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I’ve always watched videos of girls tribbing and found it so arousing to watch two girls just grind their wet pussy’s against one another. It’s made me always want to try to with other girl. I get so wet just thinking about it and often watch videos and masterbate to just watching two beautiful woman rubbing together their soaked cunts. I’m so desperately just want to feel the real thing of, just being able to lay under other women while she  dominates me, while keeping my arms pinned above me head, and she roughly grinds her wet cunt against my own.

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57 thoughts on “Tribbing fantasy

  1. Reply Jenifer Jul 23,2017 9:37 pm

    Laying in my boyfriend’s reading all these comments and my panties got so wet I had to take them off. You ladies got me so horny my pussy is swollen and aching for relief. It hurts so good. Thank you.

  2. Reply Wetpussyalways Jul 6,2017 8:04 pm

    Fuck this is so hot!!! I’m straight too but I’d give anything to suck in some big tits like I’m trying to get some milk! All I want is a fat pussy running against my wet tight cunt! I’m so wet right now! I’m at work rubbing my pussy under my desk trying not to make any noise but I’m so wet that it’s splashing! Someone fucking lick me! Rub your tits on my pussy and let me lick the cum off?

  3. Reply GeorgiaGirl1 Apr 7,2017 4:37 am

    Today I caught a sexy female staring at my pussy print thru my tights while I was out shopping with my boyfriend omg if only I knew how to come on to females without getting rejected lol I really just need a friend to trib with sometimes

    • Reply HornyLips Jul 1,2017 9:12 pm

      I would love to be your friend, where we hang out often and really grind our pussies til we cum over and over, our boyfriends would never need to know 😉

  4. Reply GeorgiaGirl1 Apr 7,2017 4:34 am

    My clit is swollen thinking about tribbing omg I gotta try it

  5. Reply Apr 6,2017 2:19 pm

    mmmmm! I would give anything to feel your wet pussy on mine!:-)

  6. Reply GeorgiaGirl1 Apr 6,2017 3:56 am

    Who wants to help me cum??? I wanna feel a fat wet pussy on mines just once omg ?

  7. Reply Sweet chic Mar 30,2017 4:43 pm

    I’m so horney… I want to rub my nipple on ur clit till u cum

  8. Reply Mar 24,2017 7:04 pm

    I am bi and I wish I could have a woman to trib with. Been too long since I felt a woman’s clit against mine.
    Enter your comment here…

    • Reply hornycoco Apr 13,2017 2:14 am

      Im a newbie here but I have fantasized about having a someone older than me take control and teach me the ropes. I’ve been teasing myself all day long and my pussy is soaking wet. I’ve been playing with my DD tits all day and my pussy is throbbing for me to touch it but I havent yet. Ugh my pussy is soaked! I would love to feel another soaking pussy up against mine and feel you cum against me again and again. I would love to lick you clean and go again until we cant take it anymore. Someone tell me what you would do to this virgin pussy. I would love to know 😉

      • Reply GeorgiaGirl1 Apr 13,2017 2:10 pm

        I wish and a female could go out for drinks with me then come home rubbing each other’s clit kissing and humping until our clits are all sensitive and stiff then grind our pussys together and cum over and over again!!! I’ve never tried it but want too??

        • Reply CocoaClitty Jul 19,2017 9:01 pm

          GeorgiaGirl1 if only I could secretly meet up with you for weekly tribbing sessions. I would love for you to slip and slide your naked hot pussy all over my naked wet pussy. I want to spread my lips so I can feel your clit rub my juicy hard clit as you ride my fat pussy. I want to hear the sounds of our wet pussies squishing together as our clits flick each other back and forth. I want to see if your pussy is as fat as the print in your tights. I’ll try to hold my erect clit steady as you balance your clit on top of mine and slide it up and down and make me cum. My clit never gets soft when there’s a pussy touching it so we can go all night. My clit is thick and fat so you’ll have plenty to rub your pussy on. All I want to do is trib some juicy phat coochie. I just want to use my hard clit to spread your pussy lips open and find your clit so we can cum. I want your coochie juices to wet up my fat pussy. Let our lower lips kiss.

  9. Reply Meow Nov 20,2016 8:47 pm

    Why does tribbing turn me on so much? I’m in my bed right now pinching my hard sensitive nipples panting, imagining your cunt grinding against mine. Our wet throbbing clits sliding together. I push you down onto the bed caressing your soft pussy with my fingers….dipping into your wetness I bring my fingers to my mouth and suck, tasting your sweet pussy. I place my pussy on top of your and slowly begin to grind against you…can you feel how wet I am for you? Can you feel my aching clit fucking you? I grind down harder moaning desperate to cum….I lean down and suck your delicious nipples….biting. Cum for me baby.

