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My first post. But not my first time around here. You ladies and your posts get me wet, every time! I’m only just discovering my sexual side, and I love giving in to that raw passion with somebody. I recently wore leggings for the first time. They’re more comfortable than I expected! I was making out with my boyfriend, and his hand skimmed my inner thigh… and a tingle I never felt before made me shiver. I had already been a little wet, but the sensation of his fingers through the material was AMAZING. He teased my mound through the leggings, pressed his hardness into me, fondled my C cup breasts and I moaned, my breathing growing more laboured. He can really rev me up. 😉 What would you do if you were in his position? Don’t keep me waiting…

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  1. Reply CutePussy Jan 31,2013 10:18 pm

    Mmm youngwetpussyhole. You sound like a sexy little babe. I want to use your fingers to please me hole. I’d bite on your inner thighs getting you wet for me

  2. Reply YoungWetPussyHole Jan 26,2013 12:17 am

    Mmmm. Wow ladies! I’m a 19 year straight virgin but I always fantasize about burying my face in a sweet dripping pussy. I’ve been watching hit girl on girl porn imagining there’s a delicious dripping cunt in my face and then I found this site. I’m so fucking horny. I’m grazing my clit with my nails, my pussy juice dripping down into my asshole mm. I just want to be used by a woman sucking her clit licking her hole. Massaging her tits

  3. Reply Teaseme Jan 24,2013 3:12 am

    Your comments get me so hot. I almost came while reading through. I want to be tied up and fucked like a little slut. I want to cum so hard.

  4. Reply Jan 22,2013 2:38 am

    I would stick my penis in your pussy and ride you so hard my pelvis going a mile a minute in you and out..

  5. Reply sexymama08 Nov 15,2011 11:37 pm

    Reading this again made me so hot!

  6. Reply sexymama08 Nov 13,2011 1:26 pm

    Yes I love making your pussy ache. My tits are bouncing and I’m so close to cumming. There’s a red spot on my ass, I want you here to make it more red! I’m such a naughty slut, I like it rough. Mmm I would love to lick your clit an pump that dildo in and out of you. I would suck and nibble on the clit ad make you hump the dildo. Thinking about it has me close. OH YES kitty I want you here to suck these nipples, to spank my clit and ass. YES. oh god I’m cumming. I’m going to squirt. AHH… FUCK YES!! Mmm kitty I just squirted allllll over my vibe. Cum for me. Tell me how hot your cunt is.

  7. Reply kinkykitty Nov 13,2011 1:22 pm

    Mmm, the thought of your nice tits bouncing up and down makes me ache. I would love to suck and nibble on them while you moaned from fucking your hot cunt. Spank that ass for me, make it red, little whore, you’ve been a naughty little girl. My panties are soaked and I’m fucking myself so hard with my dildo, rubbing this juicy clit and I’m so close to cumming, it feels so good, mmm.

  8. Reply sexymama08 Nov 13,2011 1:17 pm

    Yes YES you are so good with your tongue. My clit fucking loves it! Mmm I’m bouncing on the vibe and watching myself. My tits are going up and down, watching it gets me even more wet. I keep teasing myself and stopping when im close to squirting. Mmm I’m so naughty, I’m spanking my ass and pretending it’s you. I’ve been a bad girl kitty and I need to be punished. I know you would suck this clit so good. Are you rubbing your clit? Tell me all about your dripping wet snatch.

  9. Reply kinkykitty Nov 13,2011 12:56 pm

    I would push my tongue as hard against your clit as I could, rolling it around it to make you moan, sucking and licking it as hard and fast as I could, mmm yes fuck that pussy, imagining you fucking that vibe while rubbing your tits and clit is so hot, I would lick and suck on that clit while you rode that vibe, moaning for you, and pinching your nipples, mmm fuck that vibe for me and cum all over it, imagine me licking and sucking on that clit while you fuck yourself, you naughty little whore. I’ll smack that ass and talk dirty to you until you squirt everywhere.

  10. Reply sexymama08 Nov 13,2011 12:48 pm

    FUCK YES kitty I love when you fuck me like this! I would be humping your face, trying to get your tongue pressed against my eager clit harder. I would cum so hard on you and clean it all up yummy. MMMM I’m on all fours again, pumping my vibe in and out of my pussy. Now I’m sitting up, riding it while I run my clit and tits. I bet you would eat this pussy right, you naughty bitch. Im so close but I need some more filthy comments from my kinky kitty before I’ll squirt allllll over this vibe.

  11. Reply kinkykitty Nov 13,2011 12:39 pm

    Cum on little whore, cum all over my face and this dildo while I fuck you. I would pump that dildo in and out of you while I flicked my tongue fast and hard over your clit, nibbling on it and sucking it between my lips. I would moan loud into your cunt, vibrating your clit as I fucked you. Cum for me, you naughty whore, I know you love me fucking you like this, show me how much you love it. Get on all fours and fuck yourself with that vibrator and make yourself cum all over it for me. That clit is probably begging to be touched, wish I could lick it all over for you while you fucked yourself with that vibe, bet you would cum so hard. Mmm, fuck, tell me what you’re doing, I wanna know so badly.

  12. Reply sexymama08 Nov 13,2011 12:26 pm

    MMMM I love when you treat me like the naughty fucking whore I am. I would be begging for you to touch me and please me watching him tongue your wet juicy cumt. Yes! Tie me up and take control. I deserve to be punished for getting so wet watching you get eaten. MMMM yes! You touch my tits so right, it wouldn’t be long before I would be begging for you to touch my hot snatch. Yes fuck me with that dildo, nibble on my clit. Im going to cum all over your face and dildo. Yes, make me your whore! Fuck me senseless, please my kinky kitty. I’ll do anything you say 😉

  13. Reply kinkykitty Nov 13,2011 12:14 pm

    Mmm I just knew you’d like that, naughty little whore. 😉 I want you to make that wet little pussy cum for me. I would moan so loudly while he tongue fucked me, making sure you would desperate for me before I fucked you. I would tie your legs far apart and keep your hands tied behind your back, I would lick and suck all over those tits, pinching and pulling on them, making you beg for me to eat your hot little cunt. I would lick up and down your slit, tongue fucking your hot cunt and sucking on your pussy lips. Then I would bury my face in that pussy and make you scream for me, sucking and nibbling on that clit while I fucked your cunt hard and fast with a dildo.

  14. Reply sexymama08 Nov 13,2011 12:02 pm

    FUCK kitty you are so naughty! You have me so fucking wet right now. I would love to watch him suck on your pussy, watching you play with your tits and moan. I would be dripping just watching, and begging for some attention to my aching pussy and my sensitive tits. What would you do to me, all tied up and horny for you?

