Make Me Squirt

OK this is the ultimalte way to get off of. Not only does this make me cum it also makes me squirt like crazy. First I shave my pussy smooth. I start off with a trimmer and start to trim the hair…this machine vibrates a bit to that gets me wet already. Then I take some shaving cream and rub it all over my pussy and feel the coolness on my pussy and moan. Then I shave my pussy smooth and clean up the mess. After that I like to take a shower and be all clean for the fun. After my shower I put on a black lacy bra and a lacy thong to feel sexy and I truly love the way my thong rubs against my smooth and clean pussy. Then I get dressed and look sexy.

After doing this I get all my supplies ready:- A long lip gloss tube to shove up my pussy when needed.

 – A bowl full of cold water.-Ice cubes to shove up my pussy.

– A bottle of Johnson Baby oil.

– A bottle of cold water ready to squirt on me when desided.

– A  camera or mirror to view myself. After getting all my supplies, I layer my area with 2-3 towels and sheets as all the squirting does make it quite wet and messy.

Then I come on this site and read the techniques and stories to make me wet. Occasionally I also see porn or pictures to get me super wet. By this time all I want to do is finger my clit. As I read and view, I take off my shirt and finger my breasts. I rub my tits thru my bra till they are so hard they hurt. I turn off my computer and take off my bra. I start to feel up myself and caress my breasts. I lick my breasts and stretch to lick my nipples. I rub up against my cold wall to make sure my nipples are hard and pinch them till it hurts. Then I reach down and feel myself up thru my thong and take it off. I spread my cum all over my pussy and use the baby oil all over my breasts and pussy.

Slowly I start rubbing the side of my clit with my index finger this makes me real wet and then I use my whole hand to rum my pussy till I squirt! After 10-20 minutes I stop and go back to reading porn..I also made videos of myself coming and squirting so I watch those to get horny. Then I sit with my legs wide apart and start to finger myself again. I put my other hand in the bowl of cold water and then rub it all over my tits and stomach. I also put the tube inside my pussy and shove it in and out. I start talking dirty to myself and my pussy is getting hotter and hotter..I rub my clit to orgasm and I have goosebumps all over. Then I squirt the cold water all over my pussy and directly on my clit to get me nice and slippery.

BY this time I am dying to squirt but I stop myself and place an ice cube up my pussy and feel it melt while rubbing up against the wall. Then I get back to business and start rubing my pussy tilli squirt and squirt and squirt. I repeat this all day long to make myself squirt like crazy…I love squirting..the feeling is amazing… This technique is very effective as I come in 3 minutes and last time I did this I squirted 4 times in less than 3 minutes… Thinking about this had made me wet again! I’m gonna go do it!

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