Female Anatomy: The Breasts 1

breastsWhat is their purpose?
Breasts serve several purposes. They nurture the young by producing milk, they attract the male of the species, and they are a source of seemingly endless sexual inspiration, fascination, and fantasy for men- and even some women. They are also a potential favorite hotspot during sexual play.

Breasts are made up of mostly fatty and connective tissue. Just like most other body parts, breasts come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be the same size and shape, but oftentimes, one breast may look a little different than the other. The breasts and nipples may enlarge in the days prior to a woman’s period and may grow extra sensitive during this time- as well as during (and after) pregnancy.

The circular area surrounding the nipple is called the areola. The areola is anywhere from pink to dark brown in color, varies in size, is filled with nerve endings, and is often very sensitive. If you look close, you may see little bumps around the perimeter of the areola. These are glands and hair follicles and can also be very sensitive. Yes, unlike the airbrushed supermodel image engraved in your brain, real women can have hair on their breasts. Some of these women remove the hair and some don’t.

When breasts are first stimulated, the nipples may grow erect. The breasts may also swell by up to 25% from the blood that rushes into them.

Average nipple size (male): 0.22 inches (5.5 mm).
Average nipple size (female): 0.27 inches (6.79 mm).
Average areola size (female): 1.4 inches (35.62 mm).

Statistics are great fun and can be very informative, but just be sure to keep them in the proper perspective, ok? The fact of the matter is that there is a large range of behaviors and activities that can be considered “normal”, even if they are not the statistical norm. Don’t use statistics as a measuring tool with which to gauge yourself or your performance. Keep in mind that for any given average, there have to be numbers that are higher and lower than the average, for it to be called an average. No one is average across the board. Keep in mind that the statistically average person has one testicle and half of a vagina. What’s “normal” or “average” for one person may not be normal or average for everyone, so don’t let these statistics define what’s average for you.

What do you need to know about them?

· You need to know how to give yourself a breast self-exam, and you need to do it monthly.

· The size, shape, and appearance of your breasts may vary a little or a lot from one breast to the other. This is normal.

· In his book Sheet Music, Dr. Kevin Leman asks the ladies the following question, “Why not now?” Has your man ever come up behind you and cupped your breasts only to have his hands slapped away as you say, “Not now.” Well, why not now? How long does it take to cup some breasts? 10 seconds? You don’t have 10 seconds to give your man? I know what you’re thinking. If I let him cup my breasts, then he’ll want intercourse and I just don’t have the time right now. Well, instead of shooting him down and deflating his delicate sexual ego, why not let him cup your breasts for a few seconds? You might even surprise him by grabbing his genitals in return while you give him a mischievous giggle. Many times, that’s all he’s after, just a quick touch. If he’s interested in more and you don’t have the time, then give him a kiss and tell him, “I sure wish we could have hot, passionate monkey sex right now, but I have to go. I’m late. But you wait until tonight. Tonight you’ll get all you want and then some.” What you just did was fulfill your man without even taking your clothes off or messing your hair up. The other lady that slapped his hands away will have deflated her man, all because she didn’t want to give him a 10 second feel.

· As fascinated as men seem to be with the female breasts, we generally tend to spend relatively little time stimulating them during our lovemaking. The average guy spends only 2-3 minutes per breast during a whole sexual encounter – kind of like they are just passing through on the way down to the vagina, and if you are having a quickie, that’s ok. But, now you are going to show her that you are a man who not only appreciates her breasts, but also a man who see her breasts as a destination rather than somewhere you stop on the way down. You are going to show her you are a man who completely enjoys to and knows how to make love to a woman and fulfill her sexual desires. If your lady responds positively to breast stimulation, then try spending at least 20 minutes or more on her breasts before you move on to her vulva. She may love you for it.

· Remember to stimulate the entire breast, not just the nipple area.

· Remember that she has two breasts. Don’t just focus on one.

· Sometimes one breast or one nipple is more sensitive than the other. See if this holds true for your lady.

· According to one study, only about 50% of women actually enjoy breast stimulation. The rest of the women tolerate it because their partners don’t know they don’t like it. Your best bet is to communicate with your lady to see what she likes.

· Did you know that a lot of women have gone to the doctor because of lumps their sex partner discovered while playing with their breasts? It’s true, so be sure to pay attention while fondling your lady’s breasts. Look for bumps, knots, or irregularities.

· Many studies have proven that breast stimulation generally stimulates the men more than the women.

· Unless she specifically requests otherwise, please be very gentle with her nipples.

