Love To Lick 11

The notion of being bi-curious quickly became a reality when Marissa moved next door. She has a habit of wearing what I call “skin tight pussy pants”. Meaning, they are so tight, the crotch seam goes up her pussy, exposing fat, bulging pussy lips. She has a high, bubble ass, tiny waist and the most gorgeous stand up big tits I have ever seen. Bumping into her in the hallway takes my breath away and makes my clit throb. I never know where to look and end up blushing. She seems to take delight in my dilemma. Invariably after such a meeting, I end up fingering my engorged throbbing clit. It was torture until last night. Apparently Marissa’s “girlfriend” had to cancel their dinner. She knocked on my door with a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries, decked out like a lesbian’s wet dream. Those skin tight pussy pants and bulging pussy, those huge firm tits in a tight t-shirt cropped so short, the bottoms of those round melons were clearly visible. I had all I could do to meet her eyes, she was a visual banquet and I kept licking my lips. Of course she got a huge kick out of this. She asked if I had ever had girl tongue and girl pussy before. I could only nod “no” as my clit was throbbing and my nipples were standing up through my bra. I love to wear sexy lingerie and was in a shelf bra and open crotch thong under my chemise. (When I am home alone, I love to dress for easy finger access in case I am in the mood for some pussy play.) Needless to say, Marissa decided it was time to take make this “virgin” into a true bi- pussy lover. It didn’t take much coaxing. I was in heaven licking, sucking and feeling her tits. My clit was screaming for attention and my pussy was so engorged I could barely walk. To my great surprise, Marissa had a very large, very hard and very erect clit. It was easy to suck and stuck up like a little cock! Tonguing her clit and pussy was heaven and she readily obliged me. It was my very first experience with girl tongue in my swollen pussy and the shear pleasure of it was breath taking. We spent the entire night tonguing each other, licking, sucking, fingering fat, swollen pussies. Cumming and cumming and cumming. Bouncing tits! Feeling those huge, firm melons and sucking those nipples. Wanting more and more and more until we finally collapsed exhausted. I want more girl on girl, more tongue fucking, more clit sucking and more tit rubbing. Want to play anyone?

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11 thoughts on “Love To Lick

  1. Reply PussyLicker Dec 12,2011 4:35 pm

    This really makes me crave some tit bouncing, pussy licking fun. I love big dick but guys don’t know the best way to lick and suck pussy like a woman does. I need girl tongue.

  2. Reply silvery707 Nov 1,2011 10:47 pm

    Hot story. Only wish I had a Marissa in my life to make my single days worth it…mmmmm. She sounded and seemed delicious.

  3. Reply GirlCandy Oct 19,2011 1:55 pm

    I am really hot for a clit sucking fest. Girls know how to lick pussy the best. We know where to tongue, where to suck, where to lick, how to finger, and how to dildo fuck while we bounce each other’s tits in ecstasy.

  4. Reply blueeyes Oct 17,2011 7:59 am

    LOVE your story ! I wouldnt mind seeing this girl even though i am completely straight. hope you had fun… im still waiting for my own adventure

  5. Reply fabulousspice Oct 16,2011 9:34 am

    I’m sitting here with my tits tied up so they are nice and big and nipples hard. My beautiful pink vibrator in with the attached thumb. There is nothing more then I would like to find my way across one of you lovely ladies beautiful tits and concentrate on pulling on them and sucking them with my mouth, all the while letting my hand wander into your warmth and pulling at your clit and sliding my fingers up and down your swollen slit teasing you, making you want more. Any takers?

  6. Reply Howiwish0091 Oct 13,2011 2:20 pm

    aww stacey i’d love experiment with you 😉

  7. Reply juiceonme Oct 6,2011 6:35 pm

    ive never been with a woman but reading this makes my pussy so wet!!!!!! i would gladly let you suck on my wet throbbing pussy right now!!!!

  8. Reply youngfuck Oct 6,2011 12:25 am

    wow my pussy is throbbing after reading that!! i want to experiment with a girl so bad… i’m jealous

  9. Reply StaceyBi18 Oct 5,2011 10:07 am

    I’ll play with you my pussy is dripping after reading that. Id love to be doing 69 with you so your pussy was above my face and i could suck on your swollen clit while you play with mine…

  10. Reply kittycat81 Oct 5,2011 12:08 am

    I’d love to play, I am so wet.

  11. Reply GirlCandy Oct 4,2011 8:50 pm

    I have a double vibrating realistic dildo, am sitting here with legs spread, the cock out of crotchless thong, rubbing my dd firm tits wishing for some hot babe with a fat, swollen pussy and huge tits to do a lap dance on my dildo cock while I bounce and jiggle her tits and stick my tongue down her throat. I need hot girl on girl play.

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