Dare to bare 4

Hi Girls,

This is my first post on here although I’ve been reading your posts for years.

I’m a 21 year old virgin, I’ve had offers but never found a guy wanting anything else.

Although I haven’t lost my virginity I’ve done enough foreplay and masturbation to make me crave physical attention and I get so horny.

I’ve gone through my fair share of vibrators but recently I’ve felt the need to progress, and bought myself some crotchless panties. I feel so naughty when I wear them, I’m dripping wet before I’ve even touched myself then I can’t fight the urge to finger myself, wherever I feel like it with such easy access it doesn’t take much convincing.

I’m straight but am curious to what it would be like to be with a girl, when I put my crotchless panties on I’m dying to be licked out by a girl and for me to return the favour and I love the thought of warming up by rubbing our pussies together.

I feel so naughty, but like I’m not fulfilling my sexual potential! Any suggestions ladies?

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4 thoughts on “Dare to bare

  1. Reply Showmehowit'sdone Jul 15,2014 7:38 pm

    Mmm FingerMeHard that sounds so sexy, my pussy is dripping wet at the though of your fingers inside of me and your tongue in my wetness. I have a second pair of crotchless panties, how would you like to put them on then trib with me?

  2. Reply Showmehowit'sdone Jul 15,2014 7:34 pm

    Frankie342 that sounds incredible, but I’d want to pleasure you too I’d fondle your breasts and kiss and suck your nipples until you’re begging for me to play with your pussy.

    Then I’d rub your clit and finger you, teasing you until you were dripping wet, then I’d lick your pussy and taste your juices, then I’d kiss you passionately so you could have a taste too.

  3. Reply frankie342 Jul 15,2014 7:13 pm

    oh yes oh yes oh yes please take me strip and lie me down and caress
    every part of my body and hurt me so bad till I scream and moan for more
    and more and press my mouth to your pussy and watch me suck it and then
    make me masturbate so hard and force me to cum and see you lick it of my
    body and I will not flinch from it and I will feel very ravished with horny delights
    and force me to wear long satin gowns in full makeup and I will dance very provocative
    and I will slowly slither to your pussy and suck it so wild so dreamy so wet i’m orgasming
    as I write this steamy hot and wet fantasy of being your filthy slut and a slave and I will
    enjoy every min of it again and again.

  4. Reply FingerMeHard Jul 14,2014 5:05 pm

    I would first strip you of all of your clothes. I would go straight to your sweet pussy and work my magic. I would start by using one finger to rub your clit and then insert that finger deep into your pussy. I can probably fit two so I would finger you so hard. While fingering you, I would take my tongue and lap up your sweet juices. I would go in and out with my tongue until you cum. I would lick all of that cum and take it in my mouth.

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