· Just because her nipples get hard, don’t assume that she is enjoying what you are doing. Nipples can become erect from unpleasant stimulation as well as good stimulation, so be sure to ask your lady if what you are doing is working for her.

· Sometimes men get so excited to be playing with a pair of breasts that they forget there is a woman attached to them. Play gently and don’t forget to pay attention to HER as well as her breasts.

· Understanding Bra Size Tip: A bra’s cup size is just the difference between a lady’s breast size and her band size. Let me explain. A lady measures twice. First around the flat part of her chest just under her breasts to which she adds 5 inches to get band size. Then she measures around the fullest part of her breasts. Subtract the band size from the breast and you have cup size. If the difference between the two is less than 1 inch, then her cup size is AA. 1 inch equals A. 2 inches equals B. 3 inches equals C. 4 inches equals D. 5 inches equals DD.

· Unfastening a Bra Tip: I have to get something off my chest and keep you abreast of the situation. If you are like a lot of guys when it comes to bras, and you are more likely to bust a finger than finger a bust when it comes to removing one of these boobytraps, then this tip is for you. First, some basic bra knowledge. Most bras fasten in the back, although some fasten in the front, between the cups. Next, know what you are dealing with. Borrow one of your lady’s bras and examine the mechanics of the fasteners. Practice fastening it and unfastening it. Wait until you are alone, sit down on the edge of your bed or in a chair with your thighs exposed. Now, wrap the bra around your leg or legs and fasten it with the hooks facing up. Now practice fastening and unfastening it again. When you get the hang of it, turn it on your leg so the hooks are face down and you have to do it without being able to see what you are doing. Now, you are ready for the next time you see your lady and it comes time to remove her bra. Be sure to use two hands. Don’t try to impress her with any one-hand tricks, unless you are very well practiced. Wrap you arms around her in a hug-like fashion. Grab each side of the bra clasps, one side with each hand. Fold the two sides together, pushing on one side and pulling on the other. It should come right open. Now remove the bra. Your lady will be far more impressed with a smooth removal than if you try to yank it off or whip it away.

· According to studies conducted by Masters & Johnson and The Kinsey Institute, a small percentage of women can actually have an orgasm from breast stimulation alone.

· Breast sensitivity has nothing to do with their size. There is no correlation.

· Some experts suggest the nipple may not be the most sensitive part of the breast. They suggest that the upper part of the breast from the 9:00 to the 3:00 position may be more sensitive. See if this holds true for your lady.

· In a Kinsey Institute of 8000 women, only 11% said they stimulate their own breasts during masturbation.

· Approximately 50% of women have one breast significantly larger than the other one. It’s completely normal.

· The nipples of the breast can be “innies” or “outies” and can point left, right, down, straight ahead, or even in different directions. You can even have one “innie” and one “outie”.

· A few women (and men, too!) are even born with an extra nipple.

How do you stimulate them?

· Bullseye Breast Technique: Ok, this is the bullseye technique. Now, normally, you want to hit the bullseye, right? Isn’t that how it works? Well, not with this technique. You want to intentionally work around the bullseye, for this one. What is the bullseye? Her nipples! So for this technique, start with your tongue anywhere on her upper body. Kiss and lick all around the breasts, but don’t touch the breasts yet. Keep working around them, teasing them. When you do get to the breasts, start at the outside of the breast and lick and kiss all around the outside, intentionally avoiding her nipple. Keep working your way from the outside in towards the nipples. By the time you get there, her nipples will be aching for you! You could also add an extra teasing element to this one, if you wish. Try sucking her nipple for 1 second every once in a while before you actually get to the bullseye. In other words, if you are working the outer breast area, take a 1 second break to suck her nipple. Then go right back to the outer breast. Talk about a tease! Please note that she may physically grab your head in her hands and move it right to her nipple even before you get there yourself. Then, you can really tease her by not going to the nipple, or you can give in and go for it then. It’s important to note that if she actually moves you there, she is *READY* for you right now! Any further teasing could be agony. Agony is ok, if that’s what you are going for, just know that it is indeed agony at that point. My philosophy on the matter is: If she indicates that she wants it right now, I’m going to give her what she wants! This technique teaches us that like the ripples that circle out when you throw a rock into a pond, zones of sensitivity radiate outward from a woman’s hot spots.

