The Breaking of Estelle Part 6 2

The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryThis is a continuation of this story and you can read part 5 HERE.
She sat and contemplated her answer carefully. She thought about what she had learned and whether she had really enjoyed them. The answer required was a resounding yes. She had begun to relish each new experience, each new lesson heightening her senses. She still did not fully understand what the lessons meant, but she knew that she had derived pleasure from each of them.

“Yes,” she replied. Clear and simple.

“Remind me once more just what my Father has taught you.” His voice so soft compared to his father’s, but the authority still apparent.

Again she thought. What had she learned? How could she describe it? Putting what she had done into words when she really didn’t understand herself would not be easy.

He seemed to sense this and touched her cheek gently as he spoke the next words. “Would it be easier if you showed me what my Father finds so beguiling about you, my dear?” His hand touched the cloth of her dress, causing her to jump at the unexpected move. His eyes fixed onto hers as he began to trace an outline with his fingertip. He trailed slowly down the fabric, his eyes never leaving hers.

She shuddered as he reached the curve of her breast, her nipples taut and expectant of the touch. She wanted him to touch her, to feel her just as his Father had done before. The need and desire began to well inside her once more. His hand traced a gentle outline around the curve of her breasts and she caught her breath at his every touch. She closed her eyes and felt no fear as his hand continued its journey over her body. He spun her round gently and began to unburden her of her clothes.

As the dress dropped from her shoulders, she gasped. She felt beautiful as he bent and kissed her neck. She tilted her head and allowed him unrestricted access. The soft breeze that met her bare flesh as her garments were removed caused her to catch her breath. She felt his fingertips begin to explore her body. She felt a rush of adrenaline as she realized that her flesh was not only exposed to his touch but also to the elements. The combination of his touch and the soft breeze caused her nipples to stand proud like upturned cups. She abandoned all thoughts of the Master and began to revel in the present delights that his son was so readily offering her.

Again he turned her round so that he faced her. He took a step back,his eyes admiring the sight. A smile spread across his face as she studied him. She stood naked before him, desperate for his touch once more. No touch was offered, instead he watched. She felt vulnerable,confused why he was not touching her as his father had so readily done. Did she not please him?

She knew from his face that this was not the case. She felt the gentle breeze once more against her skin. It blew through her hair and she imagined it was his fingers that were running through her hair instead.The desire that was building inside her very being was becoming unbearable. She desperately wanted him, needed him, but she knew that she could not unless he instructed her. She was the servant, nothing more, nothing less. That was her lot and she would have to be happy with whatever pleasure he or her father furnished her with.

He began to remove his garments now, first the shirt, her eyes following ever move, every ripple of every muscle in his well-toned chest. She felt the moisture between her thighs begin to grow as she observed his every movement. Now his tight breeches. She marvelled at his thin but well-defined legs as they were revealed to her, her nipples hardening, straining with every movement that he made.

As he removed his undergarments, she gasped. Nothing had prepared her for the beguiling sight that now meet her gaze. He was larger than his father, the purple head more prominent, the indigo veins more pronounced. Oh, how she wanted to feel his tool as she had his father’s, wanted to take the swollen flesh inside her own aching desire. The feeling was overwhelming and she reached forward before she had thought about her action. She must have it, she could wait no longer, she needed him, willed him to take her.

The spell was broken as he grabbed her hand. “No my beauty, I am not my Father.” Both his words and tone caused her to start. Her eyes pleaded with his, she wanted him still. “I see that you will need to learn restraint, my dear Estelle. You will have your reward, but I need to know that your emotions will not run away with you again. A servant that has a will of her own is of no use to my Father.”

She looked puzzled, confused. Restraint? What did he mean? Reward?Hadn’t she done as she was told the past few days? The air seemed to cool, but her desire was not quelled by the words. Her eyes darted from his face to his tool then back again. Why did he not want her? Why did he not take her? She struggled to understand.

“Sit, Estelle!”

She did as she was bid, the lesson of his father’s hand still fresh in her mind. It had not been unpleasant, but she had no wish to experience it at this moment.

“That’s better my Dear.” He sat opposite her, watching her still as he did her. “Open your legs,.” his voice softer, encouraging her now.

Again she asked no questions but did as he requested, her thighs parting, allowing him to see her most private place. She knew that he must be able to see the wet slick that had formed between her thighs.She felt abashed as his eyes studied her inner sanctum, but also she felt a surge of excitement, the cool air adding to the excitement of the situation. She watched transfixed as he placed his hand over his tool and began to slide it over his own shaft. She watched his actions, the pool of liquid that oozed from the tip of it, causing her to lick her lips.

With his free hand he took hers and guided it towards her own private place. He watched, his eyes never leaving her body as she began to massage her own opening, not really knowing what she was doing but loving the feeling that her own actions were now producing.

They sat and watched each other, both naked, both playing with their own sex tools, both desiring each other. She began to understand what he meant by restraint as she felt her desire grow tenfold. She neared release now, her body beginning to tense as her fingertips began to circle more furiously in the folds of her own opening.

She felt it hit, relishing every moment of the release. Taking the feeling, holding it, forgetting that she was being watched, all cares and worries forgotten in that one moment.

She opened her eyes and watched as he began to slide his hand over the tall pole faster. She watched in amazement as it began to twitch beneath his hand. Suddenly he moaned as the first spurt of the milky white substance was released. It flew into the air as she watched,coming to rest on his taut body. It was quickly followed by another smaller stream.

She had never witnessed anything like this with his father, and it began to dawn on her just how different they both were. She felt equal to him now. She knew she wasn’t, of course, but the illusion was here,right now and she enjoyed the feeling while it lasted.

He slumped onto the grass and began to roll around. She thought as she sat and watched. She still did not understand why he had not touched her, why he had not appeared to want her. She searched for an answer to her questions but it evaded her. She stopped trying to understand and resolved that she would understand in the fullness of time.

He rose and began to dress. Should she do the same? She began to, but he snatched the garments from her.

“No my dear, no garments are needed for you. Such a beautiful form as yours should not be hidden from my view this afternoon.” She looked at him, questioning him with her eyes. “You will ride back like that.”

She moved to protest, but thought better of it as she looked once more into his eyes.

He mounted his steed and beckoned that she do the same. The leather saddle felt strange against her skin as she mounted Thunder once more. She sat above the horse and began to follow him. She knew not where they were going or indeed what he intended for her next lesson but she was content, all feelings of embarrassment gone as the breeze washed over her naked body, the horse rippling under her bare skin. She felt more alive than she had ever felt before. She felt free galloping through the fields, following him, wanting to follow him.

They reached a small cottage and he dismounted, tied his steed to the gatepost, and waited for her to do the same. Her cheeks were flushed and she felt the cold chill of the air more acutely now. She had almost forgot that she was unclothed until now. Stepping through the small entrance of the cottage, she felt the warmth of the room, for which she was grateful. As her eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room, she began to realize that they were not alone.

From the shadowy corner a figure appeared . . . .

Stay tuned for part 7 coming your way very soon…


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