  15. Reply kinkykitty Nov 13,2011 11:49 am

    I would squeeze and smack those tits while I pulled on them and then nibbled on them, making you moan for me. I would flip you over and spread those legs wide so I could fuck you as hard as I can, hitting your gspot and holding your legs down and far apart so I can fuck you until you scream. I’m teasing my soaked pussy with a dildo that I managed to sneak out without my boyfriend seeing, who is currently watching tv in the same room. 😉 I feel so naughty, fucking myself in the same room without him even knowing, mmm I’m such a naughty little bitch. I love how the ridges of my dildo feel against my juicy clit. I bet you would love to watch him eat me out, wouldn’t you little slut? Tie you up and make you desperate to touch your aching pussy while you watch him tongue this juicy pussy, hearing me moan.

  16. Reply sexymama08 Nov 13,2011 11:40 am

    I would be moaning and dirty talking so loud while you sucked that cock dry. Yes you fucking whore, suck it hard and fast. I love watching those titties fuck this cock. I can’t wait to ride it. And I would ride it good for you, you naughty kitty. MMMM yes pinch and suck my nipples. Lightly bite them and smack them, it turns me on so much. Kitty fuck me harder and make me squirt. I want you to have my juices running down this cock and on your legs. I would lick it all up. MMMM tell me what your doing to that dripping pussy, I want to war your naughty thoughts you slut.

  17. Reply kinkykitty Nov 13,2011 11:21 am

    Mmm, good, I bet it does make you wet, naughty whore. I would moan as loud as I could for you, slamming my cunt into your cock as I did, yes pinch and pull on my nipples I love it so much, ohhh! I would get down on my knees and pump that cock in and out of my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip and moaning, getting so wet from having you watch me and hearing you moan. I would titty fuck myself with it, pulling and pinching my nipples as I did, moaning loudly for you. I would lay down and slam you down onto that cock, hearing that juicy cunt slap as you fuck me hard. I would suck and lick all over those tits while you fucked that cock, pinching and pulling on them. That’s right, moan for me you little bitch. I love hearing you moan while you ride this cock, my pussy is aching and my panties are already soaked.

  18. Reply sexymama08 Nov 13,2011 11:01 am

    The thought of you cumming to my comments gets me really hot and bothered. And the fact that are teasing that slit now makes me horny beyond belief! I would keep slamming you frame behind, and with each spank I would call you the naughty whore that you are. I would grab your hair and order you to moan for me, I need to hear you moan for mama. When you were close, I’d go as fast as possible while pinching and pulling your nipples, till you squirted all over me and my strap on cock. MMMM you naughty slut, hearing you moan has me so wet. I would order you to suck that cock while I watched. And when you were done, you’d have to fuck me with it. Let me ride that cock so you can watch mama’s tits bounce. Do you like that, you naughty bitch? I bet it makes your pussy throb.

  19. Reply kinkykitty Nov 13,2011 10:51 am

    Mmm, I would moan as loud as I could for you so you’d fuck my hot cunt nice and hard, I love the thought of you spanking my ass and pinching my hardened nipples, I would moan louder just from you doing that. I get so wet from the thought of you spanking me, ohhhh yes I love you spanking me so much. I’m such a naughty fucking slut, fuck me harder, OOOHHH yes pull my hair and punish me ohhh yes I deserve it for being such a slut. I came so hard for you the other night, my panties and thighs were soaked with my cum, it felt so fucking good. I’m stroking myself right now, getting wet all over again.

  20. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 11:18 pm

    Yes get wet for me you naughty whore. Get on all fours right now, and spread those legs kitty. Pretend I’m there, fucking you doggie style with my strap on. I know you like it from behind, so I would pound your cunt so hard. Mmm you naughty bitch, time for a spanking! With each pump into your tight cunt, I’d spank that’s beautiful ass. Do you like when mama spanks you? Moan and tell me how much you like it! I would lean over and pinch your nipples, whispering in your ear that this is your punishment for being such a dirty tease. Mmm yes your nipples are so hard! Moan for me, tell me what a naughty slut you are! That wasn’t loud enough! So I’d grab your hair, moan louder! The louder you moaned, the harder ill fuck your cunt. Yes, you fucking slut, I know you like it rough. I’d go back to spanking your ass and ramming my cock deep into you. Cum for me! Tell me how hard you came all over your dildo you dirty whore. Tell mama or else you’re punished!

  21. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 11:10 pm

    Mmmmm yes I’m dripping thinking about you fucking your wet cunt with your vibe and pinching your nipples. I wanna lick up all your juices. My panties are soaked and my cunt is throbbing and aching from imagining all that we’ve talked about. I’m gonna fuck myself so hard for you, I’m going to get on all fours and rub my dildo all over my clit and fuck myself while pinching and rubbing my nipples, moaning until I cum all over it.

  22. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 11:03 pm

    Fuck yes I love when you boss me around. I’ll do anything you say, just make me and my cunt your whore. I would take the whole cock deep in my mouth, slurping it clean and moaning just for you. Do you like watching me suck this cock? I love the way I taste on it. Yum. Yes tie me up and take control! I just want to be your naughty little whore. Mmm smack my cunt and ass, harder HARDER. I want more, I’m a greedy little slut. Yes I want your tongue in my sloppy wet pussy. Mmm hit my g spot hard, I want my juices all over you. Yes your tongue feels so good on my my pussy and cliit. Suck it hard, I want you to take my clit in your mouth. Yes I love how you spank me. Show me just how much of a naughty bitch I really am. I would suck prettypinkparts cock and moan, taking the whole thick cock Into my mouth while bucking against your tongue. Oh yes kitty I’m so close. I wish you were here to lick my aching cunt and taste my sweet pussy juice. Yes yes I’m pinching my nipples and fucking myself with my vibe. In and out yes. YES OH FUCK YES!!! I’m going to squirt. Oh yes YES I just squirted so fucking hard. Tell me how horny it makes you to know I just got off. I want you to tell me how wet your cunt is.

  23. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 10:50 pm

    Mmm yes, I love the thought of you on your knees with your vibe, fingering yourself, you little slut. I would make you clean off my cock in exactly that position, finger that pussy for me while you do, let me listen to you moan. You have to work for me to fuck that pussy, naughty whore. After you cleaned that cock off, I would tie your hands behind you and tie your legs far apart, so I can see that dripping wet pussy. I would smack your little clit, you’ve been such a naughty little girl, the way you squirted all over that cock and sucked it clean. I would squeeze and smack that ass, occasionally smacking your aching pussy, making you moan and beg. You want me to fuck that pussy with my tongue you little slut? I would untie your legs and flip you over with your arms still behind your back, forcing you onto all fours and shoving my tongue into that juicy cunt. I would suck on that juicy slit hard and fast while I finger fucked your gspot, smacking your ass and moaning loudly into your clit. I would smack and lick that clit while I finger fucked you. I would have prettypinkparts put on that strap-on and make you suck her cock while I tongue fucked you. Cum for me you dirty little whore, hard! Fuck yourself on all fours and imagine it’s me behind you licking and sucking on your juicy, aching cunt.

