. The fight against the silence was deafening at times.

“I had other lovers in ACT UP. One stands out because he picked me up in a red Chevy Camaro and drove me to meetings. We spent four years in an embrace that may have lasted a lifetime. I was so in love, and or te first time in my life I had met a guy who loved me just as much. It was short lived – his health declined rapidly. But I was determined to stay with him, follow my heart, and navigate our now crippled sex life He was that beautiful, a Mexican and Italian-American mix with a face divine, a flawless body white as marble, chisled as Michelangelo’s David. He was a fighter flushed out of a desperate corner, strained with no gloves or headgear and like me, he had grown up wild and free, only to watch his world crumble like a sawdust dumpling.

He died on October 16, 1992. I will never forget that day. Sometimes you hear people talk about where they were when JFK died, or 9/11. I would easily forget those dates before I would forget the day my true love died. That day a meteorite struck my heart, and the crater made a carbon footprint for life. I drank so hard I died again. Now the blackouts came like mighty waves with no warning.”

I didn’t pick this particular passage because it was depressing, but because not only is it beautifully written, it shows why the author became an activist for the cause. It shows that there is a story and in many cases a particularly powerful one, and that no mater what gender or sexuality you identify with our feelings of intense loss are the same when we loss the one we love too early. Some choose to wallow, lost in the grief but many like the author, choose a cause and begin to fight for it with all their might.

Most of The Right Side of History is written this way and allows us, the readers, to take a peek inside windows and behind what are often closed blinds to discover the true story behind the choice to fight for a cause, in this case, the rights of LGBTQI community. This fight for many has a long way yet to go and will always be a struggle. This book is an important and in many cases emotional read and walk through history. It’s raw in places and healing in others. If you have no idea of the history of this cause this would be a great place to start and peek through those hidden windows, called sexuality.

You can purchase your own copy of by clicking on the link.

The good people at Cleis Press have made available one copy of this fascinating book for me to giveaway to one lucky reader. This giveaway is unfortunately open only to those in the USA, but if that’s you then please enter below and good luck.

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Welcome To | bfmpsu.ru //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/welcome-to-clitical-com/ //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/welcome-to-clitical-com/#comments Sat, 13 Jun 2015 23:41:49 +0000 //bfmpsu.ru/yaruo/?p=3845 read more]]> Welcome to bfmpsu.ru.

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