· This is very similar to the above technique, but you do it with your hands instead of your mouth. This is teasing touch at its best. Begin touching your lady’s breasts with long, circular strokes, starting at the bottom of her breasts. Slowly graze her skin with your fingers as you circle the outer perimeter of her breasts. With each revolution around her breast, move just a little closer to the center of her breast, spiraling inward ever so slightly. For every two movements closer to her breasts, take one small movement outward. Continue with slow spiraling strokes toward her nipples. As you near the nipple with one hand, stop and begin the same process with her other one. Take your time touching her. Make this whole process take 10-15 minutes. When you do finally get to her nipple, she will be in ecstasy.

· Peppermint Dip Breast Technique: For this technique, pour some Peppermint Schnapps into your lady’s belly button. Now, dip your tongue into the schnapps and lick one of her nipples. Dip your tongue back into the Schnapps and lick the other one. Now lightly blow on the nipples. The cooling effect of the Schnapps makes for an intense feeling. Try the same thing on her clitoris! Keep a cool washcloth handy in case the feeling is too intense for her.

· Breast Fire & Ice Technique: For this technique, you will need a glass of ice (or something else cold) and a cup of coffee (or something hot). Take the cold item and put it in your mouth to make your mouth cold. Now suck on her breasts with your cold mouth. Do that for a minute or two and then put the hot item in your mouth to make your mouth hot. Now suck on her breasts, again. Keep switching back and forth. The different sensations feel terrific! Be sure to switch it up a bit, too. In other words, instead of doing hot, then cold, then hot, then cold, do something like hot, cold, cold, hot, cold, hot, hot. This way she won’t know which one to expect and she will not be able to prepare herself for what’s coming.

· A really soft and gentle way to stimulate your lady’s nipples is to use the inside of your forearm to rub against them. This is a great contrast to your normal touch as the inside of your forearm is very soft. You can stimulate both nipples at the same time using this method, also.

· Breast Warm Breath Technique: For this technique, breathe a breath of warm air from your mouth right onto her breasts.

· The Big Suck & Snap Technique: When you suck the nipple into your mouth, suck as much of the surrounding breast into your mouth as well, and gently suck and knead it with your tongue. Keep sucking while you physically move your head away from her body. You’ll have to suck harder and harder to keep the breast in your mouth. Keep moving your head away from her body until the breast finally snaps out of your mouth.

· Nipple Graze Technique: Take her nipple into your mouth and lightly put it between your teeth. Be very, very gentle and pull your head back, grazing the nipple with your teeth until it falls out. Be very gentle.

· Breast Altoid Technique: In case you aren’t familiar with Altoids, they are mints that you can buy at nearly any grocery store. They come in a metal tin and you can get them in 3 original flavors. The green box is Wintergreen flavored. They produce a mild result with this technique. The medium red box is Peppermint flavored. They produce a moderate result. The dark red box is Cinnamon flavored. They produce a very strong result with this technique. Use the box that suits your level of tolerance. I would recommend starting with the green or medium red box. Take a mint from the box and begin to suck on it in your mouth for a few seconds, to round off the rough edges. Now, suck on the breasts with your minty saliva. Get the nipples nice and wet. Now, blow very lightly on the nipples for a sensational effect.

· Breast Straw Technique: Take a straw and blow light, concentrated air on her nipples. Try it on her clit and labia, too. The straw allows you to be very precise about where the air hits. It also condenses the air into a smaller space, thus giving you greater pressure with your precision. Try it after licking her nipples with Altoids in your mouth, too, but be careful. That cuts like a knife – at least it feels that way! WARNING : Be sure to keep all of your blowing on the outside of the vulva. Never, ever blow inside the vagina- with a straw or without. Blowing air into the vagina can cause an air embolism. This can be extremely harmful and even lethal.

· Areola Tracing Technique: Using your finger or tongue, trace around her areola (the darkened area, just outside the nipples) with little circles. Be sure to switch directions and use varying levels of pressure.

· 5 Finger Grab Technique: This technique works best if her breast and your hand are lubricated with massage oil. Rest the palm of your hand over her breast with your fingertips around the circumference of the breast. As you lift your hand, let your fingertips caress their way up the sides of the breast until they are grasping the tip of the nipple. Now pull on the nipple a little or a lot, depending on your lady’s level of comfort and arousal.

· Penis Rub Technique: Some women find it arousing when a man caresses her nipples with the head of his penis. If he pulls apart the opening of his penis, he can sometimes stick the tip of her erect nipple into it.

· Nipple Tease & Twirl Technique: Lube the tips of the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand. Now place them directly across from each other on opposite ends of the outer areola. Start at the outer part of the areola and move your finger and thumb toward each other. As they reach the nipple, roll the nipple in a twirling motion between your fingertip and the tip of your thumb. Now, repeat the technique starting at a different spot on the outside of the areola. This will tease the nipple by creating anticipation and desire.