  24. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 10:37 pm

    Oh fuck yes. I love feeling your juicy cunt rubbing on mine. I love hearing our clit mash together and feeling our wetness mix together. Mmm kitty please fuck my dripping hole. Only you and that cock can satisfy this pussy. I want you to fuck my hard from behind, I want to hear our skin slap as I back up onto that nice cock. Fuck I love when you pull my hair and spank my ass. I like how rough you are with me. Show me how naughty I am. Spank me more and ahh yes pinch my nipples. Punish me for being a tease before. I deserve some hair pulling. I fucking love how you slam my pussy with your thick cock. I love how it fills my hole and slides in and out. Fuck yes make me squirt kitty, I want to squirt all over you and that fucking cock. I’m on my hands and knees, with a vibe in my pussy and playing with my clit, teasing myself like I know you would. Mmm the vibe is right on my spot but I keep pullin it out, talk dirty to me kitty so I can cum. Tell me what you would do after I squirted on that cock and all over you. Tell me how you would punish my naughty pussy, you dirty fucking whore.

  25. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 10:27 pm

    I would turn you around and bend your over so I could see that dripping wet pussy and spread your legs wide for me, grinding my pussy on yours for a while, teasing you and making you moan. Mmm, dirty little whore, talk dirty to me and make me want to fuck that little pussy of yours. I would pull on that strap on and slap your juicy little clit with it, making you scream in delight until you couldn’t take it anymore. Yes, that’s right, moan for me you little slut. Show me how dirty and desperate you are for this cock, I bet you wanna be fucked so bad. I would shove that cock into you and smack your ass hard as I rode you, pulling on your hair and talking dirty to you as I pinched your nipples. Mmm, you like me fucking you with this cock dirty little bitch? I want you to imagine me riding you and pinching your nipples and rubbing that juicy clit, yes keep moan and bucking for me, you’re not allowed to stop rubbing that clit until you squirt thinking about me fucking you like this. Cum on, cum for your dirty little kitty. Imagine me behind you, having you bent over and fucking you so hard and fast, making you scream while I finger fuck your dripping clit, nibbling on your earlobe and telling you how dirty you fucking are. I wanna hear how hard you came, you dirty little slut. I know you want it, give in and cum for me.

  26. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 10:17 pm

    You filthy fucking slut. I knew you would love a good spanking! I would alternate between your delicious ass and dripping pussy, smacking each and hearing you moan. Mmm you dirty girl, suck and fuck this cunt. Tell me how good I taste, make me ride your tongue. Yes I love when you smack my clit, It turns me on so much. Yes my fucking whore, make me squirt all over you! And when your done, I want you to fuck me from behind. Tell me how you’d fuck me, make it filthy like the dirty bitch you are. I’m rubbing my titty and throbbing clit in anticipation. Don’t let mama down, or another spanking is in order!

  27. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 10:10 pm

    Ohhh YES I love you spanking me, telling me how naughty I am. I’m such a dirty little slut, I deserve to have you spank me for being such a little whore. I would even try to spread my legs apart, to have you smack my wet pussy, it feels so good. Mmm, yes, spank me hard and punish me for doing it. I would moan so loud for you, OH, OH, YES, I’m such a dirty little slut! Oh… I would move my tongue rapidly back and forth against your juicy slit, fucking your cunt with two fingers and another in your ass, sucking and fucking you as hard and fast as I can. I would throw your legs over my shoulders and spread them as wide as I could, licking your pussy long and hard, telling you how much of a dirty little slut you are for being so wet. I would smack your clit lightly and fast, making you buck in delight. I would place a bullet vibe on your clit while I tongue fucked your wet cunt, pumping two fingers in and out of your ass, making you scream and squirt from all the sensations at once.

  28. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 10:04 pm

    Yes you suck that cock so good! Mmm I would be drippig wet, and untie your legs before you sucked my pussy. Ahh YESS fuck me with that strap on my dirty fucking whore. Don’t stop till I squirt! With you sucking on my throbbing clitty I would squirt so fast. But I’m not done yet. I would throw you over my knees and spank your beautiful ass till it was sore. Time to teach you a lesson for being such a dirty fucking slut. With each smack, I’d get harder. Tell me how good it feels, tell me how naughty you are and how you deserve this spanking. Yes hearing you squeal in delight would get me so horny. I would throw you on the floor and push your head into my pussy, commanding you to tongue fuck me till I said stop. Yes, be my good little whore and shove your tongue into my tight cunt hole. Make me cum and you can do whatever you want to me, whatever you want my naughty fucking whore.

  29. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 9:54 pm

    Sexymama, you are SO fucking naughty and I love it! I would moan as loud as I could for you, I wouldn’t care who heard me. I would get so hot watching you play with those nice tits. I would cum all over that cock, ohh yes mama fuck me good, ohh yesss yessss yesss! I love having you fuck me, I want you to control me I want to do everything for you, you fuck me so good, ohh yess. I would be so eager to suck on that cock, I would spank and squeeze that ass until it was red, causing you to slam that cock into my mouth while I moaned your name, I would continue to spank you as I pumped a finger in and out of your ass, which is dripping from your cum I’m sure. 😉 By now you’d be begging for me to lick that pussy of yours. I’ll be such a good girl for you, but spanking sounds so tempting, I might just have to be bad. I would continue fucking that ass while I sucked your pussy, and as more cum dripped down I would take that strap on and fuck you while I flick my tongue fast and hard over your little clit, I would grab you and pull you on top of me so you could sit on my face while I buried my tongue in that pussy and fucked your hot wet cunt with that strap on, I wouldn’t stop until you squirted everything, I’m your good little dirty whore, reward me with a good spanking please.

  30. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 9:45 pm

    Yes that’s a good girl, moan for your mama. I would slam the cock into your pussy, playing with my tits at the same time. Yes, you naughty slut, you better clean my cock after you cum. An I’m not stopping till you squirt all over this cock. I would slam in an out of your pussy, nice and deep. Moan for me you dirty whore. Tell me how good it feels, tell me how you like when I take control! I would go as hard and fast as I could Into that tight cunt till you squirted. Then I would untie only your arms, so you could lick the cock and spank my ass as you sucked it. Yes, do exactly what I say you naughty bitch! After you sucked that cock clean, I would take it off and order you to suck my pussy dry. If you’re a good girl and make me cum, I’ll untie you. But if your naughty, I’ll have to spank you and teach you a lesson. Suck this fucking wet pussy, you filthy slut. Suck it till I cum!

  31. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 9:39 pm

    The way you teasing me by pinching my nipples gets me so wet, it makes me want you to fuck me so hard, mmm. I love sucking your cock, I would in as much of it as I could, sliding my tongue all over it, moaning your name the whole time. Watching you titty fuck me would make me moan so loud for you, having a cock between my breasts makes me so hot. You know all the right things to do to me, naughty whore. I would scream your name while you slapped my clit, it would bring me to the edge and make me beg you to fuck me. OHHHH SEXY MAMA FUCK ME PLEASE, I want your cock in me now! My fucking pussy is dripping for me, please fuck me ohh I promise I’ll be good and suck your cock clean afterward, and then I’ll take off that strap-on and lick all over that pussy, tying you up and fucking you even harder than you fucked me. Oh, I’m such a naughty whore I just want to please you oh please fuck me I love cumming for you.

