Learn the Art of Erotic Massage and Body Rubs to Turn Lockdown Into Rubdown

erotic massage

For most of us, being at home is not only boring– but wreaking havoc on our relationships. We show you how to use body rubs to recapture a bit of that pre-corona magic for your relationship.

Relationships are hard. Relationships during the covid pandemic and subsequent lockdown are insanely difficult. Despite it seeming like everyone is having babies– and therefore must be getting busy, some studies suggest that our relationships are actually feeling the effects of lockdown in hugely negative ways. Particularly as relationship roles have been completely upended during this time.

With new roles and responsibilities being taken on as couples are spending more time together, children are at home, and the lines between work life and home life have been blurred beyond recognition. Lockdown has lost people their jobs, their hobbies, and even their lives. Making it exceedingly difficult to carve out the niche we need to keep our love going strong. However, just might be the ticket to your happily ever after covid.

Erotic Massage Isn’t Difficult

To really get that genuine Chicago body rub feeling, you’re gonna need more than just some body oils and spare time. You’ll need to set the mood, clear yourself of distractions, and know a little bit about where to rub and how. This is because erotic massage isn’t just about genitals and orgasms (we know, we were skeptical at first too). Instead it’s about the concept of real eroticism and sensuality. Which is a whole lot more involved than just getting your partner off.

Because of lockdown measures cutting ties between personal space and communal space, it can be incredibly hard to find ways to disconnect from things we got used to being able to easily compartmentalize. The old adage “it’s hard to miss you when you’re not gone” seems to hold even more weight in these times. Making it ever more difficult to enjoy the unique benefits that our romantic relationships offer us, instead becoming more like just another chore around the house that requires seemingly maintenance.

But, as body rubs are more involved than just the quickie you have been getting between Zoom meetings– they also provide a number of benefits that sex just doesn’t begin to touch. They can and get both the giver and the receiver to better practice the art of being present. Something that ancient traditions have been trying to convince us of for years. Being present is the act of simply being in the moment at hand (pun absolutely intended). Focusing only on your immediate surroundings, and not allowing your mind to wonder, or focus on the myriad of distractions and stressors we’re dealing with everyday.

How to Give a Body Rub Like a Pro

To achieve this, you’ll need to find a quiet space. One that doesn’t have any cell phones, computers, kids, or roommates. A space with low lighting and a comfortable space to rub on your loved one. Throw in some soothing music for an added calming touch. You’ll also need to find some erotic body rubs oil. There are a number of oils that work well for this– most of which can be delivered to your door from the internet. Make sure that you get one that’s designed for body rubs, otherwise you may find yourself in the hospital, instead of post-coital bliss. Most oils that work well for body rubs are easily absorbed by the skin, so you don’t wind up using your partner’s body like a slip and slide.

Body to body erotic massage means that you use more than just your hands to give your partner the rub down of their life, but your entire body. Using the weight of your frame to gently caress theirs. It’s also wise to hold off on penetration until after the massage is done. Try and get your partner to reach ecstasy without using conventional means. Like instead finding all their most intensive erogenous zones and focusing on them.

If you feel like your partner is getting close, but you’ve only just begun– try and throw in some playful edging into the mix. Instead of focusing on the destination to O-Town, try and focus on how their body responds to the different types of touch you’re offering, instead. Pay attention to areas that have built up tension, like the shoulders, pecs, hips, and lower back. Providing a soothing massage and sensual body rub aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. When you’re both done, take a few minutes to bask in the afterglow and enjoy your handy work. You’ve both earned it.


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