The Slightest Touch

Slightest Touch
Reviewed by: Jenne


First Impressions
I’m always on the hunt for new technologies that can help women achieve orgasm or have better ones, so when someone pointed me in the direction of the , I was intrigued to say the least. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered the unit, as their website was a little vague at that point as to what I should expect from it.

A few days later the unit turned up, and as usual I was eager to try my new toy, but when I opened up the package it soon became evident that this was not a sex toy in the sense of the way many of us know them. What I was presented with took me back for a minute to a time when babies and delivering them were on my mind. The unit itself reminded me very much of the tens unit that I had used during the early part of my labor with my children. The idea of the tens unit was that its electrical impulses soothed my pain and dulled the neural paths that caused that pain, so for me it was a pretty big leap to see this as a device that would help me orgasm or give me better ones.

The packaging was really neat though, and a lot of thought had obviously gone into this product. I especially liked the clear and easy to understand quick start instructions, and the bag that the unit came in was really smart, but to be honest, it takes more than good packaging to impress me, and as they say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” As always, when I try something new, I took the time to read the full instructions as well as the warnings, and when you’re dealing with an electrical device this is even more important. I’m not going to list those here as there are many, but before you think of buying this unit you do need to be aware of them. You can find them . Personally I don’t suffer or have any problems that are indicated there so I thought what the hell.

Further investigation of the bags contents presented me with the unit itself, a fairly long wire arrangement and 4 pads with electrodes attached and a drink which I was supposed to make up according to the packs instructions and consume 20 minutes before using the unit. The drink is an electrolyte drink similar to Gatorade sports which can (I’ve since discovered) be used as well, and the reason for drinking it is to open up your neural pathways so the unit works better.

Another important part of the preparation process is washing of your ankles with soap and water as this is where the two pads are going to be attached. Personally I had a shower at this point cause well I’m like that -))

Even after reading the instructions, I was incredibly skeptical if the truth be told. According to those instructions, I took the two pads from the bag, and after peeling them from their sheer plastic backing, and measuring four finger widths up from my inside ankle bone, I adhered them to that spot. One thing that I did notice was these are sticky–very sticky–and I would suggest that you also make sure your legs are well shaved before applying them as otherwise you are in danger of removing that hair when you remove them. Think Band-Aid plasters here, ouch! [Jenne– Somewhere in the instruction book we have a part about removing the pads using a bit of water on the tip of your finger to wet the area just under the edge of the pad…and then as you peel it back off your skin, you continue to re-wet the skin and pad with that drop of water on the tip of your finger (have a glass of water handy) and continue. This allows easy removal with no pain or hair removal. Thought you might want to know that. It works for me!]

The next step is to take the two wires and place them into the pods provided in the pads, then after making sure the unit is switched off push the plug that connects the plugs to the unit into place, then you’re ready to go. Go where I still wasn’t sure but…

Solo Play
Gingerly I turned on the unit, slowly does it according to the instructions, and that’s exactly what I did. The first few turns of the dial nothing really happened, and then I got a tingle in my left leg, a very slight tingle I’m glad to say. This was the point where I was supposed to lie back watch TV, read or just relax according to the instructions and let the unit do it’s work. I choose to watch TV and although I was conscious of the fact that the unit was there and my ankle was tingling slightly I didn’t really feel anything else.

I think I expected the unit to make me wet and horny and desperate in the best sense of that word for some kind of relief. That just didn’t happen for me. It actually had the effect of relaxing me to the point where I almost feel asleep with the unit still switched on.

Although I was disappointed at this point, I’m not one to give in and I decided to ring the company, who offer one hours customer support as part of the package. It was nice to talk to someone who actually knew the product and was able to help me use it correctly, or at least see the error of my ways. I had apparently expected way to much from the device and the woman suggested that I try it again, but this time manually stimulate myself after about 10-20 minutes, and then see what happened.

So once again I washed my ankles, drunk my drink and settled back and again I felt nothing but the tingling in my ankle.

That was until about 20 mins into this experiment I touched my inner thighs. It was like someone had woken up all the nerve endings in that part of my body. So I let my fingers do the walking to a little nearer their destination, and I was surprised by the results. I have an extremely sensitive clitoris at the best of times and generally direct stimulation is a definite no-no for me, but this time I could place my finger tip there and apply pressure and it was really pleasant. Normally, it takes me anywhere between 10 and [??] minutes to orgasm using my fingers, but this time it took five, and the fact that I could actually touch my clitoris was something of a revelation for me. The biggest surprise of all was yet to come though….


Anyone with a very sensitive clit will know that generally you have to take a break before you give yourself anymore stimulation, or maybe even want more. Generally it’s just to painful to do anything but wait for the sensitivity to subside before starting again. This didn’t happen with this time! I was able to keep going, and I really wanted to keep going and going and going. It was almost as though someone had flicked on a switch to make my clitoris less sensitive, but at the same time more sensitive which, even to me, makes no sense, but that was how it felt. The orgasms were great as well!!

I’ve since tried the slightest touch a few more times on my own and always with the same results. The only difference now is that I don’t always use the drinks, and to be honest I’ve not noticed any difference.

Partner Play
So having figured out how this works, I decided to give it a go with Hubby. After 15 yrs of marriage we pretty well know each other as sex partners and so he never has a problem reading my body. I had the same results as when I played solo expect Hubby was able to take me to slightly new heights in regards to bringing me to the point and then easing me back down again over and over. The main bug bear we had was with the wires. Even though they are long, they still get in the way, and if you’re like me, you often wear lingerie as part of your foreplay. Be warned: taking your panties off can lead to a whole lot of laughs and some fun as the wires and panties become intertwined.

Hubby noticed the same thing as I did: I was more sensitive to his touch, but he was also able to directly stimulate my clitoris without me complaining– something that almost never happens in our bedroom. He also noticed that I wanted more, even after a couple of orgasms, and that when we were making love I was more into it than normal. It also took me a lot less time to get aroused as I’d had the unit on for 10 minutes before we started fooling around.

What’s It All Add Up To?
Despite my original reservations and first experience, I’m actually really pleased with the Slightest Touch. The fact that the company backs up their product with support is a real plus, and made the difference between a refund and a “Oh Yeah” in this reviewers case. The company also offers a money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase if you’re dissatisfied, and that goes al long way in my book as well.

As to whether this device has the capabilities to make non-orgasmic women orgasmic, I can’t say, as it’s not something that I can test. What I can say is that this definitely enhanced my sexual experience and that of my Hubby. Another point worth mentioning is that I suggest you read the warnings before you purchase the Slightest Touch because they are important, and only use as directed. This is not something that should be played with, or the electrodes applied to other areas of the body because it can be dangerous. Hence the term “sex toy” does not apply here at all as far as I’m concerned.

If you’re looking for something to enhance your sex life, either as a single or as a partner, then the Slightest Touch may well do that for you. It certainly did for us.


You can purchase the by either clicking or on the image above.

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