  32. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 9:32 pm

    I knew you would like to be tied up. You are so fuckig dirty, you slut. I would start to tongue fuck you, and when you were about to cum I would stop. I didn’t say you could come yet! How dare you. I would go backto pinching your nipples, making you moan loudly and scream out my name. Does this get you wet, whore? Do you like when I play with your tits? When you were nice and dripping wet, I would get my strap on and make you suck it. Yes suck that cock, you filthy whore. Suck it and get it nice and wet. I would slide it between your tits. MMMM watching you titty fuck my strap on has me so wet. I would then shove the cock into your pussy, hard. Then I would take it out and slap your clit and cunt with it, teasing you. I’m not letting you cum till you moan for me. Dirty talk an make me want to fuck you, you dirty fucking whore.

  33. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 9:26 pm

    OH GOD YES, I love being tied up, it gets me so fucking hot. I love having you pinch my nipples, feeling them harden at your touch gets me so wet for you. I would start moaning loudly and squirming at you licking on my slit, trying so desperately to get you to tongue fuck me. I fucking love having you suck on my clit, I would be bucking, trying to bury your face in my pussy, fucking that tongue and screaming your name. Yes, fuck me sexymama, lick my juicy clit, I’m such a dirty little whore! It feels so fucking good, I want to cum all over your face and give you all my juices. I wanna have you put on a strap-on so I can suck on your cock and beg for you to fuck me with it so I can cum all over it and you can make me clean it all off. Yes, I love sucking your cock, the thought of your pussy dripping wet underneath.

  34. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 9:19 pm

    Yes lick my soaked slit. I would sit on your face and ride it, squeezing and playing with my nipples till I came all over your face. After that, I’d tie you legs to the bed posts, as wide as they could spread. And then tie your arms together, behind you. I would take complete control and start by sucking and nibbling on your ears, whispering dirty things in your ears. Yes, you were a naughty little slut. And I’m going to have my way with you. I would tell you how I couldn’t wait to see you buck and writhe at my touch, how I couldn’t wait to hear you moaning my name. And you better moan my name, or I’ll spank that ass. Hard. Then I would kiss you passionately, all the while playing with those titties till your nipples were hard as rocks. I know you like when I pinch them, you dirty fucking whore. Then I would go Down to that pussy, that dripping wet cunt, and kiss your lips and thighs. Yes, moan for me! I would start to lick that slit, nibbling and pulling on your clit with my teeth, sucking your clit into my mouth. Do you like that, you fucking slut? Tell me how good it feels to have me tongue fuck your tight juicy fucking pussy.

  35. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 9:09 pm

    I would lick up and down that slit, licking the inside around your pussy lips every so often making you moan so loudly as I get closer and closer to sucking on that juicy clit of yours. I would grab you and make you sit on my face and I wouldn’t let you move from my tongue until you squirted all over it. You’re not allowed to move until I have you screaming for me. Ohh yes sexymama I want you to fuck me so badly, I’m soaking wet and aching for you to lick me all over and suck off all of my juices, I want you to take control of me and do anything you want with me, I want you to dominate me and punish me for teasing you so badly. I wanna have you tie me up in every position and spank me and talk dirty to me until I’m ready to cum just from that alone.

  36. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 9:03 pm

    Fuck! You are so naughty, you fucking Slut. Yes I am a whore for wanting that, make me pay. Tease me till I’m begging you. And I promise I would beg for you to fuck me and make me cum. MMMM yes I want you to fuck me with that tongue. I want you to take me in every way! Make me your fucking whore, spank me till I’ve been punished for being so naughty. I would be humping your face hard, begging for more, screaming your name as loud as I could. Yes fuck me harder you filthy fucking slut. I would squirt all over your face and kiss you till I swallowed all the juices on you. Then I’d push you on all fours and lick that dripping hole, moaning into it. MMMM I bet you want me to fuck you. Tell me how bad you want me to pound that pussy, kinky kitty!

  37. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 8:54 pm

    Mmm I would pump those fingers in and out of you as hard as I could, smacking your ass and telling you how naughty you were for trying to push harder against your g-spot. I would push you against the wall and shove my fingers against your g-spot, fucking you hard and fast. Dirty little whore, trying to get away with that. I would smack your ass and tell you that you have to beg for it. I would kneel down in front of your juicy pussy, teasing your slit with my tongue while I fucked your g-spot. Cum on, tell me how much you want me to fuck you with my tongue, naughty little whore. I would grab your ass and spank you, pushing your wet little cunt onto my tongue, burying my face into that juicy pussy while I fucked that g-spot, moaning into you and telling you how fucking good you taste, vibrating your clit and sending you over the edge into a huge orgasm. That’s right, fuck my face little whore, scream my name and tell me how fucking good that feels, mmm I fucking love it.

  38. Reply Reina1313 Nov 11,2011 8:48 pm

    Mmm just reading this is making me so horny

  39. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 8:37 pm

    MMMM yes your dirty talk has my cunt aching for you! I would be bucking against your fingers deep in, getting deeper penetration on my g spot. I love how you fuck me, you’re going to make me squirt all over those magical fingers. Yes, don’t fucking stop you whore. Fuck my cunt hard and fast, make it rough for me. I would be screaming your name the whole time, pulling you close to me and dragging my fingers down your back. Mm baby have I been good enough for the treat of cumming on your face? Or am I too naughty and need to be spanked?

  40. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 8:28 pm

    Ohh god that made me fucking pussy throb and ache so badly, my panties are completely soaked, god keep talking dirty to me I fucking love it, I know you can be naughtier than that, show me just how naughty you can me, little whore. I wanna push you up against the wall and kiss all up and down your neck, sucking on those big breasts, finger fucking you the whole time telling you just how good your hot pussy feels on my fingertips, how wet your moaning is making me, mmm tell me how much you love me fucking you dirty little slut, if you’re good I’ll suck that juicy pussy of yours until you cum all over my pretty little face, I want to taste of your juices on my tongue

  41. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 8:20 pm

    Just the thought of how your wet clot would feel on mine has me desperate for a release. I would be moaning the whole time, about how good your hot wet pussy felt against mine. I know you like dirty talk, you naughty whore, do I would make it extra filthy for you. When we were both almost close, I would push you on the bed and suck that tight little cunt dry, moaning into your pussy about how good our juices taste mixed together. Tell me how wet that make you, you dirty slut.

  42. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 8:10 pm

    Ooohh good, I can’t wait. 😉 I’m dripping already, so I’m feeling just as naughty. Mmm I wanna throw you down on the bed and suck on your nipples, making you even wetter than you already are, pulling on them and making you moan for me. I would flip you over and trib you from behind, rubbing you clit as I did, spreading those legs wide for me so I can rub my clit all over yours.

  43. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 8:00 pm

    MMMM you know I’m dripping wet for you! I would love to taste those sweet juices, and suck on your tits. I’m feeling especially naughty tonight 😉

  44. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 7:53 pm

    Mmm yes, my pussy is always dripping for you. I wanna lick and suck all over that pussy, rub our clits together and feel how wet you are for me.

