Masturbation Month: Just Breathe!

Breath during masturbationWritten By: Jenne

When it comes to sex whether it be solo or with a partner you’d be amazed what difference breathing techniques can make to your orgasm. If you think of sex as a workout to some extent it’s easier to realize why. Many of you have probably heard that athletes are taught breathing exercises because it increases their stamina and performance and the same can be true for you sex life. So let’s take a closer look at the ways in which breathing can enhance an orgasm and different techniques.
Stop and Listen
Have you ever really given your breathing any thought when you are playing solo or with a partner before? If not next time, take a little time to concentrate on your breathing and you’ll likely find there are definite patterns that occur. For example, it’s estimated that during arousal and foreplay the average breathing rate increases from it’s normal pace to somewhere around 35-50 breaths per minute. During orgasm that might increase to over 50 breaths a minute then gradually slow down and return to normal. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself or get your lover to count.

A simple Exercise
This is really just to illustrate the effects that breathing can have on you and your conscious state but is a good place to start. Start by lying back and getting comfortable. Now try breathing deeply and you should notice a difference in the way you feel. Now speed up your breathing to almost a panting speed, concentrate on the different sensations that simply changing your breathing patterns can create within your body.

That’s The Basics Learnt
Now try these more advanced techniques either when your with a lover or by yourself.

1. The Breath of Fire.
This is a great exercise to try during love making or to help get you in the mood. It’s also good if you’re having trouble reaching orgasm.

Take rapid, shallow and rhythmic breaths through your nose. Keep your mouth closed the whole time and try this in short burst of one to three minutes at a time.

What this actually does is increase the amount of oxygen that enters your bloodstream which in turn increases your sexual energy and state of arousal.

2. Fire Breathing.
Fire breathing I promise you isn’t as dangerous as it sounds but the results can be electrifying. Make sure you practice this alone before attempting it with your lover.

First lie on your back, bend your knees and space your feet apart. Now start by taking deep breaths: Pull each breath deeply into your body to the point where you can feel your diaphragm expanding. Now imagine all that air going into your genital area. When you breathe out, imagine pulling the air away from your genitals and releasing it through your body. Do this a half dozen times before panting heavily through your mouth. Repeat this pattern several times and you’ll be amazed by what a difference it can make to your level of arousal. You can enhance this feeling even more by imagining a circle of fire, which begins at your mouth and nose, which then expands as you breath into your body moving down towards your nether regions. Feel the heat moving throughout your body as you breathe.

The Fire-Breathing Orgasm.
To enhance the above technique even more when you are with a partner or using a dildo, try flexing your PC muscles in a pattern that compliments your breathing pattern as described above. Try squeezing as you inhale and releasing as you exhale. This might sound a little complicated but it isn’t and I can virtually guarantee that after a few practices you will have more intense orgasms and this will become something you do without realizing it.

Although the techniques described above may sound like work, I can tell you as someone who uses them herself when she’s playing solo or with a partner they really do enhance the experience and orgasm and are well worth the practice.

Have fun and remember to breath!
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