High-Demand for virtual sex – A Side-Effect of the Pandemic

With over a year of living in a ‘new reality’ in the midst of a global pandemic, people are still looking for alternative ways to maintain social and affective interaction. Millions of health protocols have come to shake the traditional concepts of sexual relationship.

Confinement, social distancing, mandatory use of masks, among many other rules… for many singles and couples Covid-19 has come to impose a redefinition of the paradigms of sexual activity and relationship.

Without the physical contact that one was used to, everything becomes a little more difficult, and emotions become even more enhanced. Loneliness, neediness, the lack of affection, or just the longing to enjoy moments of good sex and a kiss on the lips with one of the .

The scarceness of even the small shared moments, like holding hands and watching a movie together on the couch on a rainy Sunday, are possible causes for the exponential increase in the use of social networks to explore sexuality.

For many single people the pandemic has become synonymous with sexual abstention; , without going out to meet new people and seeing the chances of ending up having intimate contact have been greatly reduced. However, some chose to look at it in a positive light, and so this became a good time to explore new experiences and find out a bit more about sexuality.

The imagination then became a strong ally, triggering the consumption of erotic products and increasing the alternative search for pleasure within the Skokka website with escort girls. In Brazil, according to Tinder, at the beginning of the pandemic daily conversations increased by an average of 25% and were 20% longer.

The way does not matter. Video calls, virtual sex or ‘sexting’ (erotic text messages), in addition to guided masturbation. The key at this point is to try to stir the imagination and explore the fantasies intensely. A spicy message, a photo, and audio may already be enough for these singles to feel the realization of sexual pleasure and reach orgasm.

Self-care has never been more important than it is now, and if one of the ways to do it is to be sexual and enjoy the nuances of sexuality, no matter if alone or with a blonde escort, why not allow it to flow?

But in order not to spoil the fun and avoid the risks of conflict of interest within the universe of virtual relationships, it is also worth emphasizing the importance of dialogue. The best way is to agree in advance with the partner the format of the communication, the limits that each one is willing to reach, and the purpose of this long-distance encounter. Even because the ultimate goal is to relax, have a good time and enjoy the moment (literally!), and for this, it is essential that those involved are comfortable.

Couples and the challenges of the pandemic

In contrast, there is also the group with whom factors such as confinement, routine, monotony, exhaustion, and possibly even home office and children’s online classes have negatively affected desire. There are reports of people who are feeling exhausted. And it is true that living like this, in a constant state of alertness because of the virus, is not conducive to exercising and enjoying sexuality fully.

Not having an active social life, which implicitly means not going out, not wearing nice clothes, seeing partners in pajamas all day, and sometimes the people themselves, affected by the apathy of the moment, is undoubtedly discouraging.

Beauty salons, esthetics, hair removal centers closed… As an unfolding, there is a routine of low self-esteem, which makes many not feel so sexual. And with generally low energy, that there is a direct affect on sexual desire, and therefore, less sex is made.

But what about how to get out of this cycle? Perhaps, the first step would be to simply stop for a moment, breathe, look into your partner’s eyes, and play. Let’s say the two of you are working from home, but in separate rooms, or even separate houses. Why not send a message about a sexual memory in the middle of the day? Or tell the partner that you will wait for him/her without clothes on the sofa? Anything converges to add a spicy touch to the monotony.

And it doesn’t take anything too elaborate. Small actions can have a very high power to help rekindle the libido! The sexiest thing a couple can have is complicity and the ability to have fun together.

After all, everyone knows that exercising, playing sports, going to the gym, or going for walks, are great ways to keep your mental and physical health up to date, and that they are therefore things that everybody should try to do regularly, no matter what the situation is.

However, it is sometimes forgotten that sex, as the very energetic activity it is, gets the heart pumping, the blood flowing, and the pleasure senses heightened, and is an indispensable ally for improving mental and bodily health.

Sex games, like so many other things, have to have the same purpose: for both to enjoy, and for the relationship to be strengthened, especially when going through an atypical moment together, like that of a pandemic. so the relationship comes reinforced rather than weakened.

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