  45. Reply sexymama08 Nov 11,2011 7:52 pm

    I’m always down for some pussy play with you, naughty kinky kitty 😉

  46. Reply kinkykitty Nov 11,2011 7:17 pm

    Reading over these comments has me soaking wet all over again, mmm I want some pussy play.

  47. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 5:01 pm

    FUck yeah!!!! Ooohhhh…I came so hard to both of you little sluts!!!! It was do fucking good!!!!! Mmmmmm!!!!!

  48. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 4:31 pm

    I just had the most mind blowing orgasms thanks to you, prettypinkparts and kinkykitty. I was fucking myself with the vibrator and pinching my nipples. I squirted all over again, on my hand and that vibrator. Mmm that felt so fucking good. I hope you are hitting your g spot prettypinkparts, I want you to cum hard! pretend Im fucking you with it, and saying dirty things in your ears. Cum, my little slut!

  49. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 4:17 pm

    AaaahhhhFUCK YOU LITTLE WHORES!!!!! You just made my clitty explode in sweet spasms!!!! I want more….the second time usually is a deep delicious g-spot cummmm!!!! You know you’re my sweet dirty little sluts!!!! Cum some more just for me!!!!!!

  50. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 4:14 pm

    Ahh YES!! I fucking love cumming and I wish you could suck my pussy. Yes, I want you both to suck and fuck me, yes! Im putting the vibe on my clit, but the more you call me your whore, the wetter my whole gets! I want more, give me dirty talk so i can squirt again, just for you!

  51. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 4:11 pm

    Mmm yes that’s right, cum all over that vibrator sexymama, you dirty little slut. You love cumming, don’t you little whore? Cum on prettypinkparts, imagine us licking and sucking on your pussy at the same time, our tongue colliding and rolling all over your clit, giving you so much pleasure. Mmm, I bet you love the idea of us fucking you together don’t you? Cum for us, show us how much you love it you little slut.

  52. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 4:08 pm

    Aahhhhh!!!! I’ve got my vibe buzzing my soaked pussy imagining you two sexy whores are fucking me!!!!!! YES MAMA, I’m spanking you so hard your ass is getting hot!!!! I will slide a lubed finger in your asshole too you dirty bitch you know you want your asshole fucked!!!! All the time I’m fucking your pussy hard and slamming my cock into your tight fucking pussy!!!!!

  53. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 4:08 pm

    Ahh AHH YES! Im pumping the vibe in and out of my dripping pussy, moaning so loud! Ahh, call me your whore, call me your slut! I love it so much, it makes me so fucking horny. oh god…yes, yess YESS! Im playing with my titties, my nipples are so fucking hard! oh YES…YES! IM CUMMING…..YEAH! I just squirted HARD all over my vibrator and hand.

  54. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 4:04 pm

    Mmm yes I moaned so loudly and came so hard, fucking myself my dripping pussy with that dildo. I want you both to cum for me, imagining me fucking you hard from behind with a strap-on, pumping it in and out of you while I play with your clit and moan loudly in your ear. Cum for me dirty little sluts, mmm yes you’re so fucking naughty!

  55. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 4:02 pm

    FUCK YES!! AHH Im so close right now. Im playing with my rock hard nipples and teasing my pussy with a vibrator. You fucking naughty sluts have me so horny! These comments are so dirty, I love it. Mmm, I want to cum so hard for you, prettypinkparts, just for you! Punish me, baby. Spank me and make me cum!

  56. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 4:01 pm

    I gotta grab my vibe!!! Make me cum Babies!!!! Make me cummmm!!!!!

  57. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 3:59 pm

    Mmmmm Kitty Babygirl, my mouth waters looking at you being fucked by Mama….finally getting to suck your juices then fucking the shit out of Mama with that thick cock, slamming into her wet pussy HARD as I can and spanking her ass just punishing her!!!! Then I would devour your body with my mouth while I hump Mama’s ass with that cock in her pussy DEEP AND HARD till she cums!!!!!

  58. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 3:58 pm

    yes, fuck yourself with that dildo, kinkykitty! Pretend its me with that strap on fucking you hard, mmm cum for me you whore. If you dont, I might have to spank you and show you who is boss 😉

  59. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 3:56 pm

    Mmm I wanna lick up the wet slit, I know your pussy juice is so fucking good! Watching you hump the air and seeing those tits bounce and shake would make me ready to go to town on you! I would lick your slit and suck on your clit, nibbling lightly. Mmm you taste so good, I need more! I would tongue fuck that dripping hole, while kinkykitty tongue fucked my hole and used a vibe on her own. yes, I want us all to cum together and moan together! Im so wet right now, I want to finger fuck my pussy. leave me naughty comments to get off to, my little slut!

  60. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 3:55 pm

    Oh my fucking god sexymama, that comment has me so wet, I’m squirming and on the edge of cumming as I’m fucking myself with this dildo. Your tits feel so good, I can feel your nipple dragging against my back and it makes my pussy throb, I wanna lick and suck on them so badly, oh yes I’m such a dirty little slut! I would scream so loudly for you as you fucked, oh SEXYMAMA PLEASSSEE FUCK MEE, YES YES OHHH. I would bounce up and down on that cock so fast, riding it and making my tits bounce until I was screaming and cumming all over. I would tease your tits while prettypinkparts fucked you, grinding my pussy all over her and moaninig loudly making you want to fuck us so badly.

  61. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 3:52 pm

    Mamaaaa!!!!! OOOHHHHH this is lovely sweet torture…I’d sit with my legs spread WIDE so you could see the juices just running down my aroused slit and making my pussy shine in its wetness…I’d comply with not touching myself but I would be humping the air and moaning because I sooooo NEEEEEEEEDDDD SWEET SWEET RELEASE!!!!! I would writhe in my arousal and moan as I watch the two hot dirty bitches in front of me fucking and screaming……

  62. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 3:46 pm

    I love the sound of that, kinkykitty! Mmm I would be moaning so loud for you to fuck me hard! After you fucked me, I would completely take control and put you on all fours, fucking you from behind with a strap on so I can rub my tits on your back. Do you feel how hard they are? Oo I bet youre wishing you could suck and lick them some more, you filthy fucking whore! I would slam that cock into you hard, making you scream my name. Hmm, that wasnt loud enough! I would tug on your hair, all the while ramming the cock into you, ordering you to moan louder. Louder, you slut! Soon, Id have you cumming all over, but I wouldnt stop there. I would make you ride it so I could watch your titties bounce while I played with my own. Youre not allowed to stop riding this cock till you squirt all over again.
    Dont think i forgot you, prettypinkparts. During all of this, you would only be able to watch, not even touch yourself to the hot fucking you were watching. After Kinkykitty came again, Id make you clean up that strap on till it was dry of her jucies. Then let you fuck me with it and spank me! yes, spank this naughty girl’s ass! AHH YES! Afte I came, Id watch you two ladies trib and hump, watching your titties bounce and listening to your sexy fucking moans, Yes, you fucking whores! You make this pussy ache!