· Baby Suckle Technique: For this sucking technique, take her nipple area in you mouth and using your mouth and tongue, suck on her using a technique like a baby would use – a suckling action.

· Clothespin Technique: This technique is for those who are curious about trying something a little on the rough side. Buy several clothespins (the kind that clamp shut) from an arts and crafts store. Now, clamp them to your lady’s breasts. Be very careful and very gentle. She may really like the sensation. She also may not.

· Double Nipple Lick: If your lady’s breasts are large enough, push them together so you can lick/stimulate both nipples at the same time.

· Trap the Nipple Technique: When you lick her nipple with your tongue, the nipple moves back and forth with your tongue and she therefore loses some of the sensation. Use your thumb and forefinger to “trap” the nipple and keep it from moving. Now lick it again and see the difference.

· Nipple Crescent Technique: Take one of her nipples into your mouth. Arch your head back just slightly, to raise the nipple. Now, use your tongue in a crescent pattern on the bottom side of her nipple.

· Nippy Nippy Shake Technique: Grab her nipple in between your thumb and forefinger and then shake. Be very careful, as some women are much more sensitive than others are in this regard.

· Hand Warmer Technique: Place your unlubricated hands palm to palm in front of you so that your finger are pointing away from you. Now rub your hands back and forth against each other to create friction, and thus heat. Do this for a few seconds and then use your heated hands to grasp her breasts. You can use this technique on other parts of her body, also. The longer and harder you rub your hands together, the warmer your hands will become.

· Rope Halter Top Technique: Have your lady raise her arms and lock them behind her head. Using a 1/4 inch or 3/16 inch rope, ribbon, leather thong, saran wrap, or bandage wrap, wrap the material snugly around your lady, from her front to her back, going completely around her body. Start underneath the breasts and continue upwards until the breasts are completely bound by rope. She should look like she is wearing a rope halter top. Make the ropes snug, but not uncomfortable. Be sure to monitor the color and sensation in the breasts on a regular basis. Don’t keep her breasts bound for extended lengths of time. When you release the ropes, she will experience an increase in breast sensation as the feeling comes back to her breasts. She should be extra sensitive at this time. Try sucking her breasts or using some of your other favorite breast techniques at this time.

· Rope Breast Wrap Technique: This is similar to the above technique, but instead of wrapping the rope around both breasts, like a halter top, we are going to wrap the rope around each breast individually. Whereas in the above technique, the rope goes around her back to bind her breasts and make them flat, in this technique, the rope won’t go behind her back at all. Have your lady raise her arms and lock them behind her head. Using a 1/4 inch or 3/16 inch rope, ribbon, leather thong, saran wrap, or bandage wrap, wrap the material snugly around each of your lady’s breasts individually, starting underneath the breasts and continuing in a clockwise fashion around the breast until the breast is completely bound by rope. Make the ropes snug, but not uncomfortable. Be sure to monitor the color and sensation in the breasts on a regular basis. Don’t keep her breasts bound for extended lengths of time. When you release the ropes, she will experience an increase in breast sensation as the feeling comes back to her breasts. She should be extra sensitive at this time. Try sucking her breasts or using some of your other favorite breast techniques at this time. This technique works well with larger breasts.

· Nipple Stimulation Idea: One day, while trying to think of some new ways to stimulate nipples, I realized that a nipple looks a bit like the glans (head) of a clitoris. So, the idea struck me that almost anything you can do to a clitoris, you can do to a nipple, as well. Try some of your favorite clitoral techniques on her nipples.

· Make Your Own Nipple Chain Tip: Have you ever tried using a nipple chain during your lovemaking? It’s a small chain or string that fastens to each nipple by a slipknot at each end of the string. During lovemaking, you can stimulate each nipple by just giving the chain a small tug. If you would like to try it out before you buy one, then why not make your own. You just need a piece of string- that’s all. Take your string and tie a slipknot at each end. You might have to experiment with the overall length to get it just the way you want it. Now, fasten the string to your lady’s erect nipples with the slipknots and you are ready to go. Don’t do this for too long, though – no more than half an hour. Be sure to remove it at once if there is any pain or discomfort.

Common Terms and Slang References: bosoms; bust; mammaries; mammary glands; teats; assets; baps; bazookas; bazoombas; boobs; boobies; cans; dirty pillows; fun bags; hooters; jubblies; jugs; knockers; melons; rack; sweater meat; tits; titties

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