  10. Reply Rilly Oct 24,2016 7:58 pm

    My pussy is so wet reading these, I always wanted to trib, I wanna hump a fat booty then rub our clits together

  11. Reply NaughtyBi Oct 21,2016 5:54 pm

    Omg I’m so horny now 😉 need a good trib

  12. Reply Mami Oct 20,2016 5:11 am

    Mmh I am so wet just reading these comments, I almost started squirting. I wish I had a woman to be able to lick my pussy?

  13. Reply Sweet chic Sep 24,2016 10:06 pm

    Mmm.. tribbing is the best!!! I get so wet & horney when I watch tribbing videos..

  14. Reply TribCurious Sep 21,2016 12:26 am

    Curiousity is killing this cat!!!

  15. Reply Mary :) Sep 17,2016 3:17 am

    If anyone is in the NY area and is willing lick and grind pussies with a 19 year old virgin, let me know. I’m curious and want to experiment.

  16. Reply Emily Sep 10,2016 7:46 am

    I’m lying in my boyfriends bed while he sleeps and all your comments have made my pussy soaking wet. I’d love to feel a woman’s clit up against mine, I always masturbate to lesbian porn and I’m starting to think that turns me on more than boys. Message me back and make me cum

    • Reply Brian Sep 10,2016 8:24 pm

      Emily, I would love to give you soft kisses on your inner thighs as I approach your pussy with my lips and tongue. I would lick up and down side by side enjoying all of our pussy. I would twist and turn it enjoying every moan and every taste of you. I would lick every shape of the Alphabet remembering what letters you enjoyed the most. I would concentrate on those shapes. Bring you to more Os. I would give slow teasing licks driving you more crazy, teasing you to the bring of another O, but I keep teasing you, until I sense your ultimate O is ready to happen and you sense it pushing my head in more as my tongue picks up the pace moving quickly bring you the ultimate O. I lick you up clean and enjoyed the yummy nectar your body produced

    • Reply Hornygirl Sep 11,2016 3:09 pm

      mmm emily, I’m so wet thinking about you. I’d love to finger your dripping pussy and lick up all your sweet juices. I’d fuck you so hard until the sheets were covered in your wetness. what would you do to me in return?

  17. Reply Lucy Sep 7,2016 8:55 pm

    Oh my God somebody fuck me now!!!!

  18. Reply DollFace Sep 4,2016 9:26 pm

    i would love for my tits to be in your mouth right now. i want you to bite them and suck them. make them sore so i feel you the next day.

  19. Reply Pussyhungry Aug 29,2016 12:46 am

    I’m desperate to feel a woman’s mouth on my pussy for the first time. Would love to suck her nipples and rub/taste her pussy too.

  20. Reply DollFace Aug 28,2016 2:57 am

    yes please. your comments are making me so wet. i wish you were here to suck on and bite my pierced nipples while i play with my wet pussy.

  21. Reply ChocolatePussy Aug 24,2016 2:25 pm

    your posts are so sexy. would love to rub my pussy against yours until your juices are running down your thighs. then I’ll lick every drop savoring the sweet taste of you. would love to be your nasty girl.

    • Reply aprilchung Aug 25,2016 2:16 am

      We need to meet up. I stay in MD

      • Reply chocolatepussy Aug 27,2016 3:04 pm

        do you have a tasty wet pussy you would like me to suck on? how big are your titties? I would love to suck those too.

        • Reply Nina26 Sep 10,2016 11:07 pm

          Let’s Trib

        • Reply NaughtyBi Nov 14,2016 1:50 pm

          I have 32DDD tits I need to have sucked. My pussy has never been touched by another one.. wanna break that cherry for me??

          • Reply Sexytitties Jun 15,2017 7:33 pm

            Babe I have 32 ddd tits too. I wanna massage your fat tits and suck on your sexy nipples. And then rub my pillow tits all over your cunt as you get wet. Now I’m all yours, what will you do to my sexy body and dripping pussy?

        • Reply pink pussy Nov 25,2016 3:48 pm

          Mmmm chocolate pussy I would love for you to suck on my pussy baby. Im so wet right now wishing your fat creamy pussy was rubbing against mines. Mmmm my clit is throbbing and juices are dripping out my tight pussy.

  22. Reply DollFace Aug 12,2016 6:36 pm

    mmm yes please. just thinking anout tribbing turns me on so much too. i just got out of the shower, im laying in front of my open bedroom window, naked, playing with my wet pussy. desperately wishing for a pretty face between my legs making me moan & shake. could you do that to me?? then you could stradle my lap & we can rub our pussies together until we both cum all over each other.

