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I like to consider myself as a good girl. I mean, I’m straight, a virgin and have a bf. But, I’ve kinda always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl. There’s just something so dangerous and sexy about it. I’ve been reading posts here for a few years and I’ve gotten off many times. Now, it’s my turn to join the fun.

I have this fantasy where I’m in a movie theater, sitting in the back row. This girl walks in and sits down a few chairs away. We smile at each other as the lights go down. As the previews start, she moves closer. Suddenly, I feel her hand graze my bare thigh and drift higher up my skirt. She licks her fingers and pushes my panties aside. She rubs my throbbing clit. It feels amazing. She stops to lick my pussy juice from her fingers. She then lifts my skirt and starts eating me out. It’s so hot! I try not to moan as I cum all over her face. What should we do now ladies? I’m so horny writing this!

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  1. Reply cutieblue Jun 6,2015 9:11 pm

    I would keep licking you.. let you ride your orgasm and keep coming. I give you a moment to rest, and you think we’re done. You reach down to touch my face, but I take both of your hands and hold them down on the armrests. You squirm at first, but then you smile when you realize what I’m about to do. I take my hands away and gently, very gently touch your tender clit. It’s so sensitive after that massive orgasm I just gave you. So I blow on it, and then keep blowing softly all over your pussy. I lick lightly around your outer lips. At this point, your panties are just in my way, so I take them all the way off over your shoes and spread your legs wide as I plunge my tongue deeper into your pussy. You are starting to moan as you build again towards another orgasm. You reach down to push my face deep into your sweet pussy and I lick all of your juices. I put one finger, just one, around your asshole to surprise you and you writhe with pleasure.

    Just as I think you’re about to come, I realize we are being pretty loud, because another movie goer comes over. She’s tall and has a sexy but stern look on her face, long, dark hair, and a tight little skirt. I can see her nipples through her shirt and she catches me looking at them while I’m licking your pussy. “It’s too much,” she says, ripping off her shirt, ” I want in,” and leans over you to kiss you while I continue to fuck your pussy. You are moaning so hard right now, with your pussy on my face, my finger in your asshole, and this gorgeous stranger over you. “You like that?” she says to you, and she takes off her bra for you so you can play with her nipples. You are sucking and pulling on her nipples and she gasps in pleasure, and you are so close to coming, I can feel it.

    “Not yet,” I say, and I stop. You look at me like you could go over the edge at any second, and I love knowing I have this much power over your sexy body in this moment. “On the ground,” I order both of you. You and this beautiful, half naked stranger get down on the floor. She stares at your pussy and can’t help herself, she starts putting her fingers in her own pussy.

    “Do it,” she says to both of us, and I take off my skirt and crawl over on top of you. I lick your breasts and pin down your right arm. You put one hand on my pussy and start stroking me, getting me warm and wet for you. Then, I can’t stand it anymore, I grab your ass and your hips and pull myself on top so we can trib, right there in the movie theater. I grind on you, first softly, so our clits can get a taste of each other. Then I move into you hard, pulsing, pussies on top of each other, I pull at your nipples as I thrust onto you. You are moaning and I thrust, the pressure builds, until finally, you explode with pleasure and you grab my ass and pull me into you.

    How’s that for a good movie.

  2. Reply fuckdoll May 31,2015 10:55 pm

    I would part your thighs and slip a small vibrator on your clit while I flick your nipples with my tongue. When your legs start to shake and you start seeping your sweet cum you try to squeeze your legs but I pry them apart while you moan in pure ecstasy and I move my mouth down to your wet pussy. I let my tongue lightly dance around the opening of your sweet fuck hole and set the vibrator on a higher setting. your clit is pulsing and before you cum for a second time I remove the vibrator. I play with your nipples instead and your breaths are short and you squirm. I move down to your wet hole and penetrate you with my tongue and place the vibrator on high and hold it to your clit again. I fuck your sweet pussy with my tongue fast and rough and you reach your hand down to relieve the intensity but I swat your hand away and that’s when you scream and release your sweet cum in my mouth. I lap it up and stare into your eyes invitingly. I part my thighs and reveal no panties under my skirt. wanna taste?(;

  3. Reply May 28,2015 2:34 am

    Can I rub your throbbing clit baby?

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