  63. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 3:33 pm

    Ooooohhhhh my sexy ladies I’ll fuck you both till you collapse from cumming over and over again!!!! I will take turns licking and sucking and fingering both of your tight pussies, humping you oth doggie style with a thick strap on cock while I spank you till you’re sooo red…mmmmmm and trib you rubbing and humping my soaked cunt on yours you dirty fucking bitches!!!!!

  64. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 3:28 pm

    OHHH sexymama, your tits are so fucking delicious, I would suck and lick them until you came all over, and then I would lick up all of your cum and make you orgasm all over again from me sucking and licking on your hot, juicy cunt. You like the sound of that dirty little whore? Mmm I bet you do, I would tie those sexy tits up, teasing you with pulling on your nipples and flicking them with my tongue, sucking lightly and making you beg for me to fuck you. I would spread your legs far apart and pump my tongue in and out of your wet hole, rubbing your clit with my fingertips until you were screaming for me, naughty whore. Talk dirty to me, show me how much of a slut you are.

  65. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 3:22 pm

    I fucking love dirty talk! My nipples would be so hard with any of your attention, and If you suck them just right I can cum from that alone. MMMM spank my ass and tell me how you love my tits, call me your whore! I would love to fuck your pussy, pushing you against a wall and fingering that hot cunt till you squirted, screaming my name as loud as you can with pleasure.

  66. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 3:16 pm

    Oh yess I love hearing dirty talk, mmm I want more.. I want to suck on your tits so badly, swirl my tongue around your nipples and make them harden as I flick my tongue over them over and over, squeezing them and rolling your nipples between my fingertips as I smacked and squeezed your ass, causing you to jump and push your titties further into my mouth and against my eager tongue. I just came and my pussy is already begging to be fucked all over again.

  67. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 3:11 pm

    FUCK YES!! Kinky kitty I love being fucked and spanked like the dirty whore I am! I would squirt so hard for you, all over that vibrator so I could watch you suck up my sweet pussy juice. An I love to have a tongue on my pussy! Prettypinkparts would make me cum so hard, especially with you watching us kinky kitty. I would be dirty talking the whole time, about how good prettypinkparts tongue felt in my cunt and how hard my nipples were. Mm I bet you want to suck on my DD tit don’t you, kinky kitty you slut. Watching you ladies trib would make me prgasm over and over again. I love how fucking naughty you are!

  68. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 3:09 pm

    Mmm that sounds so sexy, I would love to trib you and as I watched mama moan and cum all over your face, hearing you moaning into her pussy as our juicy clits rubbed together, I’m so fucking hot thinking about our wet pussies rubbing together, our tits bouncing as I licked and sucked on your nipples, moaning and making them harden with my hot breath.

  69. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 3:01 pm

    Daaaammmmmnnnnnn!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH KITTYYYY!!!!! MMMMMMM…..I would love love love to eat out my sexy Mama while my little Kitty tribbed me…rubbing her pussy all over mine till I vibrate Mama’s cunt with my loud moans of pleasure!!!!! Mama could cum on my face while she watched us hump the shit out of each other’s drenched pussies!!!!!

  70. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 2:55 pm


  71. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 2:54 pm

    Mmm, sexymama I would pump that vibrator in and out of you so hard, fucking you as fast I could while I flicked your juicy little clit and sucked on your nipples, making you scream and moan for me. I would flip you over and fuck you from behind while I spanked your ass and moaned in your ear. Mmm, you like that you little slut? Scream for me and cum all over this vibrator, I bet it feels so good being fucked like this. Cum on, I want you to cum all over this vibrator so I can lick it all up, mmm yes.

    Prettypinkparts, sexymama could sit on your face and have you eat her out while she played with her sensitive nipples so I could watch you two being so naughty while I flicked prettypinkpart’s clit with my tongue, sucking on it hard and pumping a dildo in and out of your juicy cunt, mmm you like that? I wanna hear you scream into sexymama’s hot cunt, sending vibrations and making her cum all over your pretty face while I make your pretty pink parts cum all over mine. 😉

  72. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 2:53 pm

    I would love to be the one to suck that pretty cunt till you cum on my tongue. I would surprise you with a finger or two, while kinky kitty sat on your face and played with her nipples. MMMM watching this and tastin you, prettypinkparts, would make use my other hand to play with my clit, which is covered in my juices from how fucking naughty you ladies are and how hot it makes me. Yes cum ladies! I wanna hear you dirty whores moan.

  73. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 2:47 pm

    FUCK KITTY AND MAMA….mmmmmmyeahhh… I would LOVE to be fucking both of you right now!!!!!! I want one of you eating me out while I lay on my back and the other sits on my face so I can eat a pussy out while mine is getting sucked and fucked!!!!!

  74. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 2:47 pm

    Ahh yes, I love what a naughty whore you are, kinky kitty! It makes my clit throb, and I wish I was there to suck up all your delicious juices!! Mmm I want you to fuck me with my vibrator right now! I keep teasing my tight cunt. If you leave a dirty comment, I’ll cum and tel you how good it felt 😉

  75. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 2:41 pm

    Mmmm prettypinkparts and sexymama, you just made me cum so fucking hard all over my dildo, I’m such a naughty whore. 😉 I would fuck sexymama hard with a dildo while I licked and sucked all over your clit prettypinkparts, reaching up to pinch your nipples and make them harden.

  76. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 2:34 pm

    FUCK I love being fucked from behind. Yes, pound my pussy hard, kinky kitty. And keep spanking me. I love it! With prettypinkparts sucking my titties, I would be screaming out how good you both fucked me and how I was going to squirt all over that cock ramming me hard. I would lick it up with pleasure, and eat you out, kinky kitty, like it was the last thing is ever eat. I would suck and nibble on your throbbing clit and tongue fuck your tight cunt. And I would moan the whole time! Prettypinkparts, you know your sexy mama wouldn’t leave you out! As I was sucking kinky kitty, I would be fingering you hard, while you played with those delicious tits. Cum for me, you naughty whores! I want you to cum all over me!

  77. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 2:34 pm

    Fuckyeahhhhhh Kitty…Mama and I would LOVE for you to ream our pussies with that strap on cock!!! You can start by fucking Mama, then I’ll fuck you from behind with a strap on…after you both cum and scream I want you both to descend on me with your mouths and fingers and soaking pussies!!!

  78. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 2:25 pm

    Mm, yes! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. 😉 I wanna fuck both you ladies, have cum from both of you on my strap-on so I can watch you take turns licking and sucking it off, SO hot!

  79. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 10,2011 2:23 pm


  80. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 2:06 pm

    Oh my GOD sexymama you are so fucking HOT.. I would do much more than spank you, I wanna fuck you so hard right now, my pussy is fucking begging for it. I would flip you over and tie your hands behind your back, holding onto them while I slip a strap on into that hot, juicy cunt of yours. prettypinkparts could pinch and suck on those nipples while I pumped my cock in and out of you from behind, smacking that ass until it was red. You like it when I fuck you from behind you dirty little slut? You like having being spanked? Mm, you’re so naughty, I fucking love it. I would fuck that pussy so hard, I love the thought of having your pussy humping mine as I fuck you, I would dripping until that strap on and once you came all over it I would make you get down on your knees and suck off all your juices, naughty little girl. Then I’d take off the strap on and spread my legs wide for you and make you tongue fuck my dripping wet cunt until I came all over your tongue.