    • Reply Hornygirl Aug 31,2016 9:43 am

      youre making me so horny. mmm. i can feel my pussy getting wet as i type this. i want to stick my tongue in your pussy and lick up every last drop of your warm, sticky juices.

      • Reply DollFace Aug 31,2016 2:37 pm

        mmm fuck yes please. i wanna ride your face so hard while i reach back & finger your soaking wet pussy, making you moan into mine. i want you to put your tongue deep inside of me & lick up all of my juices baby. then ill stradle your lap & ride you til youre a shaking mess. i want you to feel me the next day. im getting ready for work but im distracted, just typing this has me dripping. wont you come over & take care of me? ill call oit of work & fuck you all day.

        • Reply Hornygirl Sep 3,2016 9:56 pm

          you make me so wet. i’m sitting here squeezing my soft breasts. mmm my nipples are so hard and sensitive… i can feel my juices dripping out of my aching pussy and running down my leg. oh god come suck my tits and fuck me

        • Reply pink pussy Nov 25,2016 3:53 pm

          Dollface i think you get me the horniest on here. Im reading your comments and moaning loud as my fingers hit my spot. Juices are running down my legs and I’ve been finger fucking my pussy for 3hrs now. Im tired but your comments are keeping me going. I wish you were here to take control of me and fuck my pussy how it deserves to be fucked. I wanna feel your tongue deep inside of me mmmmmm baby please. I want you so bad.

      • Reply DollFace Sep 4,2016 9:27 pm

        oh id do more than that to you. id make you cum over and over til you couldnt take it anymore. i wanna tie you up & have my way with you.

      • Reply Mary Sep 7,2016 6:12 pm

        Ooh where are you hot ass women and when can we fuck? I would love to have you climb up on me and grind your sweet pussy into mine. Or i can watch 2 of you fuck in front of me til i cant stand it anymore and u both ravage me and we all fuck for hours! Moaning, teasing, fucking! Ooh my pussy is throbbing!

        • Reply dancercah Sep 13,2016 8:31 am

          Damn this is sooo hot! My pussy is getting so wet reading all these comments. I just wanna find a women that i can trib with all day and cum over and over again. I wanna feel what a soft wet pussy feels like aganist mine & i want our clits to rub each other. Gosh, im bout ready to watch a video & imagine one of you on top of me fucking me hard. Mmm im rubbing my hard throbbing clit. (Moans) im cumming so hard. Someone plz lets message or meet up.

          • Reply Hornygirl Sep 15,2016 4:46 am

            Imagining you touching yourself makes me so wet. i would love nothing more than to rub my dripping pussy against yours. I’d finger your pussy and rub your clit so hard, and then i’d stick my fingers in your mouth and make you taste your own sweet juices. then i’d stick my tongue in your pussy and drink up all your delicious wetness, licking your clit until you have the most amazing orgasm of your life. what would you do to me in return?

          • Reply wetstrawberry Sep 25,2016 10:20 am

            Hornygirl you surely know how to make a girl’s pussy horny & wet mmmhhh! If you were here i’d lyie facing down and let you trib your wet pussy on my ass until you squirt all your juices on my ass and then turn over and grind our pussies together till we gush all our sweet juices and then lick each other’s pussy clean!

          • Reply Hornygirl Sep 26,2016 3:22 pm

            mmm, reading that made me so wet. I’m glad to hear that I make you as horny as you make me. mm come lick my pussy and make me squirt, i want to taste your dripping juices so bad

          • Reply Sweet chic Mar 30,2017 4:44 pm

            Horney girl my pussy is so wet

          • Reply Sweet chic Sep 27,2016 9:18 pm

            Dancercah… yes, I totally want to too!!!!!

      • Reply NikkiD Oct 21,2016 2:04 am

        Mmmmm ladies I’m straight but would love the experience of my wet dripping pussy against another woman’s! Mmmmm the thought along with all these post has me wanting to experience new horizons…..NC here ladies!

  23. Reply Ron Aug 5,2016 2:31 pm

    Relax, rewad and enjoy…..

