Top Female Masturbation Euphemisms

female-masturbationOver the years we have heard just about every euphemism for female masturbation, so we figured we may as well give in and compile a list of those for your pleasure.

We take no responsibility for these euphemisms and if you choose to use some of them and get your backside kicked, you are on your own!

These are all the terms we have collected but please feel free to add to the list if you know of any others.

Battery testing

Beat the clit


Bruise the beaver

Buff the muff

Butter the biscuit

Churn the butter

Club the clam

Clit flicking

Clit pick

Deck the nun

Dial ‘o’ on the pink telephone

Diddle yourself

Dig your own hole

Double click your mouse

Feed the beaver

Feel the love

Finger fuck

Finger the bottle

Finger the love hole

Finger yourself

Finger your pussy

Flick the bean

Flick the flab

Flip the clit

Flip your flossy


Get lost in the deep end

Get your fingers wet

Go knuckle deep

Jill off


Juicin’ out


Lip Curlin’

Mine the hole

Part the pink sea

Pat the bunny

Pat the little man in the canoe

Pedicure the camel toes

Perfume the fingers

Pet the kitty

Play piano

Play with the cat

Play the hairy banjo

Play with your remote control

Play with your yo-yo

Poke the flounder

Polish the pearl

Praise the kooter

Pump your puni

Punch Jerry Garcia in the face

Push the love button

Ride the two-finger cowboy

Rough the muff

Rub off

Rub it

Rub the button

Rub the elf

Rub the love lips

Rub the nub

Rub the pussy

Scratch the snatch

Sing in the shower

Slap the lips

Slippin’ the kitten

Snuff the muff

Spank the kitty

Spelunk the cave

Squeeze Mary

Squeeze the bean

Squirt juice on your hand

Stroke the kitty

Stroke the nub

Tease the tuna taco

Tender the meat curtains

Think pink

Tickle clitty

Tickle the twat

Touch type

Touchy touch

Two finger salute

If you  know of any more terms please be sure to let us know, via the feedback form HERE  or , we’d love to add them to the list…

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