Good sex is often about learning to use and cultivate all five of our sense. These tutorials are designed to help you tune into yours and your partners senses and allow you to achieve better sex.

  • Sex Tutorial: Talking Dirty AKA Aural Sex Talking: Most of us do it without thinking. Most of us listen without thinking and yet when it comes to the bedroom, it’s almost as though many of us lose verbal skills that we use everyday. Talking dirty, doesn’t have to mean actually talking dirty though there are many ways to talk to your partner ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Sex Tutorial: Dinner For Two Besides the blatantly sexual uses of chocolate and whipped cream, many people forget how much sensual fun you can have with food. Mention the movie, “Nine And A Half Weeks” and the scene that sticks out in most people’s minds is where the two lovers are exploring the contents of the refrigerator followed by each ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Sex Tutorials: Cyber Sex Cyber sex. The phrase typically conjures images of a man masturbating in front of his computer. Everyone knows only guys do that kind of thing, right? Given the popularity of and the questions asked here we know this is not accurate. But there are many questions that surround the whole idea of cyber sex. ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Sex Tutorials: From Bedroom to Boudoir Written By: C. Michael Smith Your bedroom might just be the most important room in your home. Most people spend more time in their bedroom than they do in any other room in the house, if you think about it. It’s the place where you wrap up each day and the place where you start off ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Sex Tutorials: Phone Sex A Rough Guide Written By: KatieĀ  Online relationships exist in all forms and on all levels. I want to talk about a very personal type of relationship that is springing up across the world. Why across the world? Because the Internet has made the world our dating field. Of course some relationships are not about dating at all, but ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here
  • Sex Tutorial: Kissing Kissing is an intimate form of communication. A kiss can convey all sorts of messages just by how it is delivered. A kiss can express lust, empathy, sympathy, sadness, or finality. A kiss can be cute, polite, invitational, passionate, or aloof. The English language is filled with cliches such as the kiss of death, kiss ... Read the rest of this tutorial Here

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