Dating And Virginity

  • Tutorial: Rejection, You CAN Deal With it! Written By: Jenne While flirting and dating can be lots of fun… the reality is, nobody – not even Jennifer Lopez – is lucky in love 100% of the time. Rejection is something that you need to learn to deal with because it will happen and it hurts when it does. With a little bit of ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Tutorial: Body Language Written By: Jenne It would be more than possible to write an entire web site devoted to the art of reading others body language, but here I’ll just scratch at the surface and try to bring out the most important things, as these are what you really need to understand when it comes to flirting. Have you ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Tutorial: Cheap Dates Written By: Jenne So you’ve finally arranged a date with that certain someone, but what are you going to actually DO? If you’re tired of the dinner and a movie theme, or are simply broke like most of us, here are some creative and inexpensive ideas for romantic fun. I still use some of these ideas even ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Tutorial: Chat Up Lines Written By: Jenne Disclaimer: You use these at your own risk and refuses to take responsibility for your medical bills should you choose to try using any of these lines. PS: Our lawyer says that being drunk is no defense either smart arse. Hi, I’m a sex bomb-please defuse me! I am no Fred Flintstone but I ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Tutorial: Advanced Flirting Written By: Jenne I hope before you read this article you’ve taken some time to read and put into practice the basic flirting tips that can be found HERE. Now you’re ready to move to a few more advanced tips that are for the serious flirts amongst us. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Mirroring is a great ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Tutorial: Flirting – A Rough Guide Written By: Jenne For some, flirting is easy. For the remaining 98% of the world, it can be a combination of embarrassment and ridicule. With a little bit of thought and preparation though anyone can be a flirt, all it really takes is confidence and practice. Below I’ve listed what I think are important points that ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Tutorial: How To Write An Effective Personal Ad Written By: Jenne So you finally decided to take the plunge and join a personals web site, good for you. Now if you’re like most people you’ll be sat there staring at the profile and ad form and wondering just what should you write. I know from experience that those profiles can be a bitch to ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Tutorial: The Ten Rules Of Dating Written By: Jenne I don’t know about you but I’ve had a few disastrous dates over the years which is why I decided to write this simple list of do’s and don’ts I’ve discovered over the years. This is not a definitive guide but following these simple rules are more likely to see you on a ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Tutorial: How To Ask Someone Out Written By: Jenne One of the most nerve wracking things many of us do in our lives is ask a potential date out. But asking them out you are admitting than you like them and are interested in getting to know them better and that’s an important thing to remember. The nerves for most people come ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Sex Tutorials: What to Expect for First-Time Sex Written By: C. Michael Smith Introduction: Your first time, like everyone else’s, is more likely to be clumsy, awkward, confusing, and uncomfortable than earthmoving and glorious. It may even be over just moments after it begins. I don’t mean to paint you a sad, gray picture, though. Your first time doesn’t have to be painful, fearful, or ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here

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