The Difference Between His Touch and My Touch

touchSometimes, something drops into my mailbox that makes me go, yes! What follows is one such item. So often we forget about the power of simply touching each other, let alone looking at the differences between our touch and someone elses. I hope you enjoy this piece from the amazing  as much as I did!

I only began masturbating at age 32, recently divorced, attempting to re-enter the world of sex and relationships. I had been rejected by a lover because I couldn’t/didn’t orgasm and he said it was a turn off. (Sure, sure, he could have helped me overcome it, I suppose, but his departure opened up so many opportunities for new adventures.)

I am now in a committed Dominance and submission (D/s) relationship. I haven’t had a “need” to masturbate by myself in more than 18 months. I have a loving and willing man who gives me the most intense orgasms of my life.

But there is a difference between his touch and my touch.

His Touch

His fingers are warm, firm, and rough from years of working hard. His nails are trimmed and neat but always just a little bit long, better to rake my skin and send my body into spasms. His touch is firm, forceful – even when he’s gentle.

His touch commands and forces the pleasure from my body. Slow swirls or fast flicks, it matters not. My body is so sensitive under his touch that the first orgasm is almost painful in its intensity. I writhe and claw my way out of the sensations. My thighs come together with enough force to hurt him. My whole body feels an orgasm from his touch.

My Touch

My fingers are cool, soft, sometimes tentative. I stroke every part of the delicate skin between my legs, adoring the sensation of silk against satin. I am often surprised by the heat and the moisture that gathers deep inside my body, waiting to be unleashed.

I luxuriate at the sensations I create for myself. Awe strikes as my clit grows harder and more sensitive at my own patient swirling of fingers. I smile as fingers sink deep and find thick cream, proof of my own desire. The first orgasm builds slowly, rising from the bottoms of my feet, zinging through every nerve, to the tips of my fingers and top of my head, before exploding, creating stars in my mind. I gasp and sigh as I bring myself pleasure over and over again.

I have no real preference between his touch and my touch. They are both unique and bring ultimate pleasure. The discovery of self, of orgasm, and of pleasure are all that really matter.

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