  81. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 1:51 pm

    Ahh yes, thats so sexy. I would like all your juices up and suck on those hard nipples. Think of that as you touch yourself 😉 yes I love to watch those titties bounce, it would turn me on so much! i would be BEGGING for one of you to touch me as soon as possible. Mmm fuck me harder with that dildo! I like it hard and fast in my tight hot cunt. Prettypinkparts would have to be sucking my nipples so I could squirt all over that fucking dildo. Yes that feels so fucking good! After squirting all over, I would suck the dildo clean and kiss you, then prettypinkparts so everyone could have a taste. Then I would go to town on your pussy, nibbling and sucking that eager clit, watching you writhe as i lick your dripping slit. Im a very naughty girl, kinkykitty, and you may just have to spank me.

  82. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 1:08 pm

    Mmm, my pussy is wet and throbbing right now, I’m flicking my hard nipples and rubbing the outside of my soaked panties, imagining it’s you licking me all over. I would kiss you and prettypinkparts, letting you taste all of her juices. I would get so turned on watching you play with your juicy clit as we fucked, I would fuck her so hard, moaning loudly and making our titties bounce for you. Once we came all over each other, I’d let you suck off all the juices while I teased with your wet hole, flicking your clit teasingly, making you moan for me to fuck you. I would pump that dildo in and out of you so hard until you screamed for me. Mmm, yes, cum for me sexymama, cum all over that dildo and show me just how naughty you are.

  83. Reply sexymama08 Nov 10,2011 12:56 pm

    Mmm kinkykitty, I loved that. The fact that prettypinkparts was watching would get me so turned on, I would cum so hard all over your amazing tongue. We would go over to her and suck on her titties, then I would move down to start fingering her while you sucked on her clit, going hard until prettypinkparts was screaming and squirting all over us. I would lick my fingers because her pussy tastes SO fucking good. Then I would get a double ended dildo out for you and prettypinkparts to use together, while I watched and played with my throbbing wet clit, teasing my tight hole with two fingers while you guys fucked each other and moaned. Im so wet just thinking about it.

  84. Reply kinkykitty Nov 10,2011 12:49 pm

    Mmm, you two are so sexy, what wouldn’t I want to do? 😉 We would have a threesome, licking and kissing all over each other, you two kissing as I lick and suck on sexymama’s perky nipples and pinch and roll prettypinkpart’s between my fingers, making both your nipples’ harden at the same time. I would start to lick my way down sexymama’s stomach and begin to tease her with my tongue, licking the outside of your wet pussy, sucking on your pussy lips slowly. Mmm, you like that? I bet you do, dirty girl. Once you were begging for it, I would push my tongue past your lips and suck on that juicy clit of yours, swirling my tongue around it and sucking hard, fingering you until you came all over my tongue. prettypinkparts would have to watch it, her poor little pussy aching and begging to be licked and sucked, we could lick and kiss all over her pussy together and make her cum for us. ;)Mmm, two ladies at once, that sounds soo hot. What would you two do for me?

  85. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 9,2011 8:55 pm

    Ohhhh yes, kinkykitty, tell us what you’d do with us!!! I’m soooo wet and waiting to know…. :-p

  86. Reply sexymama08 Nov 9,2011 8:22 pm

    Im sure prettypinkparts and I could show you a really good time 😉 The naughtier, the better! What would you do with us?

  87. Reply kinkykitty Nov 9,2011 4:20 pm

    You ladies are getting me so wet! I’m aching and my pussy is begging to be touched, your comments are so naughty. 😉

  88. Reply sexymama08 Nov 9,2011 11:16 am

    It was SO good, too! I came so hard envisioning our pretty pussies mashing against each other, and the things I would do to that tight little cunt with my tongue. Ahh, yes, my little slut, you make me so fucking horny. I could masturbate right now! My nipples are hard at the thought of you sucking them already…

  89. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 9,2011 11:09 am

    FUCK MAMA!!!! I love that you fucked yourself to me and got off so good to my comments!!!! SOOOOOOO FCKING HOT!!!!!

  90. Reply sexymama08 Nov 9,2011 9:43 am

    Mmm the thought of your wet pussy really gets me going, baby. I would love to taste you, I know you must taste fucking delicious. I used my vibrator last night from all your naughty comments and squirted hard all over it. You know how to make this pussy drip!

  91. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 9,2011 9:28 am

    Oooohhhh Good morning Sexymama…I came soooo fucking hard to your naughty dirty comments last night and I’m still drenched from it!!!!! Mmmmmm Lover you know just how to please me!!!! I want you soooooooo damn bad Babygirl!!!!!!

  92. Reply sexymama08 Nov 9,2011 9:21 am

    Thats what I like to hear, prettypinkparts. Youre so naughty and I lOVE it! Im turned on first thing in the morning today because of you 😉 I would love to suck on your pretty pink parts right now…

  93. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 9,2011 9:17 am

    Mmmm foursome sounds yummy…I call dibs on Sexymama… 😉

  94. Reply dancerofthenight Nov 9,2011 7:17 am

    prettypinkparts, I LOVE red hair, I would run my fingers through it as my tongue dances in your mouth, sliding against your tongue with a dizzying passion…
    sexyma, how did I not see you there? Mmmmmm, you sound so hot… I want to join you two in that bathroom stall.
    hornynhungry, cum join the party. A foursome, ladies?

  95. Reply hornynhungry Nov 8,2011 11:41 pm

    these post are so damn hot! what would you do to me if i walked into that bathroom? would you let a curious girl join in?

  96. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 6:16 pm

    I just re-read the comments on this, they are so fucking hot!

  97. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 5:59 pm

    Anything you want, baby 😉

  98. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 5:52 pm

    I would LOVE that Babygirl, but for privacy’s sake in my household I better keep it here, if that’s ok. :-*

  99. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 5:50 pm

    You make me so horny…we should private email sometime, to keep this delicious encounter going, if you want 😉

  100. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 5:44 pm

    Ooohhhh you sound soooooo sexy Babygirl! Mmmm anytime you want to play I’ll gladly give you anything you want….you are sooooo wonderfully naughty and HOT!!!!!

  101. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 5:38 pm

    Mmm you sound so sexy baby! I would love to pull that red hair as we fucked 😉 I have brown hair, tan skin && dark brown eyes with double d’s that love to get sucked and touched. You turn me on so much, I cant wait to play with my pussy thinking of you tonight 😉 Anytime you want, Im down for a session with you, we can even keep going now 🙂

  102. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 5:30 pm

    SEXYMAMA, I’ve LOVED the one on one with you too Babygirl, and yes, I’m a redhead, pale skin, green eyes, DDs. 😉 Hope we can keep these sessions going because ooooooohhhhh you are SOOOOO sexy!!!!! I’m soaked from your comments Baby!!!