    You were sunbathing in Goa, India, your beautiful body stretched out for all to admire. So much so, in fact, that you didn’t immediately notice that you had attracted the interest of a slender and similarly gorgeous young Asian girl. Slowly, you became aware of her eyes caressing your svelte body; noticed, but didn’t pay much attention to her. Your interest was in the men, after all – and relaxing in the sun after your nocturnal exertions!
    Lazily daydreaming in the sun, you couldn’t help wondering about the dusky maiden’s interest: and was it true about their skills in the bedroom?
    You peeped through half-closed eyes at her, to find that she was still studying you intently. Now, much as you prefer men, your pussy gave an involuntary tingle, to your complete surprise.
    Putting such thoughts aside, you returned to drifting into mind-neutral mode. But you were intrigued by your reaction and wondered, just wondered, mind……
    Refreshed somewhat by your semi-sleep, you told me that you wanted to take a look at the local shops, as long periods of inactivity don’t suit you. I wanted to stay lazing in the sun.
    To your surprise, as you were on your way to the shops, you caught sight of your female admirer following you. That pussy tingle again!
    More into town now, and she was still behind you. Intrigued, and maybe a little annoyed, you decided to stop and confront her.
    Up close, she was SO beautiful, sensual and sexual in equal amounts; how could you be cross?
    You tried to ask her what she was up to, but she had very little English. Instead, she held you tenderly by the hand and led you silently through the back alleys of the town. No words, but you knew exactly what she intended. Greater tingles now.
    She led you into a surprisingly well-appointed apartment in a larger street, and on to an upstairs bedroom. No doubt about things now; her eyes said it all, with their hungry longing as they swept admiringly over your sexy body.
    She lost no time in kissing you, ever so tenderly at first and when you surprised yourself by responding eagerly, much more passionately.
    Your pussy was wet!
    Now, you wanted to take the lead and began to undress her, but she stopped you, preferring to do things more slowly and sensually – it WAS true about the Asian women!
    She led you to her bed and lay down, inviting you to join her. Unlike a man, she just hugged you and ran her delicate hands oh so gently over your body, like butterfly wings barely touching you.
    Although you didn’t know her name, in your head you decided to call her Geeta.
    You are unused to such a delicate touch, and although your first reaction was to be impatient with Geeta and wanted her to get on with it, you began quite to like it and decided to go with the flow.
    You wanted to start removing your bikini, but Geeta stopped you, turned you over onto your front and took the strings of your top in her teeth, pulling gently at them until they came undone, releasing your truly wonderful boobs.
    Geeta gasped.
    Fazed for a moment at their firmness and pertness, she quickly recovered and slowly, very slowly, unwrapped her Sari. Unusually for an Indian, she was not wearing a bra and it was your turn to gasp; Geeta was not only equally firm but had the most amazingly large areolae that you had ever seen, and her nipples were popped out in eager anticipation.
    How could you resist? You just HAD to suck them.
    Geeta was still in control though, and denied you access; putting you back on your stomach, she nipped your bikini bottom strings in her mouth and did the same as she had done to your top.
    Another gasp as she saw your fully shaved pussy, and by this time glistening with wetness. Geeta was actually starting to get impatient now, and threw off the rest of her Sari, to show you her slightly hairy pussy, totally saturated with her juices.
    She motioned you to stand up, and she joined you alongside the bed. You took your cue from her and embraced her, bodies touching all the way up and down. Unused to the total feel of a hot and sensual woman, you were at once a little hesitant, but as she placed her nipples directly in contact with hers, you felt a considerable stirring in your pussy. Your early tremors had started!

    Sensing this, Geeta led you back to the bed, to lie against each other in full contact. You wanted to move against her, but she put her index finger to her lips, indicating that you should remain still. Then she brought your respective nipples into contact once more, this time with a little more pressure. You both felt your strong heartbeats and knew you were having a considerable effect on each other.
    You pushed your pussy towards Geeta’s, and this time she didn’t stop you but actually pushed back, moving ever so slowly against you. She pushed forwards so as to roll you over onto your back, still in intimate contact, and parted her legs, inviting you to do the same. You felt her wetness, and were aware of your own.
    Then Geeta put her hands down between her legs and opened her lips wide, looking into your eyes and motioning you to do the same with your lips.
    Intrigued, you did so, exposing your clit as you did. Your clits were then touching! Pressing yourselves together, it felt like no sensation you had experienced before – you could actually feel her clit pulsing! Or was it yours?
    Geeta reached and put your hands on her bum, inviting you to press down to improve contact, which forced your clits into firmer contact and you could both really feel the throbbing now as your waves were beginning, slowly to overtake your bodies.

    Nothing you had experienced before had ever felt like this, and you could remain still no longer. Nor could Geeta. Being on top, she could grind her pussy hard into yours: the sensation was fantastic!
    Harder and faster she want as you both cried out, not caring who might hear. You bucked against Geeta in frantic response, your contractions now so powerful that you could hold back no longer. Your dam burst and you flooded and squirted everywhere and Geeta collapsed on you, spent.
    The pair of you hugged in that position for what seemed like ages, bathed in the afterglow of a wonderful and fantastic sex session.

    Geeta eventually led you to the shower with her. I wonder if you have any ideas on what might then have happened?


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