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Welcome To bfmpsu.ru
Welcome to bfmpsu.ru.  You maybe here because you’re bored with your current masturbation technique, looking for something new to try or are simply trying to figure yourself out sexually.  I sincerely hope that bfmpsu.ru can offer some solutions for you. Please take a moment to read our Masturbation Manifesto to find out why I believe ...

The Breaking Of Estelle Part 8 2

The Breaking Of Estelle Part 8
If you haven’t read any of the other chapters of this story you can find Chapter 7 HERE Her nakedness making her vulnerable, her hands trembling, she shrunk back as the Master reached forward and roughly grabbed her face, forcing her to raise her gaze to meet his. The gentleness gone now, his eyes burnt ...

The Breaking Of Estelle Part 7 4

The Breaking Of Estelle Part 7
If you haven’t read any of the other chapters of this story you can find Chapter 6 HERE The face that appeared from the shadows was one that Estelle did not recognize. She squinted as she tried to focus on the figure in the dim light of the cottage. The only light source emanating from ...

The Breaking of Estelle Part 6 2

The Breaking of Estelle Part 6
This is a continuation of this story and you can read part 5 HERE. She sat and contemplated her answer carefully. She thought about what she had learned and whether she had really enjoyed them. The answer required was a resounding yes. She had begun to relish each new experience, each new lesson heightening her ...

The Breaking Of Estelle Part 5

The Breaking Of Estelle Part 5
This is a continuation of the story and you can read part 4 HERE. She thought while staring at the Master’s tool as it continued to pound mercilessly into Daisy’s opening. Just what was making her feel this way eluded her just then, but it really didn’t seem to matter. She was enjoying her own ...

The Breaking Of Estelle Part 4 2

The Breaking Of Estelle Part 4
This is the continuation of the story and you can find part 3 HERE. Estelle watched horrified as the Master dragged her new found friend down the corridor. Helpless to do anything but obey, she followed. Neither girl wore any clothes and Estelle had no idea of the fate that awaited Daisy or herself when ...

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