  103. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 5:26 pm

    Mmm I would be squirming and moaning all day, waiting for you to fuck me as good as i know you can! I love having these one-on-one sessions with you, you make me so wet! and ooo youre a red head? just my type 😉

  104. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 5:21 pm

    Mmmmm DANCEROFTHENIGHT I would lovingly run my fingers through that beautiful black hair….I’m a redhead by the way. 😉 and kiss you sweetly and passionately….

    SEXYMAMA, Before leaving the stall I’d slide a wireless egg vibe up your pussy and keep the remote. We’d walk around in public all day together hand in hand and I’d tease you with the vibe and buzz you periodically and keep you nice and hot…might even let you cum in public… 😉

  105. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 5:10 pm

    YES! I would ride that tongue so hard! Three fingers in my pussy, mmm the pressure feels so fucking good in my tight hole. Yes, dont stop now! After I climaxed from the awesome tongue riding, id lean up against the door so you could fuck me from behind. What were doing is so naughty, it has me insatiable. After i squirted, I would fuck you so fast and hard, alternating between dirty talk in your ear and sucking on your neck. Yes, little bitch, fuck my fingers. I know you love how I feel inside you! cum for me! What would you do after we left the bathroom stall, baby?

  106. Reply dancerofthenight Nov 8,2011 5:05 pm

    Oh, prettypinkparts, I might have to go put on some leggings. They feel so sexy… And you sound so sexy too… would love to kiss you and have your fingers run through my jet black, thick, wavy hair…

  107. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 4:57 pm

    SEXYMAMA, finger my pussy as you suck my clitty till I cream all over you, then I’d thank you by pressing you against the wall, lifting up your skirt and diving my face and fingers into your juicy slit!!!! I wanna drink every drop of your sweet cream Babygirl!!! I will suck you, lick you, and finger you with two fingers in your pussy, then turn up the heat by coating yet another finger in your cunt juice and snake it in your ass and make you ride my fingers and mouth till you cum like you never have before!!!!!

    dancerofthenight, I’m a virgin when it “cums” to girl on girl too….I want it sooooo badly though and you sound so sexy!!!! I would fuckin love everything you just described and I’d LOVE my first time with a sexy woman to be like that….mmmmm!!!!! I would do the exact same to you, ending with a passionate, sexy, loving, sweet, cum-tastic humpfestting trib!!!!!

  108. Reply dancerofthenight Nov 8,2011 4:48 pm

    mmmm, ladies. Seeing all your comments to my post really got me going.
    prettypinkparts, I bet you do have some pretty pink parts! I would kiss you softly, our tongues meeting lustily. The kissing would get hotter and heavier and I would slide my hands to you DDs. Never been with a woman before, doesn’t mean I won’t know what makes you scream. I gently run your breasts, finding your nipples and suck softly, my tongue twisting around your hardened nubs. My teeth gaze them and you shiver, sliently begging for more. I kiss you stomach, I kiss you thighs, before settling between your legs. I tease your slit with my tongue, and you pull my face to your mound. I suck on your clit, slurping as the juices manifest and without further ado I plunge my tongue into your pussy. You moan and scream as my tongue thrusts in and out, and you start humping my face. I pull out and you moan in frustration, but I run my finger down your thigh before my pussy approaches yours. We slide together, our clits meeting again and again, our juices coating our thighs and we scream in pleasure as we cum together.

  109. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 4:33 pm

    You have me so turned on prettypinkparts. Ive been rubbing my clit this whole time. Tell me what i should do next. Tell me what you would do to me in the little bathroom stall

  110. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 4:22 pm

    Yesssss!!!!! Oooohhhhh!!!!! Finger me good Mamaaaa!!! Finger your little slut sooooo gooooodddd!!!!!

  111. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 4:05 pm

    Well after I closed the stall door, i would push you against it, feeling up your big titties as I passionately kissed you. since we have little space, i would sit on the toilet and lift your leg over my shoulder, giving me PERFECT access to that little cunt, already dripping from our naughty encounter earlier. I would lick your clit and tease you, until you were begging for me to finger your tight hole. Slowly, Id slide in a finger, and then another one, and massage that g spot. Youd beg for it to be harder, but id keep teasing you. I know you like to be teased, you naughty little bitch.

  112. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 4:01 pm

    Fuckyeahhhhhh SEXYMAMA, I love it dirty! Mmmm… Tell me what you would do to me once we closed ourselves in the stall….PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

  113. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 3:59 pm

    It’s not my post, your comments just get me so wet! I would have the hardest time staying quiet, I would want everyone to know the intense pleasure you are giving me. Mmm youre so naughty, I would cum so quickly for you. After that, I would have to take you to the bathroom and take you into a stall, and fuck you like crazy in the stall, both of us working up an insane sweat. I like it dirty 😉

  114. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 3:37 pm

    Mmmm didn’t know this was your post Baby…you’ve got me hot and wet over here…I would push you against a wall and without a word, kiss you passionately, pleasing us both with the sensual slide of soft female lips and tongues together, and our DD breasts pressed together. As nonchalant as possible, I would place a thigh between your legs and rub your clit with it. Since you are against the wall no one can see you, as I’m wearing a long coat and a crowd of people are sweeping past going about their business. I rub your wet slit with my thigh as we kiss…mmmm your mouth tastes sweet Lover….your hips rock back and forth on my thigh a bit…I’m getting so wet as you ride me Baby! You stay quiet and kiss me, your hands squeezing my breasts under my coat…yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhh….finally you cum, leaving your sweet cream all over my smooth bare thigh. Once you’re spent, I drag a finger through the cum you spilled on my thigh and suck it off with a wink. Damn you taste amazing! I just made you cum in public and no one had a clue. ;-p

  115. Reply sexymama08 Nov 8,2011 3:26 pm

    holy fuck, prettypinkparts. Your comments are so sexy, they are all getting me dripping wet. I wonder what you would do to my tight little cunt if you knew I was out in public, not wearing any panties…

  116. Reply prettypinkparts Nov 8,2011 10:25 am

    I would play my fingertips up your thigh while kissing your sweet lips, my tongue dancing with yours. Once my hand makes it to your hot center between your legs, my fingertips would graze softly over the fabric that is covering your gorgeous pussy. My lips would find their way to your earlobe, playfully nibbling and sucking it, and very gently blowing in your ear all the while my fingertips are teasing your pussy, creating a damp patch between your shapely thighs. My lips migrate to your neck and travel south. Your top is in the way so I quickly take it off and hungrily remove your bra, exposing your beautiful breasts. Mmmm…you’re sooo sexy…I kiss and suck your nips till you writhe against me in pleasure. Once you are moaning for me not to stop, my hands slide off your tight leggings and skimpy panties so I can see your now drenched pussy and rock hard clit. I slide down your sexy body, kissing down your stomach to your clit. I take it in my mouth and suck like I’m starving. While my mouth engulfs your clit, two of my fingers glide into your tight pussy to tease your g spot. I continue to finger your lovely pussy and suck your clit till you cum, screaming for me while you hump my face and fingers. As you cum, my own pussy and clit are aching to be loved….

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