Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Hitachi Magic Wand
Reviewed by: Katie




I was thrilled to receive the to review because I had heard some good things about it. But when I opened the box I had to take a moment to adjust my thinking. Not because I didn’t think it was going to be a good toy, but because it is a bit imposing. It’s more like an appliance than a toy, complete with a power cord. Because of the uniqueness of this toy, I had to use several sessions in order to adequately preview this toy – especially since I was also supplied with two attachments for it, and the .

What does it look like? It’s approximately 12″ long with a 2 ½” bulbous head. The controls consisted of one button with high and low settings. The power cord is approximately 48″ long, which was long enough to plug in near my headboard, and gave me adequate room for moving around the bed.

My first concern was the sound. In all honesty – it does sound like a buzz saw. Okay, maybe not quite that loud, but it is loud enough that I turned in on, left it on my bed covered with the quilt and then went to the kid’s rooms to see if I could hear it. In my case, I could not hear it from there, but I still think the noise might be enough of a distraction that you should probably check it out ahead of time so you won’t have to worry complaint calls from the neighbors.

Usually I will use a lubricant with my toys, but I wanted to try this first without it. This toy is not designed to be directly inserted; it is used primarily for clitoral and vulva stimulation. The vibration this toy offers is intense – extremely strong. I appreciated the fact that I could choose between high and low. Manipulating the controls were as easy as sliding my finger from one side of the switch to the other. Maneuvering the Wand itself though was a bit oxy. I found that standing it on end and using a blanket to help hold it upright allowed me to move my hips against the vibrating head. However, that meant that the sound from the vibration was transferred to the bed, which made it sound even louder.

I will admit that my first orgasm from this toy was a shock! It was so intense and happened so fast that it took me by surprise.

The next time I took it out for a drive, I used a lubricant, and I found that it still offered great sensations, but they were not quite as intense. I was able to hold it more directly on my clitoris without having to pull it away because of the intensity. But make sure you don’t have any lubricant on the hand that you intend to use to hold the Wand though, because the body of the Wand is smooth, and with lube on your hand it’s difficult to hold onto.

I did find that the strength of the vibration sometimes caused me to become numb, which isn’t exactly what your objective should be. It makes reaching orgasm a bit more difficult when you cannot feel anything. But if you hold it on the clitoris for a bit, then moved it around before coming back to the clit that it worked a lot better.

The two attachments the and the are similar in that they both fit snuggly over the head of the and have appendages that are designed for insertion into the vagina. But that is about all they have in common.

The is the less expensive of the two attachments. It is made of firm yet flexible rubber. The part that is intended for insertion is approximately 4 ½” long and about 1” in diameter. Because it is firm it is easy to slide into position – especially with a little added lube. Finding the correct position for optimum enjoyment with this toy did take a bit of work because with the attachment on, the whole toy is heavier on one end, so being able to put the tip right where you want it is fairly important.

The is made of silicone, and looks more like a penis. Not a huge penis (approximately 4” x 1 ½”). It’s just long enough to be able to reach the g-spot. Because this one is made of silicone, it is softer, and I found it harder to maneuver into a position where it did stimulate the g-spot.

There is a substantial difference in cost between the two attachments – with the selling for about $15 and the selling for about $48. After testing the two, I found that the G Cap worked better for me.

What did I like the best about the ? No batteries. Not a one in sight. It delivered a constant level of vibration without having to worry about when the batteries were going to die on me.


What’s it all add up to?
The important thing to keep in mind when considering purchasing this toy is what exactly do you want this toy to do? Do you want it purely for clitoral stimulation? It works great for that. Do you want to use it like a vibrating dildo? It works good for that too. Do you want to use it for anal stimulation – externally without the attachments or internally with the attachments? Externally it works very well for stimulating the anal area, but if you want to use it internally with one of the attachments, it might work easier if you had a partner to help you.

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